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The True WMSCOG | November 26, 2015

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Is WMSCOG a Money Hungry Cult? - The True WMSCOG

Is The World Mission Society Church of God a “Money Hungry Cult”?


Recently, I was reading an article where those who speak against the World Mission Society Church of God called it a “Money Hungry Cult.” I find this accusation quite wrong, and very offensive. Throughout this post I will explain the reason I feel this way, and by this I hope the reader can understand the nature behind their claims.


The Disciples were Part of a Money Hungry Cult

Some people accuse the World Mission Society Church of God as being a money hungry cult based on the simple fact that the Church collects tithes and offerings (by the way, this is done in other Churches as well).

If they are going to say that the WMSCOG is a money hungry cult, then they must also say that the Apostle Paul and the early church saints were part of a money hungry cult.

1 Corinthians 16:1-2 – Now about the collection for God’s people: Do what I told the Galatian churches to do. On the first day of every week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with his income, saving it up, so that when I come no collections will have to be made.

2 Corinthians 9:6-8 – Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver…

If you have time, I urge you to read chapter 8 of 2nd Corinthians in its entirety, and you will see how, according to the standards of those who speak against the WMSCOG, Apostle Paul was part of a money hungry cult too. However, we understand today that is not the case, Apostle Paul was just collecting offerings to help the gospel work advance. And that is the same reason the World Mission Society Church of God collects tithes and offerings from its members.


So what’s the WMSCOG teaching on money?


The World Mission Society Church of God teaches the Law of Tithes and Offerings just as it is recorded in the Bible; a commandment of God.

Malachi 3:8-10 – “Will a man rob God? Yet you rob me. “But you ask, ‘How do we rob you?’ “In tithes and offerings…Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this, “ says the LORD Almighty,” and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.

Matthew 23:23 – “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices – mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law – justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former.

As we can see through the verses, the Law of Tithes and Offerings is a teaching of God in the Bible. This is why the World Mission Society Church of God teaches and practices tithes and offerings; it is not about the money itself, but about keeping the law of God. Even Jesus taught to practice the Law of Tithes and Offerings. However, Jesus was concerned about people understanding the reason why they were doing it, and not just doing it without understanding.


The same accusations were made 2,000 years ago.


The Apostles 2,000 years ago experienced the same accusations that the World Mission Society Church of God experiences today. People at that time also accused them of doing the gospel work as a business and solely for money. For this reason, in their letters, they had to clarify this matter to the church members.

1 Timothy 6:4-5 –… he is conceited and understands nothing. He has an unhealthy interest in controversies and quarrels about words that result in envy, strife, malicious talk, evil suspicions and constant friction between men of corrupt mind, who think that godliness is a means to financial gain.

1 Thessalonians 2:5 (NLT) – Never once did we try to win you with flattery, as you well know. And God is our witness that we were not pretending to be your friends just to get your money!

The gospel we preach, just like 2,000 years ago, is the pure gospel of Christ, and in no way do we deviate from it. That is why the same accusations that were made 2,000 years ago are being made about the World Mission Society Church of God today.


Where is the Evidence?


Now if the WMSCOG is really a Church that is all about making money, where is the evidence? Please go look at the house where your Pastor lives, is it a mansion? Please go take a look at the car he drives, is it luxurious?

How many vacations or how many houses does Heavenly Mother and General Pastor own?

Please, if you are going to accuse the Church of something, please give the evidence to support your claim… Before accusing the Church of God of something, please provide the evidence to support the claim. Without evidence, no one can say anything. Accusing without real facts, proves the only intention is to confuse others, which in the end, harms the members of the church and their families.


You are not the IRS.


If the WMSCOG is really doing something wrong, please report it to the proper authorities. We don’t need to take it upon ourselves to judge matters that we know nothing about or understand. There are authorities that handle these issues; why don’t those who accuse the Church of God of being a “money hungry cult” go to them, and give them all the “evidence” that they claim to have. It would solve the issue much faster. But why don’t they do that? Because there is nothing wrong or illicit with the operations of the World Mission Society Church of God.



If you wear a pair of glasses that have a red tint on them, everything you look at will seem red, and if you wear a pair of glasses that have a blue tint to them, everything will seem blue. However, we know that things are neither all red nor all blue, yet to the one who wears these glasses, it will definitely look like that. I give this example is because it doesn’t matter what the World Mission Society Church of God does, in the eyes of those who speak against the Church, everything will seem negative. For this reason, we should take everything they say with a grain of salt.

Titus 1:15 — To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted.


There is one more thing I would like to ask: If the World Mission Society Church of God is a “Money hungry cult,” How come they do not collect offerings during their Tuesday service? I have yet to attend a Church that does not collect an offering at every service they hold. Or better yet, how come the WMSCOG does not charge for their Bible studies, baptisms, marriages, visits etc…? When I was in the Catholic Church, I remember having to pay for everything: baptism, 1st communion, Catechism classes, and even Bible studies… Please think about this seriously!


  1. Wilmer

    In the US we have freedom of speech, but does that mean that whatever comes out of an individual’s mouth is true? NO! Likewise, those who claim that WMSCOG is laundering money are just coming up with groundless accusations. If what they say is true, why isn’t the IRS and the US Gov’t doing investigations on the WMSCOG if we are really laundering money? The reason is because THEIR ALLEGATIONS ARE ALL LIES!

    • I never understood about the tithes and offerings. However it makes sense that the law of tithes and offerings is a law for Gods people that should be kept according to the teachings of the Bible. The church of God really practices the truth according the Bible amazing!!

      • Giselle D.

        It’s true! Ever since I came to the Church of God, I have had all my questioned answered through the bible! It still amazes me and comforts me that we can practice the teachings of Christ, which includes tithes and offerings. I don’t understand why others get upset that we do this, when it is clearly in the bible. Why don’t people get upset that churches break the Sabbath or Passover? Why don’t they say anything about that? I find it strange… Anywho, this is a great post! Very clear! :)

    • God's child

      How’s thi for money hungry, how much money does Zhang’s wardrobe cost? How about the Pastors and wife’s wardrobes? How about the “Jerusalem temple”? How much do the churches in Korea cost and the training facilities, compared to the ghetto churches across the world? Zhang and the Korean leaders cars, how much do they cost? While they live lavishly, they ask for more money from the members for everything from cleaning supplies, food, events, utilities, construction etc…

      • The True WMSCOG

        Mothers wardrobe is irrelevant to her being God, the Bible prophecy is what’s important. Mother can wear whatever she likes, and most of the beautiful Hanboks she wears are donated by members who love Her. Pastors of the church and their wives are taught to be very frugal in their lifestyle, compared to Pastors in other Churches, their lifestyle is very humble. The Jerusalem Temple is gorgeous, however, it was not as expensive as some other Churches around the world. I have had the privilege to visit some of the Churches throughout the United States and other parts of the world, and I can say they are not “ghetto” Churches. They are very well kept, and their appearance is beautiful. The architecture is different than the Churches in Korea, however, their beauty remains. Especially considering the fact that the Church members maintain them very well.

        The vehicles Mother uses and some of the Pastors are average vehicles that many people can afford. They are definitely not like Creflo Dollars Rolls Royce, nor his private Jet. Many members of the Church are very thankful about having received the truth, and they ask how they can contribute and participate in the Church. We are given the opportunity to contribute in many ways, through cleaning supplies, food, events, utilities, construction etc… Everything in the Church is done willingly, and members can participate as they feel.

        God’s child, if you really are God’s child, then do not instigate malicious rumors about the operations of the Church, and do not speak about matters that you do not know about, nor understand. There is nothing wrong, incorrect, or illegal in the activities of the World Mission Society Church of God, I am a witness of these things.

      • Serene

        I am a member of the Church of God and I was never asked to give money, but every contribution I did wad from my heart, and I want to give to receive much blessing from God. Christ taught us where our treasure is there our heart will be also and to be a cheerful to give whatever our heart decides to give, following Christ and the apostles’ example, that’s what Church of God has taught me to do. As a member of the Church of God, I want to help in building the temple and be a member of God’s household, helping as a family member.

        I hope you understand the members’ mind who contribute before speaking in such way about the church.

    • Jessica G

      Unfortunately, we live in a society were words are spoken without careful observation or a lack of experience to prove such accusations. No church I attended before the Church of God explained in detail concerning The Law of Tithes and Offerings. In this way I know this is the church that has The True God. My above statement is based on my experiences in the true WMSCOG.

  2. It’s so true. If there is really something illegal, they must report it to the relevant authorities.
    They are good at speaking against the Church with false and fabricated information.
    The tithe is the law of God and the teaching of Jesus.
    Their claim clearly shows that they do not follow the teachings of the Bible.

    • Sarah

      You are so crazy, if we have evidence against the church now you say it is to confuse and blame!!!


      • The True WMSCOG

        Hi Sarah,

        please there is no need to call others names here… and in all honesty, I was explained in the Church that the Church of God in the USA has a bank account where the tithes and offerings are deposited. To say that they Tithes go to Mother, doesn’t mean that the money is literally and physically going to Korea. Its like in the Old Testament, the Tithes were offered to God… does that mean that the money physically went to Heaven? and if it didn’t, does it mean the Bible is lying?

      • David

        You have no proof only speculations and words of other people. If you cannot understand the simple economics of running 2500 churches worldwide AND opening new Zions around the world you should stop complaining. Churches are not given to us for free the cost money. We no longer live in the age of the barter system, everything costs money and as members of Gods Church who should be the ones to keep it going? ALL the members in ALL the Zions around the world. Just as Jesus said according to your faith let it be done for you. Those of us who have enough faith to believe in the bible give w/o complaint it’s not us sticking our heads in the sand. It’s obvious where your faith lies and it’s blown about like a cloud on the wind. Pray to Father & Mother to help you with your lack of faith. God bless you

    • Kayla R

      This video was so amazing. Nowadays everyone’s all about the money. In most churches it’s just about money. Yet at the WMSCOG it’s not like that. Barely anyone even knows why they give tithes an offerings in other churches. Yet in Zion we learn everything through the words of God, the bible. Yet no one is questioning all the get rich preachers and pastors. It’s funny how churches who say “by faith” and that we don’t have to follow anything in the Old Testament still keep the law of tithe. The sabbath is ignored, the Passover is rejected. But they make to EXTRA effort to get people’s money. Yet WMSCOG doesn’t and still people have something to say. That’s how I know that this church is the truth because we see it through the bible.

      Maybe we should be asking all the 850 denominations what their offerings are going towards? :)

  3. Ingrid

    From My personal experience these accusations are totally unacceptable. We have proof of everything through the scriptures and even 2,000 yrs ago when the apostles and saints of the early church faced these accusations, they wrote about it as proof and an example for us. I don’t recall the verse but it goes something like ” leave these men alone, because if you fight with them and it is God’s will, you will find yourself fighting against God”. We can see in the other churches how pastors take advantage of the offerings for the wrong reason and it is prophesied that they are shepherds who feed only themselves. Here at the WMSCOG we tithe and offered according to the order of Melchizedek the high priest who is our father Christ Ahnsahnghong in the age of the Holy Spirit, and we can say it is used for noble purpose and for the gospel to grow fast and spread throughout the world as it is prophesied thanks to our God Elohim, Father and Mother!

  4. carrie

    when i saw this post, and read the article, truly the word of God demolishes all foolishness, we know we are in the truth when the early church was accused of the same thing 2000 years ago! Truly there is nothing new under the sun…the nature of people never changes…they just want to look.through the glasses of negativity…no matter what we do, because they don’t like our truth and don’t want to follow they will find whatever they can to feel justified, but it doesn’t change the truth…

  5. Serene

    Talk about money-hungry churches, I know there are many other churches that spent the members’ offering incorrectly, why don’t they speak about those churches, when they can actually find evidence such as the priests and pastors have new cars and houses? WMSCOG is a world wide church, if it really was illegally using the members’ offerings, the church would not be able to stand and even expand every year. That is just common sense. Moreover they are accusing without evidence, that just prove that they liars, nothing they said was ever true anyway.

  6. Luis F

    It is said that Smart people talk by experience not just by other people´s experiences. People who do not like bananas will search for every single negative fact to diminish the true value of the fruit. Do not follow other people´s opinions or negative criticisms because they will ALWAYS be wrong and misleading from the truth. Give yourself a chance and find out about salvation, the only way to eternal life and the kingdom of Heaven for which God left his throne of glory to live like a human being. If you are the one who is looking for God and have dreams about the kingdom of Heaven, God is very close to you and let NO ONE take away your chance to receive salvation!!! Give yourself a chance and study the Bible with the World Mission Society Church of God.

  7. Lissy

    This makes me think of Gods teaching in the bible in Ecclesiastes 1:9 God said what has been will be again, what has been done will be done again. The same thing that happened 2,000yrs ago is happening to the WMSCOG. So we should take a lesson of what happened in the past and realize they have made false accusations.

  8. Mindy

    I think the people who are making these claims against this church have watched too many movies. It’s true, where is the evidence? If the people speaking negatively about the Church of God World Mission Society are so concerned about churches taking money, then why aren’t they talking about other churches who were ACTUALLY convicted of those kind of crimes? It’s because they can’t win any argument about this church in regards to biblical truth, so they try to make gossip to tarnish it’s reputation. Nice try, but not good enough.

  9. Hector

    If we do not take the time to think and look at the evidence and facts we will not be able to understand and might fall under Satan’s false schemes. It is for this particular reason that our Heavenly Mother New Jerusalem and Heavenly Father Christ Ahnsahnghong gave us the bible, where we can see the truth always. As mentioned and illustrated in the above part of the site, 1-) Tithes and Offering is in the bible 2-) It is practiced by the free will of the member, it is not forced by any leader of the church 3-) By logic if The World Mission Society Church of God was doing something wrong the U.S. authorities would have already confronted this matter, but since there is nothing wrong and the Church members are just following a regulation that God had established for us to follow.those who make such accusations about the Church being a “money hungry cult” are simply giving false testimony. Please let us study the Bible carefully and look at the facts in order to not be deceived by the schemes of Satan.

  10. Dario H.

    This by far has to be one of the most inaccurate accusations yet. .

    Church of God is the complete opposite of a money hungry cult. Actually there is real evidence for this. In 2010 the World Mission Society Church of God donated 100,000 to the U.N towards Haiti victims

    It is true as well that Heavenly Mother does not live a luxurious life on this Earth. She lives a very humble life just like Christ Ahnsahnghong when He was on this earth.

    I can name more then a few Pastors from other religions that do live in Mansions, drive Mercedes and go on vacation often. Why don’t they go accuse them, it’s much easier for them to bring forth evidence.

    It’s because these people do not want to “enlighten” others but they just like to speak negatively against the Church of God for no reason.

  11. Emmalynn

    This Is The Same Way Jesus Was Accused 2000 Years Ago……When Jesus Was Asked If It Was Right To Pay Taxes To Caesar? The Pharisees And Teachers Of The Law Intentions Were Evil. Likewise The Intentions Of These Individuals Are The Same.. I Have Been A Member Of The Church Of God For 11 Years And The Church Of God Has Never In My 11 Years As An Active Member Asked Me For Money Or My Possessions. These Allegations Are False And Preposterous. In Fact The Church Of God Has Helped Me Become A Better Human Being With Love And Care. Also One Of The Teachings Of The Church Of God Is That It Is Better To Give Love Than To Receive Love. The Church Of God Gives Their Love Unconditionally Without Expecting Anything In Return.

  12. Dario

    Hello my name is Dario and thank you for this post once again. It is incredible the degree that people will stoop to, to oppose someone else. I remember when I first came to the Church of God I was very moved by the Church because I saw all the volunteer efforts and aid they have given across the world , might I mention being praised even by the U.N. I don’t see how a such a lie could be even closely associated with the Church of God. I give thanks to God for bringing me to this Church that teaches to always think of others before yourself .

  13. Cristian

    If the World Missions Society Church of God was in fact a money hungry cult, tithes and offerings would be forced upon us. However, I have never been coerced into giving money to the church, tithes and offerings are given according to the freewill of each member. In fact, I do not know anyone who has been coerced into giving tithes and offerings. A church that run solely on the greed for money would not expand so quickly, in fact members would probably not stay. Greed and thirst for money are things that people, no matter from what background, stay away from. If every members would have been giving money from coercion that church would have been reported by now, because it would begin to look suspicious. Seriously, think about it, the claim is senseless.

  14. Oscar

    There are so many churches in this world, yet the most controversial one seems to be the Church of God. Why is that? Because the truth hurts! Those who continue to fabricate lies and schemes to deceive the children of God are those who know the truth but are incapable of following it. Why don’t they say the Sabbath is false? The Passover is false? or that the 7 feast are false? The reason is because they believe them to be true! Instead of humbling themselves they reject God who has come to save and establish the law of Tithes in order to keep our hearts and minds in heaven.
    Those who continue to exercise freedom of speech make sure you have some facts or proof of what you are speaking of. If the claims that are being made were true the Church of God would had been investigated by the government by now and been found of some form of wrong doing. Yet this has not happened and will not because we only follow the teachings of God which are perfect.

    As oppose to continue to fabricate lies, speak about the acknowledgment to the church by the U.N, speak about the countless awards given to the church throughout the world for the countless hours of volunteer activities by the church.

    If you truly want to know about the church visit us and see for yourself the teaching regarding Tithes and Offerings is correct or not. I pray that those who are seeking God will do so only through the bible and not be deceived by the foolish fabricated lies by those who have chosen to fight against God for no avail.

  15. Brian

    I’ve heard this accusation before and it is utterly ridiculous. If indeed the World Mission Society Church of God is a “money hungry cult” then why would we use a “Korean Jesus”? How much money does the general public and christian churches make, using the name of “Jesus”? Literally Millions… so why would we use a doctrine that the general public won’t agree with and that goes completely against “general Christianity”? It makes absolutely no sense at all. I hope all who claim that the World Mission Society Church of God is a money hungry cult, realize who THEY are giving their money to. Regardless if one believes Christ Ahnsahnghong or not, if they call themselves a Christian, they should follow the examples of Abraham, because those who belong to Christ are called “Children of Abraham or Abraham’s Seed”(Romans 9:7-13,Gal 3:26-29) And Abraham gave the tithe to Melchizedek, the one who gave bread and wine. And it is written that Jesus is the high priest in the order of Melchizedek(Hebrews 5:7-10)So if a church isn’t giving the Bread and Wine of the Passover, then the “tithe” they are giving isn’t going to God at all.
    All praise, honor, and glory to Father and Mother.

  16. Russell Fenimore

    I would like to comment this post it reminds me of these verses in (Acts 8:14-24 ) it says as follows : When the apostles in Jerusalem heard that Samaria had accepted the word of God, they sent Peter and John to Samaria. When they arrived, they prayed for the new believers there that they might receive the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit had not yet come on any of them; they had simply been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Then Peter and John placed their hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit. When Simon saw that the Spirit was given at the laying on of the apostles’ hands, he offered them money and said, “Give me also this ability so that everyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit.” Peter answered: “May your money perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money! You have no part or share in this ministry, because your heart is not right before God. Repent of this wickedness and pray to the Lord in the hope that he may forgive you for having such a thought in your heart. For I see that you are full of bitterness and captive to sin.” Then Simon answered, “Pray to the Lord for me so that nothing you have said may happen to me.” So after reading this we can conclude that money was never something even the early Church considered worth more than God. Money isn’t what God is pleased with nor do we use money in the World Mission Society Church of God as a way to give the people false hope. We follow the example of the early Church and teach What Christ taught because the truth of the early Church was brought back to us by second Coming Christ AhnSahngHong. He taught us what Christ 2000 years ago taught (Matthew 22:17-22 NIV) Tell us then, what is your opinion? Is it right to pay the imperial tax to Caesar or not?” But Jesus, knowing their evil intent, said, “You hypocrites, why are you trying to trap me? Show me the coin used for paying the tax.” They brought him a denarius, and he asked them, “Whose image is this? And whose inscription?” “Caesar’s,” they replied. Then he said to them, “So give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” When they heard this, they were amazed. So they left him and went away. It is important to give to God what belongs to God we never demand money from anyone or use Church for business please understand the truth by coming to the source and not a rumor that someone else started because of unbelief in the scriptures. God Bless You all and please come to the Spirit and the Bride.

  17. Americo

    To add to previous comments, if a group were to be labeled as a “money hungry cult’ it would probably mean that the group’s main interest would be to receive money from members. As a long term member of the Church of God, this type of claim seems inconsistent because there has not been a single incidence during my time with the church where I was ever told that I must give money to the church or even felt forced in any way to provide monetary support. Contrary to this claim, during my time in the church I’ve received so much; I received an abundance of love, kindness, and joy, along with the priceless teachings of God from the Bible. Above all, as a result of the love of God shown through the members I was able to receive salvation. Furthermore, I feel sad to think that this type of claim which is clearly false, could hinder others from receiving such a gift, that is to be a member.of the World Mission Society Church of God.

  18. Cassa

    This is so true! If somebody is against WMSCOG of course they will try to find something wrong… The thing is that everything in the Church is done legitimately, honestly, and in accordance with the teachings in the bible. So- judge for yourself! Don’t simply take advice from somebody who most likely never even attended the Church.

  19. Makia

    It’s quite disturbing to hear that those that oppose WMSCOG would stoop this low. In this country money is such a touchy subject because everyone is so greedy. You look out for yourself and some family members that are extremely close to you, lol…. Everyone else doesn’t matter, but I find that peculiar because many of those same people go to many different churches, including “mega churches.” These are churches that became big due to the misuse of the congregation tithes and offerings. I’m rather bothered because you don’t see a bunch of articles on the internet going against them; instead you see articles about a church that follows the law of God in respects to tithe and offerings. People do not respect God and that’s why it’s such an issue. In other churches they molest little innocent children, the leaders drive expensive cars, live in luxury and go on vacation multiple times a year and call it “visiting the sister church.” Must I go on… WMSCOG is really the purest of them all. The members are human and make mistakes daily just like everyone else in this world, however we follow the laws of God and no one can wrong us for that. Whoever does is against God because they do not agree then therefore do not follow Gods laws.

  20. Michael

    This post is awesome, and I really hope this helps others who have misunderstood about the WMSCOG because of LIES that people make up. This post for some reason makes me think of the verse in the book of 2 Tim that says that how the ‘Scriptures will make us wise for our salvation.’ It’s easy to understand that because WMSCOG teaches all the truth directly from the bible, people try to come up with other ways to speak against the church. Same thing that happened 2000 years ago. So if we really want salvation, only the bible can be used and not other peoples opinions.

    So judging by the fact that the same thing happened already 2000 years ago, and the bible says it will happen again, it adds to reason why WMSCOG is the true church where we can go to receive God’s blessing of eternal life!

    And I totally agree, if its such a problem, let the government take care of it. It’s only making them look bad by coming up with lies!

  21. JULIAN

    I practice the law of tithes and offerings to complete the order of Melchizedek, and I do with so much love for this reasons:
    My spiritual life is secure,
    Is one of the truths we do in the church,
    I see where the money goes,

    Also in WMSCOG all of us we practice this law include pastors and all the church leaders,

  22. Jose E Martinez

    WMSCOG is always being accused of many things. With this accusation I can see that they are running out of things to accuse WMSCOG of. Anyone with eyes can see that all offerings are used to maintain the church. People think that churches just fall out of the sky. They have no understanding. Truly it is prophecy fulfillment. Thanks to God Elohim for giving us eyes to see!

  23. John M.

    Valid points made in this article! I am a member of this church and agree with every counter argument on this page, especially the point about the IRS. Some are saying that the Pastor is filtering money through the church to his business, but there is not even a shred of evidence to this accusation. Please don’t listen to everything you hear, especially from people that are willing to make up lies to achieve their goals.

  24. Dan

    I can speak from an experience that proves this church is not a money hungry cult. Once I had put more money in my envelope than what I had pledged. Right away I was confronted by the church telling me there was a discrepancy, and asked what they should do to resolve it. If they were really hungry for money they would have recorded the lesser amount and pocket the difference. I would have never known. However that was not the case.

  25. Margie

    This is such a desperate and malicious attempt to slander the Church of God. The World Mission Society Church of God is NOT A CULT, and it is definitely not money hungry. This is a senseless and ridiculous accusation. Statements are labeled truthful or deceitful based on the facts. Whenever a disaster, occurs the members of the Church of God volunteer their time and strength to help the victims wholeheartedly. This is a fact. When the earthquakes occurred that devastated much of Haiti and Chile, the General Pastor of the Church of PERSONALLY delivered donations to the United Nations in order to help the victims. This also is a fact. When hurricane Irene and Sandy occurred, the members of the Church of God spent many days from morning until evening providing the victims help in their homes, and giving them the love and hope we have received from Heavenly Mother. This is a fact. Heavenly Mother spends all of Her time, strength and sacrifices much in order to comfort all those who are suffering throughout the world. This is surely a fact. When you gather all the FACTS, the only truthful statement that can be made about the church of God is that it is a benevolent organization, whose main purpose is to deliver to the world the love of Mother, NOT A MONEY HUNGRY CHURCH. God doesn’t need anyone’s money . Someone “money hungry” is greedy and selfish, and based on the facts; the Church of God is the complete opposite. As member, I have never been asked forced to continually give money to the church. All the teachings I’ve received are always about giving love and servings others, and to consider others better than myself. It has never been about money. Instead, I have learned to sincerely love others and serve others as God loves and serves without expecting anything in return.

  26. Nancy Torres

    These people say that the WMSCOG is a “money hungry cult”, without proof or evidence. They just want to speak against the church because they don’t want God’s children to follow God. Those who speak against the Church are trying to deceive people with their lies and absurdness. However, we need to realize that the same thing happened 2,000 years ago when the disciples were persecuted and the church was spoken against because they followed the teachings of Christ. Nowadays, the same thing is happening because it is prophesied in the bible. These things must occur so we can see that the WMSCOG is the TRUE CHURCH. Only in the WMSCOG we come to meet true creator Elohim God, who will give us salvation and eternal life.

  27. Elohist4life

    If they want to identify WMSCOG as a money hungry cult, you forgot about all the other churches out there that take the tithes without offering the Truth of the new covenant Passover (bread and wine) in exchange for their tithe.

    Then Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine. He was priest of God Most High, and he blessed Abram, saying, “Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth. And praise be to God Most High, who delivered your enemies into your hand.” Then Abram gave him a tenth of everything. (Genesis 14:18-20 NIV)

    The real money hungry cults out there are not even letting the people tithe to the God of eternal life and they get nothing but false hope in return. Sounds like you have a mistaken identity of what a money hungry cult is. How does this sound? Because WMSCOG is a money hungry cult is why we received recognition by the United Nations, and so many other high officials throughout the world for the most volunteer hours, giving to Haiti earthquake victims, etc. I know it’s because they all support money hungry cults too like WMSCOG. It’s make perfect sense! Think about it seriously!

  28. Dianne-

    Someone asked me once if I give 10% of what I earn to the church, but where does that root from?
    The bible. We cannot pick and choose which commands we’d like to obey and which commands we’d like to omit. From the 10 commandments, to the command to love your neighbor as you love yourself, there is also the command of tithes offerings which is directly from the bible. As true believers and followers in the old testament and new testament, members follow commands of God according to his teachings. Why do people give money in church to begin with? First, we have to examine the root of all things to understand the meaning behind them. The accusation that the church is money hungry is inaccurate.

  29. Eralis

    It’s funny how people are so quick to say that the WMSCOG “steals” the money from the members, yet they never make such accusations about any other church. It’s weird because every church makes such a collection, only difference is that the WMSCOG ACTUALLY teaches its members according to the bible why we give a tithe of our income. The fact that the Church of God is growing exponentially is more evidence that the funds are clearly going towards the church because just as 2000 years ago the funds were being used and are now being used for the growth of the Gospel. Other churches are decreasing in number as well as members because 1. they are not teaching what’s in the bible and 2. there have been instances where evidence was shown where pastors from other churches use the money for their own personal expenses. We , the members of the WMSCOG who actually understand where our money is going towards would never steal from God, on the contrary we are all cheerful givers because in the end our reward is in heaven. Money doesn’t compare to the invisible universe our Heavenly Father and Mother have prepared for us. The word of God is like pure Gold in our eyes therefore we wouldn’t think twice to give what already belongs to God for this amazing gospel to continue to grow and flourish as this is the truth that will lead many souls to salvation 2Cor8:3 For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability. ENTIRELY ON THEIR OWN…By our own free will we decide to give because our church teaches us through the scriptures where our money is going to and we see it with our own eyes…I’ve never seen any other church actually show any of their members where EXACTLY their money is going towards , especially not through the scriptires…therefore it is incorrect to label the WMSCOG as a “money hungry cult”

  30. Matthew C

    All the accusations against the Church of God are false claims. Really, if the Church was money hungry, I would like to ask what the money is being used for. It definitely isn’t going to the pastors. It’s not like they are off on vacations every month.
    I know the pastors in the Church of God aren’t going on vacations and they don’t live the luxurious life style. I know that when our pastor came to travel to our church, he stayed in a regular, cheap hotel. He didn’t stay at a 5-star or even a 4-star.
    If the leaders of our church were living the high life, then yes maybe you could make this claim. But the leaders don’t live a fancy lifestyle. They never get time off like regular people who get vacation days and all that. They are always at church or visiting another church. What’s the point of being money-hungry if the leaders don’t get to use it? It makes absolutely no sense.
    A communist will never have anything good to say about a capitalist even when something good is being done. In the same way, those that do not like the Church of God will never have anything good to say about us. But that doesn’t make what they say true.

    • Andria

      This article is amazing its sad that people assume without knowing the facts. So many churches in the world such as the Catholic church collect money for their own gain and no one questions them or even sees anything wrong with what they are doing yet WMSCOG does only what is in the bible and there are some with a problem. WMSCOG does only what the bible says to do, the money does not go to the pastors at all then if someone has an issue with the fact that we are following Gods commands not looking for personal gain, then that persons issue is not against WMSCOG but there issue is with God since it is Gods command to give a tithe and offering to God not to man. Instead of insisting on false opinions find actual evidence if you can. For those who are being deceived by people that try to speak against WMSCOG please come and study any question has an answer through the bible since we only do what God commanded through the bible.

  31. liyali

    This post is really shocking and saddening to me. These claims, which lack proof and material evidence, are clearly being made to injure the World Mission Society Church of God’s pristine reputation and to try to prevent people from finding the truth of the Bible.

    But on the other hand, being a “money hungry cult” hasn’t stopped people from attending the Catholic Church–and there is clear evidence about what they have been doing…

    This post puts things in perspective… Who are the people making these claims? Not the IRS. Do they have proof to back up their claims? No. Then who are they to influence my decision? Nobody. Let the Bible be your guide to judge whether something is right or wrong, not the opinion of people with fixed concepts and narrow minds.

    The Law of Tithes and Offerings is a beautiful thing. God says we should not test God in anything… except this. Through tithes and offerings, God blesses His children so much! I hope no man prevents anyone from receiving these blessings from God!

  32. Safia

    Most Christians who actually study bible know that to offer a tithe (10%) is a law of God that was set from the old testament to the new testament. Jesus warned you are in error because you do not know the scriptures or the power of God. When you actually go to the church of God you will see that anything that is given to the church is used for the church not for the pastor. Now if you go to the any other church I’m not sure you can say the same thing. Think about that!

  33. Davina

    What is so interesting is that as a Christian it is nothing new that tithes and offerings are commanded by God! So many other churches receive tithes from their members but nothing is said about them…..Why? Because it is already a known fact in the Christian faith! The fact that we have and follow the order of Melchizedek proves that we are giving our tithes and offerings to God not to man! The origin of the tithe is referred to in Genesis 14: 17-20 where you can clearly see that Melchizedek blessed Abram with bread and wine and then Abram gave a tenth (tithe) of everything he had to Melchizedek. In the New Testament in Hebrews 6:20 it shows who came to fulfill this prophecy in the order of Melchizedek…..when you read this verse you come to find out Jesus came in the order of Melchizedek because he also blessed with bread and wine……however when you look into Melchizedek’s life in Hebrews 7:1-5 you can see that he has to be without Father and Mother, without genealogy, he must be God and also bless with bread and wine….when Jesus came the first time not all of these requirements were fulfilled so he had to appear a second time to fulfill being without genealogy and without Jewish blood and also not having Father and Mother which according to the Bible means not having parents that are believers (Matt 12:48-50) Christ Ahnsahnghong came from the only place in the world where there was no Jewish blood and he came from parents who were unbelievers…..he came fulfilling every prophecy of Melchizedek! So when we give our tithes and offerings we are not giving it to man but the true God Almighty Creator God Christ Ahnsahnghong who came as Melchizedek! Every Christian church that knows the Bible knows about tithes and offerings…..if the World Mission Society Church of God was doing something wrong then why hasn’t the IRS done anything sooner? Already the Church has been in the US for over 10 years! Those who speak against the Church love to lie to put doubt in the minds of those who have never studied through the Bible. Don’t believe whatever people tell you…..
    make your own judgement by coming to the World Mission Society Church of God and studying about this prophecy in the Bible.

  34. Miranda

    If you wanted to know what sport is the most popular in your school, how would you find out? Would you only ask the male population? No, you would also ask the female population because if you only asked the male population, would that represent the WHOLE school? NOPE!
    In the same manner, if you wanted to know how the public feels as a whole about a certain issue (in this case, the WMSCOG taking part in money laundering) then should you just ask the members who LEFT the church and are just speaking against it? No, because that would NOT be a representative sample of the whole public. When we realize what these “advertisers” seek to persuade you with, you have to dig deeper. Is what they are saying true or false? Do the claims have any basis in FACT? Remember, these people who are advertising these false accusations intend to persuade you to take action, whether its to make you believe something or go against something. It is easy for people to believe everything they hear. But should you? No. You should investigate and see both sides of the story. Also remember that there will always be people against something. Does that make it wrong? No.
    So many people are accusing the WMSCOG of money laundering. Does that make it true? Of course not. If it was, where is the evidence? Where is the pastor’s expensive home and luxurious car? Where are the missionaries’ expensive clothing and shoes? Where is the PROOF? And better yet, if these “businesses” are also money laundering, where is the business’ growth?

    The point of the matter is that there is NO PROOF whatsoever to back up the accuser’s claims. No matter what they say and how many people they convince using these lies … no matter how hard they work against us, it will not make their claims true. They will be forever false and will only find themselves accusing God.

  35. Yuly

    If any of these accusations were true why hasn’t any authority taken the appropriate actions against the Church of God? That’s because evidently what these people are saying is nothing else but mere lies, their only purpose is to slander the Church of God with made up stories. Just like 2000 yrs ago those who did not accept Jesus Christ; their only interest was to find ways to trap and accuse Him by bringing false accusations and witnesses, and at the end they were not able to find evidence because EVERYTHING they said against Him was false.

    Mark 14:55 The chief priests and the whole Sanhedrin were looking for evidence against Jesus so that they could put him to death, but they did not find any. 56 Many testified falsely against him, but their statements did not agree. 57 Then some stood up and gave this false testimony against him”

    Matthew 26:59 The chief priests and the whole Sanhedrin were looking for false evidence against Jesus so that they could put him to death. 60 But they did not find any, though many false witnesses came forward.”

    In the same way the reason why now days those whose only interest is to bring false accusations against the Church of God cannot find evidence to support their accusations is because EVERYTHING they say is false.

  36. Stephanie

    The Church of God World Mission Society is definitely NOT a money hungry cult. The purpose of Jesus’ first and second coming is to seek and save the lost. The ultimate goal of our faith in WMSCOG is the salvation of our souls from second coming Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother Jerusalem. It is a shame that people on the outside misinterpret the truth of the bible and twist it to satisfy themselves. The only way to know if we are truly a cult or not it to come and listen with an open mind.

  37. Romeo

    I have a question. What do you think about scientology? Do you think they are a money hungry cult? And why? If you don’t know, and you have some time, maybe research a little bit about them.

    And just fyi, I don’t think anybody has a big problem with your tithes and offerings. Most people I know that have family members at the wmscog do tithes and offerings at their church. One of the problems that people have is that in their church they give them a report of where does the money go. Not sure if they do it and your church, but if they don’t , maybe that would help. Just an advice!

    • The True WMSCOG

      I have heard about Scientology, and I don’t really care to give an opinion about them. Scientology is not a faith that claims to come from the Bible, so I am not really that concerned about them. If you would like to discuss Scientology, I would advise you to go to a Scientology forum, this site was not created to discuss about that organization.

      and just an FYI … We know exactly where the money is going, without the need of a report. :o)

  38. Iliana O

    Honestly situations like this..just brings the truth straight to light once again. Common sense is, if there is issues with money in the Church of God, where are the authorities that will deal with this situation ? How come they haven’t been informed of such activity… Simply because it is Not true. Seriously what More can you say? How far do people get with their own opinion ? Not too far.

  39. Romeo

    I think that’s a cheap answer, but I guess I’ll take it, have no choice, you are the administrator!

    Then what do you think about Joel Osteen? Still the IRS havent said anything about him.

    And I doubt you know “exactly” where the money is going. I’m sure you imagine where it is going, or people have told you where its going. But without a report, or evidence, you can’t know “exactly”, so I guess you just chose to believe it. And if by any chance you know it because you are a pastor, still many people don’t know it. At least my brother doesn’t know it and when I told him if I ask in the church for it, he didnt really like the idea.

    So even if you know, many people don’t. So you guys should, it would take a lot of people out of doubt. You know, as the bible says, “dont make your brother stumble”

    • The True WMSCOG

      Did Joel Osteen do something Illegal for the IRS to audit him? I’m not sure so I cannot comment on it. But since you mentioned Joel Osteen, look up his house and his lifestyle, and compare it to one of the Pastors of the World Mission Society Church of God, once you do, come back and let me know what you found.

      1st of all — I am not a Pastor for the record.

      2nd — This is where you and many others get it wrong, you see most church members do not need a report because we see where the money is going. Church building do not fall from heaven, utilities are not paid through prayers and so on. Also there is no need to ask for a report because there is no evidence of the money going somewhere else that is not to support the Church advancement. Like i mentioned in my article, How luxurious are the cars the Pastors, Missionaries, Deacons of the Church drive? How big are their Mansions? How many vacation homes do they have? What about Heavenly Mother and General Pastor? Please provide this evidence, then we can talk about financial reports.

      You see the lifestyle of the leadership of the Church is enough evidence, and this does not inspire the need to get a financial report.

      And the ones making “brother[s] stumble” are people like you with your comments.

  40. Romeo

    Nothing illegal that i’ve heard of. My question was if you thought he is money hungry.

    I googled Joel Osteen’s house and its huge! But googled for a wms pastor’s house and didn’t find anything. Nor for the house where the general pastor nor Zahng lives. Have you ever gone to their house? Not that you’ve heard of where they live, but gone there and seen it with your own eyes. How was it? I’m actually curious!

    I imagine that church buildings dont come out of heaven nor utilities are paid through prayers. I imagine the members pay for all that. But churches that are money hungry (not saying you guys are) also buy buildings and pay for utilities. I doubt all the money you guys get goes to the mortgage and utilities. But if theres any financial report I could go to and confirm that, then that would be awesome.

    The “no need for a report because there is no evidence of the money going somewhere” makes me think you are not a CFO and makes me happy you are not president of the United States! C’mon! of course you need reports BEFORE there is evidence. That’s the whole point! Of course everybody that has been caught doing something bad wasn’t reporting. That’s like saying that a business shouldn’t report their taxes till they are caught in money laundry! Rethink that one!

    About Pastors, missionaries and deacons having nice cars or big houses… well look for example at the unification church. (im bringing them up just because they’ve been in trouble with the irs, not because they believe in a father and mother from korea, believe the east in the bible is south korea, believe clouds mean flesh, and believe moon opened the bible that was sealed for a long time), well, in that church the pastors, missionaries and deacons dont have nice cars nor nice houses, actually they live very poorly, and sacrifice a LOT for the church. In my personal opinion they are just victims. There are other people making money from that church and some of them are not even members of the unification church but korean investors. crazy stuff!

    I’m not saying the same is happening at the wms, but just to explain that seeing members or leadership cars or houses is not proof of anything. Again, if you have a picture of the mother’s house or general pastor’s house, that would be cool, I would want to see that. Can we talk about financial reports now?!

    You say most church members do not need a report, so you do agree that some members need one? Did you do an anonymous survey to see if actually most wouldnt want to see one? (i say anonymous because most likely they would be scared to say they want to see it), I’m sure if you do something like that, many people would be happy to see a report. And even if most church members do not need a report, those “some” members are the ones you or your pastor are making stumble.

    But anyway, if you are not a pastor theres not much you can do or say. But also you don’t really know what happens with the money, but you just “imagine” its being used for the good. I admire how much trust you have in other people, but maybe ask for a report some day, its not good to be naive!

    • The True WMSCOG

      I don’t know if he is money hungry, but I do know he doesn’t teach about the Sabbath Day nor the Passover, which are basic commandments of God that should be kept.

      The burden about General Pastors and Mothers house is on you, I will wait until you find it. :o).

      Of course the money doesn’t only go to mortgage and utilities, that is just one example of the many things that the Church has to manage, but it is still quite a lot.

      People like you is exactly what the article I wrote talks about:

      1 Timothy 6:4-5
      — …he is conceited and understands nothing. He has an unhealthy interest in controversies and quarrels about words that result in envy, strife, malicious talk, evil suspicions and constant friction between men of corrupt mind, who think that godliness is a means to financial gain.

      You also forgot to mention that the Unification Church does not keep the Sabbath, Passover nor any of the other feasts of God, they teach that Moon is the reincarnation of: Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna; and that through the study of the Bible and other religious texts he came to discover the mysteries of life. Quite contrary to the teachings of the Bible.

      The Church of God has been operating for while in South Korea, and in that country is a Church which is in the eye of the public, since the beliefs are so different to mainstream Christianity…Trust me if General Pastor, Heavenly Mother and the administration of the World Mission Society Church of God was misusing the contributions of the members, it would definitely be made public.

      1 Corinthians 13:6-7 — Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

      Love always trusts and it is not affected by evil suspicions that try to stir up dissensions.

  41. Romeo

    Hi. It’s pretty mean that you don’t want to answer about the pastor’s and zahng’s house. I dont see why that is a problem and why the burden is on me… i mean, why does it have to be a burden? You guys are messed up sometimes, you come out a little bit arrogant.

    And also find it pretty bad that you use that verse. I’m not interested in controversies, I’m actually directly affected by the church, and every time i have approached somebody from the church, you guys come out as a little bit arrogant, and trust me, im never mean with them nor get arrogant.

    In korea there are so many 2nd coming christ, that they are used to it by now i imagine. Moon was laundering money but he wasnt caught in korea but in USA (actually the korean government and kcia was helping him with other stuff.. the korean government doesnt seems to be that trasparent after all). Also WMSCOG is still not that big in order to bring up that many red flags, but if theres something going on, im sure eventually it will come out.

    The problem with love always trusting, is that the people that were part of people’s temple always trusted, and because of them they gave poison to their children and took it themselve, because of that love many women are beaten up by their husbands and they stick with them and because of that love that always trust many people join groups. So I really think in the beginning you shouldnt be naive.

    Now, if your love always trust, then be nice and answer my questions please! or just let me know if I just shouldn’t ask questions here and just read without commenting. My brother was the one that told me I could ask anything and I would receive an answer.

    • The True WMSCOG

      I’ve seen it, and I don’t have a picture to show you. I apologize if that sounded arrogant, didn’t mean it. How has the Church personally affected you? Please understand that sometimes Zeal and Passion can be misunderstood, especially when you are in a group that people attack instead of trying to understand it.

      Well, to be honest with you, there is nothing going on, the more I am involved with the Church, the more I can tell you this is definitely not about money at all.

      The problem is those “straw man” arguments, where you always find a group that did something terrible, and try to compare it to the World Mission Society Church of God. Let me give you an example:

      Parent A told his son: “You must be obedient to me because I love you”, Parent B told his son: “You must be obedient to me because I love you”…

      Parent A told his son: “Go rob a bank, remember what I told you”. Parent B told his son: “Go help the neighbor cross the street, remember what I told you.”.

      Then comes Parent C and he tells his son: “You must be obedient because I love you” — Then people like you come out and say: “Parent C is going to teach his son how to rob a bank, because I remember about this Parent A who told his son the same thing”

      The peoples temple was nothing like the World Mission Society Church of God, I studied the Peoples Temple, and it is nothing like the WMSCOG.

      Your brother probably told you, that you can go to the Church and ask all the questions you want. This website is developed based on my research and personal experience, so I apologize if I do not have all the answers… however you are more then welcomed to visit your local Church of God with your brother, and ask all the questions you like.

  42. Romeo

    You’ve seen it? That’s nice! how is it? How many rooms it has? Does it have furniture?

    I’ve been affected directly because I’ve seen somebody that used to be very respectful become somebody that only cares about what the church says. I have a lot of examples, but I won’t say it for respect to my brother.

    That is not a “straw man” argument but this site is full of “straw man” arguments. Won’t quote them verbatim but I’ve read things like:

    “Steve Hassan is looking for money. The examining site is supported by Steve Hassan, so they are just deceived in order to give money to Steve Hassan”

    That is a “straw man” argument because the examining site is not actually supported by Steve Hassan. Maybe there are about 3 or 4 articles that have things to do with Steve Hassan, but most of it is really trying to explain how the verses of the WMSCOG are not true, or interviews with Ahnsahnghong’s son, Zahng’s ex husband and stuff like that.

    Another “straw man” argument would be:

    “They don’t accept the WMSCOG because they have never been there. Of course if you are not there you can’t like it”

    It’s a “straw man” because again, the position of “the have never been there” is false. I know more people that have been at the WMSCOG and left that people that have never been there or just gone once.

    But my examples about People’s temple wasn’t that WMSCOG members were going to kill themselves… I have never thought that. My point is how people because of that “love that always trust” can follow something that is not good. The People Temple’s doctrine wasnt to kill themselves. They decided to kill themselves once they felt so pressured that they felt there was no where to go, same as what happened in wacko. So till the WMSCOG is in that position, I won’t be scared about anything bad happening there. And if you studied people’s temples you should see some similarities, not so much in the doctrine, but more in the behavior.

    My brother was the one that gave me this website. Let me know when should I stop asking questions, or if you don’t have an answer just tell me “I don’t know”. I see a lot of other people make comments on this site so maybe they have answers! You don’t have to be the comments Nazi! (straw man)

    If you know Emmalyn, tell her I’m waiting for her response in my other post!

    • The True WMSCOG

      Its average, with rooms and furniture.

      I’m sorry about the person whom you are speaking about, but I hope he is a grown up in control of his own decisions. Now i do not understand how his behavior affecting you is the Churches fault? From my personal experience I know if many cases where the Church has actually made people change for the better, where even their relatives who are not in the Church say good thins about it. If the Church was at fault for negative behavior of a person, then we should see it happen with every single individual that attends the Church, but since this is not the case, then we cannot really say that the Church is at fault.

      Would you mind providing the exact article where Steven Hassan has been accused of supporting the examining site? I don’t remember where that is on this website.

      The examining site is a place where they do 2 things: 1) They straight up lie. 2) They take something that is true out of context, and give a completely different meaning, with a negative connotation.

      This websites purpose is to allow the people see another side to the story, most people that I know who have a negative opinion about the WMSCOG, have never set a foot inside of it, and they are influenced by websites like the examining site.

      Now the behavior of the Peoples temple is nothing like the behavior of the WMSCOG, if in your opinion there are similarities is basically because there are certain teachings that are in the Bible. You see the teaching about love always trusts, it came from the Bible (1 Corinthians 13), not from the Peoples Temple. If the leader of the Peoples temple decided to misuse that teaching to take advantage of the parishioners, it does not mean that a Bible believing Church should not apply and use that teaching. So sensationalist that like to speak against the Church of God (I’m not saying you are one) like Mr. Hassan, use fallacies like “straw man” and “guilt by association” arguments, to belittle and vilify churches like the WMSCOG.

      I will definitely say “I do not know” if it applies. However I do advice that if you are interested in getting your questions answered, maybe try to visit the local church of God with your brother. :)

      and being that I am not the “comment Nazi” (LOL), I have no control on whether Emmalyn wants to answer your question or not, it is totally up to her… so maybe you just have to work on your patience, you know people have other things to do, they are not always attached to a computer waiting for others to answer their comments. :o)

    • Ruth

      Mr. Romeo, it would be nice to know in what do you believe in? You seemed to have studied different faiths.

      If your brothers is happy in the Church, why don’t you try to support him and understand him, as you say that you love him and he loves you too.

      Have you ever taken the time to visit the Church with your brother?

  43. Angel

    I thank Heavenly Father and Mother for this post. Other churches say they do tithes and offerings because they say it is in the bible. Even though they use the bible to support their doctrine, they claim we misinterpret the bible. The Sabbath is a law of the Old Testament just like Tithes and Offerings. However, if they keep Tithes and Offerings, why don’t they keep the Sabbath? It is because they are hypocrites. They speak against the church because it is prophesied that the true church would go through such persecutions. These accusations do not weaken my faith but.strengthen it because it is all part of prophecy. The best way to learn about Tithes and Offerings and how the church manages is by going to study at a local church.

  44. Romeo

    “with room and furniture”… is that 2 rooms, 3 rooms?

    He was in control of his own decisions but I guess he trusts in the church and let them make decisions for him. To be honest in the beginning I didn’t think it was the church. I used to tell him that I doubted that all the members in the church were as fanatic as he was and he used to tell me that he was one of the less fanatic ones. I didn’t believe it till I started to talk with other people that know the church and started to research about them online, then I saw that my story is identical to many other stories, maybe its a coincidence, but I think if all of the sudden all boy scouts stop being as close to their family and put the boy scouts as number 1 in their life, then we can kinda assume that something the boy scouts are telling them. But that’s a conversation for another moment I think. And to be honest I don’t think it should be seen with every member. Not all the children at the catholic church have been molested, not even close, but that doesnt mean that we should say that those who were molested are lying because others didnt have the same experience. Maybe you go to a different location than my brother and things are different there.

    What i said about Steve Hassan was in one of the videos, I’ll check it out and let you know.

    About straight up lying at the examining site… I don’t think they are to be honest. If they have said something that wasnt accurate I’m sure they thought it was when they said it.

    And I guess we have a different experience, most people I know that are saying things about the church were actual members.

    And about Steve, to be honest I think you guys are going too hard on him! He talks about the WMSCOG because people have come to him to talk about it, and according to their experience the WMSCOG fits the type of organizations that Hassan talks about. Can you give me an example of a church, that is not yours, that Hassan talks about and that you dont think is a cult?

    And yes! I do have to work on my patience! Thanks for reminding me! She should do like me and chose to receive notifications when your commetns are answered! But I’ll wait! patiently!

    I think you are a nice guy, dont agree with what you believe, but a nice guy. Hopefully you can answer about Zahng’s house without run arounds!

    • The True WMSCOG

      I don’t remember, but I think it was around 2 or 3… sorry it was a while ago.

      and I quote you: “I started to research about them online…”, and this is the reason why I decided to make this website, unfortunately the only voice being heard online is the voice of those who have a negative opinion about the WMSCOG, and not from those who have a positive opinion about the WMSCOG… You see, if you read the testimonials of current WMSCOG members on this site, you will read that the stories are different from yours. In my case, my relationship with my mom, and my wife became much better after I came to the WMSCOG. Before I came to the WMSCOG I used to fight and argue with my mom about everything, however after my involvement with the Church, and putting into practice the teachings of God, I have learned to love and concern about others before myself.

      Your boyscout reference doesn’t apply to our conversation, for in your boyscout example you clearly say: “…if all of the sudden all boy scouts…”, In the case of the WMSCOG, is not all WMSCOG members who are having problems with their relatives, therefore is not something the Church is telling them.

      Also I never said you were lying about your experience, all I said that maybe is not the Church to blame regarding your experience, this is in reference to your example of the Catholic children.

      The examining site does lie… here is a few examples: Christ Ahnsahnghong founded the NCPCOG, WMSCOG predicted the end of the world in 1988, 1999 and 2012, Ahnsahnghong never claimed to be God… these are just some examples, and If you would like to see how they are lies, visit the respective articles in the top 10 of this site. , And if they do not know, then is better for them to do their research before they post it.

      I’m just trying to educate people on the matters Mr. Hassan talks about, and how shallow his research is. He needs to be cautious about what He says, specially when his profession is based on theories that have not been proven, and his accusations affect peoples lives in very negative ways. If you watch the 3 part of my videos on him, you can see how his standards of judgement easily apply to Jesus Christ and his disciples.

      It is really not up to me to judge what a cult is and what not, for it would be a bit hypocritical since the very core of the Christian faith was labeled as a cult in its beginnings.

      Your opinion of me being a nice guy, really is thanks to the WMSCOG, because before I came to the Church, I really wasn’t that much of a nice guy.

  45. Lui Figs

    First, I want to begin by saying that I absolutely love this article. When I began attending the WMSCOG my mom asked me if they collected money during service and when I replied “yes” she had a negative reaction towards it. But like mentioned in the article it’s a teaching from God!

    I have also been reading the comments and I think most people can agree when I say that this church is awesome!

    As far as the comments posted by Romeo go, I’m not quite sure that you’re really trying to get anywhere. To me it seems that you’re looking for reasons to debate. It’s understood that you may have some questions and that’s fine. But in my opinion I think you should take the administrators advice and just go to the church and see for yourself. I think he’s invited you enough times.

    Trust me I had a lot of questions too, go check em out. I’m glad I did ;-D

    • Romeo

      You are correct, I’m not trying to get anywhere. I don’t have any hidden agenda behind this comments, but I do want to have some things more clear about the church. And when I feel like I should go to the church, I will go. So far I just want to get more understanding about what the church really believes from the members that attend the church, not only from the ex members. But thanks for your comment!

  46. Michael R

    Before I came to church of God I wanted to baptize my two children and the first thing they asked for was 300$ each to register them and not about the importance of the Passover and salvation. Church of God does care about anything else except finding Mothers children and leading them to salvation. I know of Church leaders who work hard day and night to make a living an still find time to take care of those who really want to study the bible.

  47. Romeo

    Is that 2 or 3 rooms in total, or 2 or 3 bedrooms? Is it a house or an apartment?

    I agree that in the other websites you wont hear much good about the wmscog. I mean, they dont talk bad about the members, they believe the members are also victims, but they do talk “bad” about the church, but I guess it was their experience, which was different that your experience.

    Does your mom and wife believe in ahn sahnghong and zahng gil jah?

    Ok, let me rephrase my boyscouts example “if all of the sudden, a lot of boy scouts… and some of them make websites and videos… and many from differnt part of the world say the same exact thing… etc… etc…”

    Well, my catholic example was just to explain that because not everybody has the same experience, that doesnt mean that is not happening.

    And those examples I dont think are lies… ahn sahnghong didnt found the ncpcog? There are pictures with him with the NCPCOG logo behind him. Am I allowed to post links to pictures here or they will also be erased?

    I’ve heard from many people about 1988 and Jonas prophecy or something like that. Is that prophecy made up by the examining site too? And I’ve heard from different ex members about 2012, that they were told by their pastors or leaders. Not saying that zahng said it, but somebody told them in their church, so its not a lie, its their experience.

    And about ahnsahnghong never claimed to be god… well, I guess he did it indirectly, but if they didnt say it like that, that doesnt mean they were lying, just they didnt see it as you did. And the awesome thing about freedom of speech is that you can say your experience without being scared of people bullying you… well, sometimes…

    About you not being able to judge what is a cult or not… do you at least believe that cults exist? Because Jesus was called a cult that doesnt mean that you have to close your mind and say “now I cannot say what a cult is”. They were called liars too but you like to judge who you think is lying in this site.

    And I’m sure you were a nice guy, but some groups they try to convince you that you were horrible before you joined them… that’s not true! I’m sure you were!

    • The True WMSCOG


      Yes, with religious matters you will find all kinds of opinions, and it is obvious that those who do not agree with the teachings of the WMSCOG will say negative things about the WMSCOG. However the doctrine and teachings of the Church are not at all how they describe them in those websites, also many times is complete misunderstandings from the members who decided not to attend anymore.

      Yes my mom and wife are also members of the Church, and they believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong and Mother.

      What about all the thousands of people who have a good opinion about the Church? and who speak about how the Church has changed their lives for the better?

      and the examples I do think are lies, because when Christ Ahnsahnghong founded the Church it was not called the NCPCOG, its like saying that Jesus Christ founded the Lutheran Church. It is true that at one point the name of the WMSCOG was NCPCOG, but today’s NCPCOG is not the Church Christ Ahnsahnghong founded, as the examining site wants to make it seem.

      The Church did not preach the end of the world in 1988 nor 2012, so it is a lie…. The dictionary definition of the word “lie”

      Lie: A statement that deviates from or perverts the truth.

      If the examining site was really interested in facts and truth, then they would stand up to their mission statement and correct all the inaccuracies of their articles. The fact that they wont correct them, makes their articles go from “misunderstandings” to “lies”.

      Freedom of speech does not give you the right to accuse someone of committing federal crimes, as the examining site has done to the WMSCOG.

      You cannot compare the standards of judgement for a “lie” to that of when a group is labeled a “cult”. I cannot judge something when there is no basis for judgement. The Bible only talks about “heresy” and heresy is defined in the book of 2 Peter 2:1-3. If you want to talk about what heresy is we can discuss, but as far as a “cult” concerns, every religion falls into the description of what a cult is.

      Its surprising your level of faith in me, its kind of odd being that you do not know me. How do you know, and as you say “I am SURE” that I was a nice guy before I came to the Church?

  48. K.M.

    In Matthew 22:17-22 Jesus said:

    “…So give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s…”

    CLEARLY tithes and offerings belong to God (Malachi 3:6-12).

    If the World Mission Society Church of God did not keep these precious laws of God (tithes and offerings), I would run away. However, I continue to attend the WMSCOG because, not only do we obey the law of tithes and offerings, we also keep ALL of the commands of God. This, in fact, is love towards God (John 14:15, 1 John 5:3).

  49. Romeo

    Hey! where is the apartment located?

    Well, I about the doctrine not being the same as the examining site say they are, I’m not sure to be honest (you see, it’s ok to say you don’t know!) but I think most people don’t have a problem with the doctrine. I mean, I find ridiculous some of the things my brother have told me, but if he just decided to believe that I would be ok with that! It’s always better than being a Scientologist ( i keep repeating that in my head).

    What I heard is this : that families can go two ways with the wmscog, they can get better or go worst. If the family joins the wmscog, then the family can get more united because they all believe the same thing. When the whole family doesnt join the wmscog then the problem starts, so I guess that’s why you got closer to your wife and mom, because they joined the church. Maybe if they didn’t, you would have a different experience, maybe wouldnt have a wife by now.

    I think it’s possible for the church to change the life of some people for the better! I don’t think is doing it with my brother, but maybe if he was doing drugs or about to kill himself and then he finds the church, i would be happier. I would rather therapy, but church would work.

    What was the name of the Church ahnsahnghong established? I don’t think it was called World Mission Society church of God. So is it safe to say that Ahn shanghong didnt establish the WMSCOG? You know.. based on your lutheran church example? And have you ever gone to the NCPCOG? You know, like you say , you cannot know till you go or something like that.

    So the jonas or jonahs prophecy, that was made up by the examining site? I like the wikipedia definition of a lie better:

    A lie is a false statement to a person or group made by another person or group who knows it is not the whole truth, intentionally.

    The thing with the examining site, and I should call the administrator to confirm, is that your answers havent satisfied their points, they have a point to every point you try to make, and they also say that you guys are lying. Maybe you guys should go to a public forum, or find a neutral person that would judge who is saying the truth.

    Actually you can accuse somebody of committing federal crimes, check this out: President Obama haven’t payed taxes since 1976. He owns Burger King, and thats where he launder money for the canadian guerrilla.

    I’ll let you know when the FBI comes knocking on my door. And the funny thing is that the reason why the wmscog are suing the examining site, as far as I understand, is just because of some lines in their sites with the presidential award, and a line about laundering money in a facebook page (not the examining site) and don’t remember what else. You should read the court documents, they are online.

    And ok! I accept your answer, you don’t believe cults exist. Do you believe in social influence though?

    And about the “I am sure”… read about hyperbole’s dude. Have some social skills, don’t read so much into stuff, this is not us fighting , this is us talking.

    • The True WMSCOG

      in South Korea! sorry I’m not that good with geography.

      About the families is not true that if the whole family doesn’t join the Church problems start. You see i have several relatives who are not part of the Church, and they respect my decision. My family loves me regardless what I choose to believe, and I love them. My faith doesn’t change the family I was born into. I also know of several couples, whose spouse is not a church member and yet they are still together. In conclusion the fact that there are so many different types of cases within the Church, it shows that the church is not at fault when incidents do occur.

      Christ Ahnsahnhong did establish the World Mission Society Church of God, for although the Church changed its name throughout time, the doctrine that Christ Ahnsahnghong taught remains the same. Contrary to the NCPCOG, which doesnt really follow what Christ Ahnsahnghong taught. And in regards to the Lutheran example, it is the same, there are certain things practiced in the Lutheran Church that Jesus Christ did not teach.

      No, what was made up by the examining site is the statements that the Church preached the end of the world in 1988, 1999 and 2012. You see I have talked to people who were in Korea in 1988 and they clearly told me that the Church did not preach about the end of the world. Read the Article: World Mission Society Church of God and the End of the World

      We do have a neutral person who will judge on who is saying the truth… God.

      Clearly you do not understand the lawsuit, for it is not against the examining site, but against two individuals. I have read the documents.

      Your question about social influence is funny! lol! it’s like asking me if I believe gravity exists. Of course, as long as you live in this world you are affected by gravity! in the same way as long as you live in this world you are affected by social influence

      Ok “dude”, I’m sorry about not understanding your statement was a “hyperbole”… I will work on improving my social skills.. Thanks “dude”!

  50. Romeo

    I imagine is south korea. And maybe one or two in the bahamas! (jk)

    Does the General Pastor lives with her? or she lives by herself?

    Oh, I’m sure families that have members in the church loves them. I love my brother, and I’m sure he loves me. But the church changes priorities and it’s a lil bit radical. I want to give examples, but again, for respect wont do it. And I know some of those husbands that their wives are at the church and they are still together… they are not happy, and the only reason why they are still together is some because of a lot of love and hope and others is because of children, but it’s not easy to have your wife come home every day around 12 am.

    What was the name of the church when ahnsahnghong establish it? Have you ever been to the NCPCOG?

    I asked somebody that was taught about 1988 and that person told me that even though now they are saying that 1988 was never said, the church taught that they proclaimed the end in 1988 to fulfill jonah’s prophecy. Then the church didnt fulfill jonah’s prophecy? or how did they fulfill it?

    I’m sure God will judge! And to be honest I really hope is the God I believe in. You know, the God I believe in is a God of “forgive 7 times 7”, I feel (and i might be mistaken) your god is a god of “Sue them 7 times 7”.

    That’s right, is about those 2 people. But its just for 2 or 3 statements.

    Lol! I have to check if you believe in social influence! is not in the bible so you might not have a stand on it! Then do you think some churches can use social influence for unethical reasons?

    Thanks dude!

    • The True WMSCOG

      That I don’t know.

      I mean of course is different when you want to follow what the Bible says, specially in a world where everything is done contrary to what the Bible says. I really do not know of any member whose spouse is not in the Church returning home at midnight, or is that another hyperbole?

      The name of the church was “Church of God”. No I have not been in the NCPCOG, you see I do not live in Korea, and they only have 5 churches all of them only in Korea, which also shows they are not the Church Christ Ahnsahnghong founded. You see when Christ Ahnsahnghong was alive He said that the gospel He preached would be preached in the whole world, it has been 27 years since Christ Ahnsahnghong went back to heaven, and the NCPCOG is still in Korea, while the WMSCOG is in almost 170 countries.

      Have you studied Jonah’s Prophecy? I have, and according to Christ Ahnsahnghong it is not a study about the end of the world. If you want to learn more about it, please visit your local church of God… :o)

      Well our God will judge based on whether people are keeping the Laws of God (7 feasts of God). Also the Church of God has only had 2 lawsuits, one in the US and one in Korea, both of them after it was defamed by lies about how the Church is supposedly breaking families and preaching a time limited eschatology. We have every right to use the legal system when it is needed, specially when the Church is being defamed (is way beyond criticism).(Romans 13:1-7)

      Yes, they used social influence to get Jesus Crucified 2,000 years ago. They use social influence to get people to have a negative opinion of the WMSCOG… The great thing is that a Church should not be judged by social influence, but whether they keep Gods commands in the Bible or not.

      anytime “dude”!

  51. Karen

    Tithes and offerings are a teaching of Christ, It’s clearly testified in the Bible, it is a command of God and no one is ever forced to give offerings or tithes in the WMSCOG, everything is by free will. The church personally has never asked me for money and i have never seen anyone being asked to give offerings or tithes. Tithes and offerings are done of free will and are commands of God whether we obey them or not that is between God and us, no one else will know whether we are robbing God or not. We gladly obey the commands of God at WMSCOG by giving Offerings and Tithes because we love God, God gives us everything , we just return to God Elohim a small part of what they allow us to receive in the first place , because it is all for our individual salvation. At WMSCOG money is not asked for, no one is charged for studies, baptisms, anything, There is absolutely no evidence that WMSCOG is a money hungry cult, the claim itself is nonsense, Thanks to heavenly Father and Mother because they allow us to receive so many blessings and participate in the gospel, with complete 100% truth.

  52. Melissa


    Someone actually told me this. But even she thought to herself this must be a lie because if the money were going to the pastors, missionaries, etc why do they spend more time in church than regular members.

    We obviously keep what the Bible says and the Bible says we cannot serve both God and money. Our church doesn’t enjoy the pleasures of money, we just follow God’s commandments and through that blessing God blesses us with beautiful churches.

  53. Romeo

    “Church of God” plain? Did at any moment when he was alive it was called “New Covenant Passover Church of God”?

    And about the wife, the only hyperbole is “every day”, of course they don’t do it every day, sometimes they come back home earlier, sometimes is later. Sometimes they miss important things, like anniversaries or birthdays because all of the sudden they dont matter, sometimes they become mean and arrogant, but thats maybe not at your location and that’s why you have never seen it.

    Well, you should have patience, God’s words would be fulfilled no matter what. When Jesus was alive he said that the Gospel was going to be preached through all nations, and it took sometime for that, more than 27 years. So I don’t think that’s enough reason for you to say they are not the true church.

    no, I haven’t done the study. What does ahn sahnghong say is about?

    So does that mean that other churches that keep the 7 feast will go to heaven? Cause they are plenty!

    And it’s been only 2 lawsuits, but a lot of threats. They tried with some ex members from LA but the judge dismissed it, and I think they tried with somebody in mongolia too. And as I hear, they mention lawsuits a lot in church.. you know, very Christ like. And the lawsuit in the US I dont think have much to do with the time limited eschatology or breaking families, but will review it again to make sure. And yes, you have the right to use anything. You just don’t expect the church of “love your enemies”, “put the other cheek”, “love your neighbor”, would sue just because somebody has a different opinion and experience. But yes, you have all the right.

    And I love that verse! I can’t believe you quoted it from “The Message” ( I guess now I understand why many of the teachings are a little bit taken out of context.. wont translation). But you should research, cause you guys are not keeping that part of the bible… the church lied (using your definition and wikipedia’s definition of a lie) in the tax forms, and We Love you foundation is fee delinquent, you guys should take care of that. Ah, and it’s not legal for a church to give money to politicians but you guys did…

    Glad you believe in social influence even though its not in the bible! jk! I think what people like steve hassan try to call a cult is churches or organizations that use social influence for unethical reasons. I saw the post about Steve Hassan and I think I’ll comment there, your family uses social influence, we are social beings, but they use it for ethical purposes. There are some families that use it for unethical purposes and that’s what Steve calls a cult, same as there are some churches that use it for ethical reasons and some for unethical reasons! Just FYI!

    • The True WMSCOG

      I already answered the question about the Churches name in another post.

      birthdays and anniversaries? I celebrate my wife’s birthday and we always go out for our anniversary… If that’s the case it might be a misunderstanding.

      Yea, but according to the Bible the gospel of the 2nd coming will be like lighting…and them not preaching in the whole world is not the only reason why the NCPCOG is not the true church, they also do not believe in Mother, which is the biggest reason why they are not the Church Christ Ahnsahnghong founded.

      Since you have not studied about Jonah’s prophecy, maybe you have to be careful about what you say, because of things like this rumors start… Visit your nearest Church of God if you want to learn Jonahs prophecy.

      Will all churches that keep the 7 feasts go to heaven? not really…

      Exodus 16:5-6 — You must not sacrifice the Passover in any town the Lord your God gives you except in the place he will choose as a dwelling for his Name. There you must sacrifice the Passover in the evening, when the sun goes down, on the anniversary of your departure from Egypt.

      As you can see through the verse above, one of the feasts — the Passover — needs to be kept in the place where God has chosen to put His name, in this age of the Holy Spirit God has a new name (Revelation 2:17 and Revelation 3:11-12). This means that in order for the celebration of the feasts of God to be acknowledged by God, they need to be kept in the place where they have Gods new name, and that is only in the World Mission Society Church of God.

      Well, just because you sue someone doesn’t mean we don’t love them.. We love Michele Colon and Mr. Newton, we just do not agree with their misconceptions and disinformation about the Church. That’s all, no hard feelings… :0). In the other hand… I do not think lying about a Church is really nice, or do you think it is?

      the message quotation, but it was a mistake… fixed it already.. sorry. Like I said, if you feel the Church is doing something illegal, please report it to the respective authorities and they will handle it.

      Steven Hassan lacks judgement and his methods are sensationalist. FYI – Churches should be judged not on the basis of Mr. Hassans nor any “cult expert” methods, they should be judge on the standards of God and the Bible.

  54. Austin S

    I am astonished that the WMSCOG would be even considered in the slightest to appear on anyone’s list of Money hungry cults. Wow, I have been blessed with the truth of life for the last 3 years of my life but prior to that I was baptist for 18 years. In the World Mission Society Church of God, I have never been forced or enticed to give any kind of money to the church, ever! However In the Baptist church, my baptism, years ago, cost money, classes cost money, and on top of that every single service featured two or more offering trays and baskets going around periodically throughout a 2 hr service! If someone didn’t offer, sometimes, they were publicly called out on it. In a room full people with their faces covered with cookie crumbs, how can you accuse the one person with a clean face with the blame taking cookies, ignoring everyone else. I am very disappointed in the accuser and I really hope no one ever makes such an ugly and false claim against the WMSCOG again.

    • Romeo

      Don’t know whats the prob with answering twice the same question… it’s pretty cheap to leave comments in blogs. Anyway, I dont find the answer, so could you answer: was the church named New Covenant Passover Church of God at any moment when Ahn was alive?

      Happy you celebrate them! I’ve heard churches vary a lot depending on the location, maybe your location is different. The bible doesnt say the gospel of the second coming christ will be like lightning, I think it’s just a play of words and wrong interpretation, but if it makes you happy…

      Are you not allowed to say what is jonah’s prophecy about online? If you are, can you tell me? I want to understand more things before I go to the church.

      The verses that you mention about the new name… don’t really mean that.

      You guys have a weird way to show love! “We love you, see us in court in 7 days”. The lawsuit against michelle was for 25 million dollars… awesome way to love. And I dont think lying is nice, never. Im not quick to say that people are lying though if i’m not sure they are lying. I really doubt michelle said things in the site knowing that they were not true. I have heard though many things that members of the church have said, knowing it was not true… but right… you guys believe in “righteous lies”.

      Hassan is not trying to say which churches are “true” or “not true”. He is saying which churches seem dangerous. I don’t agree with everything he says and don’t judge the church based on what steve hassan says. I don’t think anybody at the forum of the examining site judges the church just becuase of what hassan says but more based on their experience with the church. And the problem with the standard of the bible is that many churches make their own standards and give interpretation to the bible the way they want. According to the interpretation of the WMSCOG, only you guys will go to heaven, but it’s only your interpretation. Which post in the examining site calls you guys a money hungry cult? I was looking for it and couldn’t find it.

      • The True WMSCOG

        Is not a problem to answer the question again, but it just gives me the feeling that you are not really reading the answers to the questions, and although you mentioned that you had no hidden agenda in answering, it makes me double think about that… but here is the answer i posted in May 29…

        … because when Christ Ahnsahnghong founded the Church it was not called the NCPCOG, its like saying that Jesus Christ founded the Lutheran Church. It is true that at one point the name of the WMSCOG was NCPCOG, but today’s NCPCOG is not the Church Christ Ahnsahnghong founded, as the examining site wants to make it seem.

        And the Bible does say that the gospel of the second coming will be like lighting…

        The coming of God into this world, means that light has come, some examples of that are in the book of Matthew 4:12-17 ,where it says that Jesus walking in the area of Galilee fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah regarding the great light. Also in the book of John 1:9, says that the coming of God is the coming of the true light that gives light to all men. Now in the book of Matthew chapter 24, when the disciples asked about the sign of the second coming, Jesus answered as follows:

        Matthew 24:27 — For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.

        Jesus said that His 2nd coming would be like lighting, but this lighting will start from the east, and it will be visible even in the west. Clearly this is not talking about literal lighting for lighting has no direction, lighting is very random. What the verse is talking about is that people will know about the 2nd Coming Christ, very quickly… And if you say that this is a play on words, then you must also insist that when Matthew interpreted the prophecy of Isaiah 9:1-2, he also played with words…

        Well is not that I am not allowed to explain Jonahs prophecy online, I rather have you learn it at your local church of God. If you really are interested, and if you care about your salvation, come study… the doors are open. :o)

        If the verse about the new name does not mean that God will have a new name, would care to elaborate on what it means??

        Hey have you ever heard of tough love? When your parents discipline you, and want to correct something you did wrong… that’s not love? In my opinion Michele has more things to worry about, the court on this earth is nothing, compared to the things she has to answer for before God in the spiritual world, if she doesn’t repent for her mistakes… that’s what I am worried about. She did say things in her site, knowing they are not true… but i guess we have to let the court and the judge decide that, my feeling is the she wants to become a self proclaimed “cult expert” like Mr. Hassan, and is using the Church of God as a launching pad for her career…

        Righteous lie… is that anywhere in the doctrine of the Church?? did you see it in any of Fathers books, General Pastors books, Mothers sermons, Church of God official website??? I never learned that from the Church… Again, another clear example of the disinformation created by rumors.

        In Hassan’s opinion, the Church Jesus established 2,000 years ago was dangerous… just look at this video:
        ” title=”World Mission Society Church of God – Examining Hassan Pt. 3″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Examining the BITE Model
        … Then since in Hassan’s opinion the religion Jesus established was dangerous, does that mean we shouldn’t follow it? In Hassan’s opinion we should not follow Christ nor the Bible…

        The examining site has several articles on where they judge the World Mission Society Church of God as a cult based on Hassan’s BITE Model, so you can see the root of the problem.

        According to the Bible Jesus said that only those who eat His flesh and drink His blood have eternal life, if you do not do it, you have no life in you (John 6:53-54)… According to the Bible it is only through the Passover of the New Covenant that we can receive Jesus flesh and blood (Matthew 26:17-19; 26-28). So if you don’t keep the Passover of the New Covenant you do not have eternal life, if you do then you have eternal life… That’s the point of the matter…

        And I never said that the “money hungry cult” comment was on the examining site… Actually it was a quote Hassan gave regarding our Church.

        • Romeo

          Ok, I think I didn’t understand it well the first time that I read it. So for sometime, before ahn sahnghong died the church was called NCPCOG… then it’s not a lie to say that ahn sahnghong established the NCPCOG. United States was founded by the forefathers even though its maybe pretty different than what they expected. So it’s not a lie to say ahn sahnghong established NCPCOG.

          If you read the book of Matthew, specifically the chapter 24 (the whole chapter), you will see that it’s talking about how VISIBLE the coming will be, not about how fast. You cannot take all the characteristics of lightning and then say that those are the characteristics of second coming christ. That’s a bad way of analyzing comparisons.

          If you can’t, then can anybody that visits this site explain Jonah’s prophecy to me? I think that what you received by grace you should also give it by grace.

          You haven’t answered me, can I post a link here? I have a good link about what the new name means but the last time I put a link here you erased it.

          I have heard about tough love, my dad gave me a lot of it… he didn’t sue me though! And never asked me for 25 million dollars knowing I didn’t have it… that’s tough love with extra strength! If she has to worry about the court in heaven, why bother her in the court here? I doubt the tough love is working so I think it’s a little bit ineffective, you should ask your god for better ways. Not sure if she wants to be like steve hassan, I’ll check and let you know.

          Haven’t heard about righteous lies from books but have heard it from many ex members and from a current member. Don’t think that they gathered together to make a lie. Too much coincidence.

          I have spoken with steve hassan, don’t agree with everything from him but I can tell you he does agree with people following the bible and christ. I read his book and what he mentions is churches that take the bible and chrit out of context. Again, can you tell me a church that is not yours that steve hassan mentioned that you don’t think is as dangerous as he says?

          if the point of the matter is the passover, then I can go to many churches, including the NCPCOG to keep it!

          Ah! thanks to clarify about the quote.

          • The True WMSCOG

            No is not ok to say that Christ Ahnsahnghong founded the NCPCOG, because it creates the disinformation that the NCPCOG that exists today was founded by Christ Ahnsahnghong. The NCPCOG that Christ Ahnsahnghong founded has a different name today, and that is the World Mission Society Church of God. So to say Christ Ahnsahnghong founded the NCPCOG is clear disinformation.

            Yes, for the coming of Christ to be visible, He has to come in the flesh, and that is why even people in the west know about the Coming of Christ Ahnsahnghong. What started in the east, has now come even to the west, all to fulfill Bible prophecy.

            Why are you so against going to the Church to study? If you could get the answer that you want, why not make the effort?

            Why don’t you elaborate on the New Name, if your answer is so convincing, let me hear it from your explanation… you can copy and paste…

            If it was up to me Michele Colon should be sued for 100 Billion dollars, and that still would not be enough. The damage she has caused on peoples lives is something that money cannot pay, the amount of souls she has deceived has no price. The ones who breaks families is not the Church, its her. When a family member becomes a believer of the Church, other family members do not share in the belief, they should love and tolerate the practices of their family members. But the intolerance to our faith, which is fueled by people like Michele Colon causes the problems in the relationships. I know so many families that did not allow themselves to get deceived by the negative information and because of the Church their family relationships are so much better.

            Again, people misunderstand often, and thats why rumors start.

            But since when has Hassan become an authority to determine whether a Church is taking the Bible out of context or not? He is not even a Christian, so who gave him that authority? In my heart I believe what I practice is completely in context with the Bible, and Mr. Hassan’s words and actions are infringing on my freedom to believe what I want to believe. Hassan’s loosely usage of the word “Cult” dehumanizes the members of the Church, and it makes people think that is ok to mistreat us since we belong to a “cult”. The word “cult” is a religious slur that should not be used in an organization like the Church of God.

            Please can you list which Christian Churches keep the Passover? and the NCPCOG does not believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong, so their Passover is not the prophetical Biblical Passover.

  55. Ruby

    Once I heard from those who don’t want people to follow the commandments of God, that Heavenly Mother is wealthy, but I thought to myself knowing all the things Mother does, if that is so, then why does she works so hard day in an out without rest, every single thing I have seen from Mother is very humble, so when the people say that it makes me sad, because their eyes are plastered and they see Nothing and Understand Nothing! She is truly Love, all the money is used to spread the Gospel, so that people all around the world can receive Salvation, there are thousands of churches, I don’t think with tithes and offerings we even have enough to support all of them, through every effort of the members, a soul is being save.

  56. Jessie

    It’s incredible to see the great lengths people go to in order to accuse the Church of God of being a bad place. Tithes and offerings is clearly seen through the Bible, as the article mentioned, but, just like two thousand years ago, those who oppose the truth make up ridiculous lies that affect the souls of many. Because of these lies people become confused and blinded to the great truths found through the word of God. Never in my life has the Church of God ever enforced tithes and offerings on me nor have I feel pressured to give money to the church at all. Actually, being in a smaller church I realized how authentic and honest the church of God was about money because we filed every single thing given and spent. Every single penny is recorded and used to support the church advancement. Even the leaders in the small church worked hard to support the building because we all have aspirations to build God’s temple into a place pleasing to the children of God who will come after us. Truly, the Church of God is a nest of love following and living the teachings of the Bible and the true God who is Christ Ahnsahnghong and New Jerusalem, our Heavenly Mother ♥

  57. Nicole Simone

    Brothers and sisters let’s not argue with those who have eyes but cannot see.

  58. Nicole Simone

    Now, the Church of God never asks for money. All donations are free will offerings and people tithe according to their faith. Majority of the deacons, missionaries and pastors are unpaid for their services. They all have other jobs and support themselves. The deacons, missionaries and pastors tithe and offer themselves.

    Aside for tithing and offering, at the Church of God we hold seminars and provide food for strangers who wish to come. The money for that food is contributed by those who are able and willing. Nothing is demanded of anyone.

    The reason it is called the free gift of the water of life is because all of our services are free. If you want to come to a seminar, Come! If you want to come to a service, Come! Everything is free of charge. God’s word is free. We want you to receive eternal life, so please Come!

  59. Tristan

    Thank you so much for clarifying things for me. Your logic is easy to understand like the one you said “how come the church don’t collect money for other services…” and in the “Where is the Evidence?” part. Thank you again and may Christ Ahnsahnghong bless you more.

    • The True WMSCOG

      Thanks to our Heavenly Father Christ Ahnsahnghong who gave us the wisdom from God to testify to the amazing truth He left us!

  60. Romeo

    Also, I love the way as you avoid answering for things by just saying “report it to the authorities”.

    Am I lying about the tax forms not being accurate? Or about the weloveyou foundation being fee delinquent in virginia? or about the church in New jersey giving money to a politician?

    Is it ok for me to put links in my comments to show proof of all this?

    All this time after the separation between church and state, the government is very scare of doing anything to churches. In all this time, only one church’s tax exemption status was taken out, and it was given back to them after a couple of months. So even though you report it to the authority (as actually many people have done with the WMSCOG) there’s not much that the authorities can do.

    And second, there’s no need to report anything. We are just talking.

    • The True WMSCOG

      The reason I say this is not simply to avoid answering, it is my answer. Unless you are an authority on tax forms I’m not sure if your testimony is valid regarding the matters mentioned, for this reason if something is incorrect in filing paperwork, then it must be reported to the respective authorities so that it can be corrected.

      Humans can make mistakes, even humans who follow, or even walk with God. Moses made mistakes, King David made mistakes, Apostle Peter made mistakes, Apostle Paul made mistakes… So when they realized their mistake they corrected it.

      Now if your intention and the intention of others of reporting matters like these to the respective authorities is for the Church to loose its tax exempt status, so be it… in the Bible it doesn’t say that the true Church is determined whether they have tax exempt status or not.

      I do not wish to discuss regarding the matters you mentioned, because it doesn’t lead to anything. I am not an authority on tax forms, I do not hold a position in the Church to give an answer about those matters, and honestly, I really do not care because It doesn’t change the fact that Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother are God… :o)

  61. Nina

    It is amazing to see the levels that people will go to just to bad mouth WMSCOG.

    1. Christians know that tithes and offering are in the bible. WMSCOG is Not the first or only church that tithes and if you have a problem with that, the simple solution would be to not give money at all. I have been a member for over 3 yrs. and no one ever obligated me to tithe or offer. Just remember that you do not want such a minuscule thing to keep you away from receiving salvation. (Malachi 3:8-10)

    2. We should worry about our own financial standings rather than trying to find out details of everyone else’s. you should leave the financial topics for the IRS to handle, they are pretty good at it because they are Experts.

    3. I can truly say that WMSCOG is the true church thanks to Christ AhnSahngHong who established it according to bible prophecies and the whole point of believing in God or studying the bible is so we can enter heaven. Then instead of wasting time going back and forth on this blog, you should just attend a seminar or bible study to answer all your questions once and for all and then you’ll be able to see for yourself what WMSCOG really is about. 😉

  62. Romeo

    I don’t think you have to be an “authority” to know what is a lie and what is not. The trustees are the Pastor and his wife, the document asks if any of the trustees are family members, you checked “no”.

    YES! I agree humans can make mistakes. And I think that’s a very honorable position that your church doesnt take. You should say “we made a mistake” and fix it, and that’s it. Not say “those are lies from the “people” in the internet”.

    End in 2012, 1988, righteous lies, etc… dont just say “it’s a rumor” or “a lie” but you can say “it was a mistake”. After all, as you said, the ones leading your church are JUST HUMANS, and CAN make mistakes.

    • The True WMSCOG

      What if it was not a lie? what if it was an honest misunderstanding? Again, these arguments you are bringing up are so red herring, because they deviate from the real important point, and that is whether the a Church puts into practice whats in the Bible or not, lets discuss about the celebration of the Passover, or the Sabbath… That would be a little more relevant to the Church.

      I think that the statements about the lies in the internet are about the lies that are discussed in the internet.

      Again the Church never preached the end in 2012 or in 1988… How do you know so well about this? let me ask the questions.

      Where are you getting all your information about the Church of God? Who are your sources that make you so confident in what you are saying?

      • Romeo

        Wow! You take a long time to post the comments! guess they are keeping you busy wherever you are.

        Then if it’s a misunderstanding … say it’s a misunderstanding. Don’t say that the people that are bringing it up are lying. Cause many of those documents were signed by Pastors of the WMSCOG so you can assume that they proof read stuff before they sign it.

        The arguments are not red herring. For some people is important. The bible talks about lying, so it’s good to clear up if the church that you go to is known for lying.

        Again… can I post links to where I’m getting my information? Most of it I can show where I got it from. You haven’t answered if I can. A lot of it is public information from government offices.

        The other things, well, I’m very close friends with the boyfriend of someone that your church is suing. I have also talked with ex members, and of course I’ve gotten a lot of info from my brother, even though he is always saying that all the info I have are “lies from the people in the internet”.

        Maybe you will say that the info that I have is biased because it comes from ex members, but hey, everything I ask them, they answered, here you run around and nobody else even acknowledges my questions. So I’m also trying to get your point on the things I have found out.

        Now, the info that you have about Ahnsahnghong and Zahng, where did you get it from? I doubt you actually met Ahnsahnghong, and you mentioned you havent visited the NCPCOG, so i guess it’s all from what other people have told you too.

        • The True WMSCOG

          Sorry for the delay, I do have a family to take care of.

          I never said people were lying about that, however them bringing that point up is red herring, because it doesn’t define the Churches doctrine. I don’t agree with your argument that the Pastor was lying. It would be lying if the Pastor was a tax attorney, but maybe the Pastor made an honest mistake. Give him a break.

          Who knows maybe it was corrected by now.

          So you are very close friends with Michele Colons boyfriend? because I am assuming Mr. Newton doesn’t have a boyfriend. and I think your brother is just saying that as a defense mechanism to all the intolerance he is getting about his faith, again when people call your chosen faith a “cult”, it is pretty offensive, and it infringes on peoples religious freedom. That type of hate speech is an injury to human dignity which causes psychological harm on individuals, it causes humiliation which leaves psychological scars that heal with more difficulty than physical scars. I can totally relate to your brother, and is the reason I chose to create this site.

          To be fair, you never met Jesus either, so using your reasoning your faith is based on what other people have told you. Adding to that point, the Christian faith is based on the Bible, without the Bible Christians would have no faith… Then can you please tell me which book of the Bible is written from the viewpoint of an ex-member? As far as I know, the whole Christian faith is based on the principle that the testimony needs to come from members who believed in the faith, not from those who gave up on the faith.

          On my defense, I have met heavenly Mother, and I have met people who actually walked with Christ Ahnsahnghong… What about you, have you met people who walked with Jesus? if the answer is NO, In that case, my faith has more foundation.

          • Romeo

            Glad you have a family to take care of! many people, because of the wmscog dont have the same luck!

            Well, if we are based on your definition of “lying” then he was lying, if it was an honest mistake, then I can understand that. People can make mistakes.

            Yes, I’ve been friends with him before all this, small world.

            The fact that my brother is like that, shows me that they are putting stuff in his head in the church. I say that because my brother never goes online to research about the church, I have never call the wmscog a cult (in front of him) nor the rest of the family, we are very careful to become emotional in front of him. So I guess the only way he thinks his church is called a cult is if they keep mentioning it in the church and putting all that anger for the people “in the internet” inside of him. So my brother doesnt have any scars, his mom has more scars because they taught my brother that the church that she goes to is a “daughter of the mother prostitute which makes her a prostitute too”. So I think the first one offending the other churches is the wmscog. And freedom of speech doesn’t infringe people religious freedom, actually it upholds it. You are free to call another church a prostitute, to call people satan, liars, to say that everybody else would go to hell because they dont believe what you believe, and some people are humiliated and have psychological scars because of your action, some have even needed therapy. In the same way other people are allowed to say that you guys are a cult and that you break families apart. To be “fair and just” is a hard concept to understand, but you are a smart guy, you can try.

            Just for you to learn a little bit more about logical fallacies, every time you guys answer something about ahnsahnghong trying to compare it with Jesus … that’s a logical fallacy. You should answer the question, not go around it. ie:

            -How old was Ahnsahnghong when he got married?
            -Well, how old was Jesus when he got single?

            That’s not an answer. It makes you look stupid or not sincere.

            If I had a book from an ex disciple, which shows EVIDENCE that is not true that Jesus fulfilled the prophecies and shows EVIDENCE that Jesus didn’t even believe what Paul was teaching, and that everything was made up by Paul, then I would at least be interested on studying more and researching more, I wouldn’t want to be following something that is not true.

            I imagine you haven’t met many people that walked with Ahnsahnghong cause most of them are at the NCPCOG, very little number are at the WMSCOG and many of them have died, even though they celebrated the Passover.

            Your faith has as much foundation as my daughter have for believing in the tooth fairy. Both of you believe something that was told by somebody you trust, that in the future will know that is not true. The main difference, my daughter would have gained about 100 dollars, you would have lost way more than that. My daughter trusts me, you trust your pastor and your great assembly.

            PS: can I post the links? Can I please? If you say no, don’t worry, I won’t say that its information control!

          • The True WMSCOG

            The WMSCOG does not break families, what breaks families is the intolerance and ignorance towards our faith. As we can see from Michele Colons story (since she made public). She said her relationship with her husband was “rocky” before they came to church. Then because of the Pastors advice they decided to get married. After she decided not to be a member of the Church anymore, and he decided to stay, she was the one who gave him the ultimatum: “is either the cult of me?”… In this case, her intolerance for her husbands faith caused the problems in the relationship, and this intolerance was fueled by the testimony of the so-called “cult experts”. And this is what happens in most the cases.

            Calling the WMSCOG a “cult” and the bible defining Churches who do not follow Gods will as “Babylon” is two different meanings. You see, the word “cult” is not a definition given by the Bible. The Bible doesn’t place the label of “cult” on any church. However, it does define which churches are considered part of “Babylon the great”. I cannot speak for your brother, for i do not know who he is, but I can speak for myself, and I can say that when I found out that the Churches that practice teachings that do not come from the Bible (i.e. Christmas, Easter, Sunday Service) are part of Babylon the great, I told my mom and my family about it. I did not speak to them in a rude way, but rather educated them and showed them in the Bible. The majority of my family members realized that they were in error, and they decided to join the Church. To the ones that did not become members of the WMSCOG i do not treat them any different then how I used to treat them before joining the Church.

            You see when you label the WMSCOG as a “cult” is not based on the Bible, but based on the opinion of the “cult experts”, and this is no different to racial slurs. The word “cult” contains so much ignorance, and bigotry which leads to the WMSCOG members to be discriminated just because of their faith.

            So let me get this right: If Demas or Judas Iscariot wrote a book with EVIDENCE about Jesus and say that Jesus was lying and Apostle Paul too, You would read it? That says a lot about you.

            In reality most of the people who walked with Christ Ahnsahnghong are in the WMSCOG, I saw pictures of them when Christ Ahnsahnghong was alive.

            And your faith in Jesus Christ is not based on what someone was told??? Were you an eyewitness during Jesus’ time?

            Mr. Romeo, please do not make hasty generalizations about my character and financial status, you really do not know one thing about me, and your assumptions about me are based on your erroneous opinions about my faith. If you are going to start attacking my persona is evidence of how much prejudice you have towards members of the WMSCOG, how you can judge them solely based on their belief.

            You see, even though I completely disagree with the teaching of the Catholic Church, I do not judge my relatives, friends and acquaintances character because they are members of a Church which:

            Has been well documented to have had thousands of cases of child molestation done by their clergy.
            At one point in history charged people money for forgiveness of sins
            AT one point in history killed people simply because it did no convert to their faith
            At one point in history tortured people with methods which were worse than things done during the Holocaust.
            Owns churches build solely out of human bones

            I still love them, care for them and treat them with the same respect as I would with anyone who holds a different faith than me. Would I want them to be members of the WMSCOG? Absolutely, but that’s a decision they have to make on their own. Until then I will treat them the same as if they were Church members.

            Let me ask you a question… Why is it so hard for you to accept and tolerate your brothers chosen faith??

  63. margo

    If They say that the World Mission Society Church of God is a Money Hungry Cult
    God is also a Money Hungry Cult
    Because God give us the law of tithes and offerings as it is in the Bible
    Before blaming the World Mission Society Church of God, blame God first
    If they have no fear of God

  64. It’d be really surprising that in the Catholic Church, saints have to pay for everything: baptism, 1st communion, Catechism classes, bible studies if it’s true. I’ve never been asked to give money for baptism, bible studies in WMSCOG since I got baptized in it. NEVER!!!

  65. Russell

    I would like to Comment through the Grace of Almighty God. All I can really say is I Believe not because of the faith of someone else but rather I personally Believe In Christ Ahnsahnghong And Heavenly Mother the New Jerusalem because they have the Word of Eternal Life. I used to read the Bible and attend other Churches and they never taught what Jesus taught they never taught Passover, Sabbath, Melchizedek, King David, Eternal Life, Tree of Life, Second Coming Christ, or about God the Mother. What I can say confidently is I was Blind but now through the Grace of God ever since I Kept Passover through Their Love and sacrifice I understand the reason why it’s so important to keep the Feasts of of God. It’s important to do what Pleases God and Worship God correctly not to look at the faults of others but Love, Understand, and Forgive. The reason we look for faults is because we refuse to believe in Gods Promises to us. Lets not stoop into finding faults in people, but rather Worship the God Whom the Bible testifies about let’s Go Home to Heaven. Who will be able to endure the fiery lake of burning sulfur? Lets go to Heaven together that’s important to God :-) so it should be important to us :-) from the overflow of the Heart the month speaks lets not follow the fault finders but rather the Almighty God Whom has Power to Grant is the Privilege of Eternal Life in Heaven Forever and Ever. Father Christ Ahnsanhghong and Heavenly Mother Whom the Bible testifies about! May Almighty God Bless everyone’s eyes opened to see and understand the Truth.

  66. Yuriany

    Isn’t it odd that people are calling the WMSCOG a “money hungry cult”, a church that does not charge for ANYTHING. Yet they do not accuse the Catholics (who charge for Baptism, Bible studies, the 1st communion, etc.), nor the baptists who even charge for the food that they serve. These accusations do not put doubt in our mind nor make us go against the church; these allegations make it more clear to us that we are in the truth! 2,000 years ago when the Teachers of the Law were trying to censure that Jesus was guilty, they brought witnesses to give false testimony but their remarks were not believable because there wasn’t any proof to their plea (Mark 14:55). In the same way, the slanderers are saying that the WMSCOG is a “money hungry cult”, but these remarks do not add up because there isn’t anything “money hungry” about the WMSCOG, everything the church does is according to the Bible.

  67. Kofi B.

    “For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He has a demon.’ The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’ But wisdom is proved right by her deeds (Mt 11:16-19)” I cannot help but think of this verse when I think about people who slander the church in regard to money. If Almighty Elohim God just enabled us to have everything out of thin air, which is absolutely possible, think of how much more they would slander! Although, we do not live by the standards of the world we are still living in the world so we have to deal with worldly problems, worldly people and worldly currency. This is normal. However even in that regard we maintain our heavenly devotion through the tithes and offerings for, “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

  68. Michelle S.

    This accusation was very surprising to me because I am a member of the WMSCOG and I have seen how instead of taking money away from the members the leaders give their own money to help the gospel work not requesting anything from the members.

  69. Daniel

    Even in the court of law everyone is not guilty until proven otherwise. People just accuse the WMSCOG without any evidence but there is much evidence showing that the Church of God is not a “hungry cult”. If the Church of God is a money hungry cult then what should all the other churches who charge a price even for a bible study be called? If the Church of God is called in this way then the early church and the apostles should also be looked at in the same way. It is very easy to accuse someone but without evidence it is only rumors.

  70. Alex B.

    Those who claim that the WMSCOG is a money hungry cult obviously have no understanding of the purpose of tithes and offerings. First of all, other churches do tithes, offerings, pastor’s vacation fees, etc., but they aren’t usually called a cult. Since physical churches do not come falling down out of the heavens, how else could the Gospel work spread without any type of funding? It was the same 2,000 years ago, when Apostle Paul urged the members to give money so the church could grow and more people can be saved. He did not have the mind of a robber to steal from the early Christians, but had the earnest mindset to save as many souls as possible during his time on this earth. Actually, the members of the early church gave just about EVERYTHING they had to the church (Acts 4:32-37), as they were expected to at the time. It is much easier nowadays, as we are not expected to give all of our possessions to the church, just as much as we desire. It is true that God has the power to provide us with everything. Then what should be the point behind tithing and giving offering? Think about this situation: a mother buys her child ten pieces of candy. What if the parent then asks the child for just one piece of candy, but the child throws a tantrum and doesn’t give it to her? How do you think the mother would feel? Would she be more willing to buy candy for the child again? But what if upon receiving the candy from her mom, the child naturally gives the mom a piece of candy. Even though she bought the candy for her child, how pleased do you think the mom would be with her child when she gives back just one piece? Through tithes and offerings we have a chance to express our heart to God Almighty.

  71. Carly

    Why do people make these accusations without mentioning other church’s financial practices? It seems they are just looking to cause trouble and to slander the church in any and every way.
    In local churches near mine that are not the WMSCOG, there are ATM’s throughout their church. In the same church, there is a “Pastor’s vacation fund” where members offer to send their Pastor and his wife on a vacation. At other churches, they call up members to the podium and have them make a large offering of $500 or $1,000 dollars in front of the whole church and telling others to do the same, and that if they do so, they will be rich in this life (even though Jesus taught it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven). At many churches, there is abundant stained glass, jewels, silver, gold, gems, and other riches used to decorate and make various idols. Additionally, they charge expensive fees for services such as baptism, confirmation, weddings, 1st communion, etc. They even charge for Bible studies even though the Bible clearly states that the words of God are the FREE gift of the water of life.
    The WMSCOG does not do ANY of these things, nor does it charge for ANY such services. Yet these people have the audacity to make such accusations (though they have no evidence) against the church of God and spend their time writing blogs and creating websites to slander the church. I HIGHLY doubt they spend time creating blogs and websites that slander these other churches that are financially corrupt and abusing member’s offerings.

    Additionally, though other churches neglect to keep the teachings of Jesus in the Bible, they ALWAYS emphasize that all members need to keep the tithe and offering, since it concerns money. They are not concerned with member’s salvation but rather just worldly riches.
    On the other hand, the WMSCOG teaches ALL of Jesus’ teachings that lead to salvation – including the tithe and the offering. If people call the WMSCOG a money-hungry cult because they keep the tithes and offerings according to Jesus’ teaching, what shall they call the churches that practice the tithe and offerings AND neglect to follow all of the Bible’s teachings?

  72. Ed

    People are quick to accuse without any evidence. Most of the accusers are people who have never attended even one study. The Church of God follows the Law of Tithes and Offerings because that is how it is taught in the Bible. God the Creator gave us everything, how can we ever repay him. To those who have a pure mind and want to understand more please come study. To those who are quick to criticize I hope God moves your heart and mind.

  73. Peter

    The early church 2,000 years ago was established for the people to know the truth and enter the Kingdom of heaven. Also the true church now does not want or care about financial and physical/monetary gain. Because it’s purpose is to enter Heaven, and gain Spiritual blessings. So if you are having thoughts that church of God is like other churches that collects money, please don’t. The teachings and purposes of Church of God and other churches are very different.

  74. Lucia

    I am a active member of the WMSCOG in Queens, NY and I remember perfectly when I studied about tithes and offerings it was after I finished all the basic studies and prophecies that allowed me to recognize God, the Sabbath, Passover,about God’s first and second coming, and Mother. The reason why I never asked for a report to know where the money is going is because I’m 100% sure God is in the Church of God. Before attending the Church of God I barely went to church on Sundays because it was never shown to me in the bible let alone the reason why they kept it. Everything that’s done in the Church of God is done because it is a command from God and in found it in the bible. If it wasn’t taught directly by Jesus or the disciples 2,000 years ago than it is another Gospel (Gal 1:6) and if I were trying to please man and not God than I too will not be a disciple of Christ. The reason why I keep the law of tithes and offering is because it’s in the bible and I want to please God not man. If your feelings were ever hurt because your family member does not spend as much time with you as before why don’t you try talking to them and telling them you want to spend more time with them and why don’t you see for yourself why are they so passionate and devoting their time to church. My sister once called my dad angry that I do not spend as much time with her as before and we had a family meeting. And in the meeting my dad asked me what I was doing with my time and I told him attending church I love it there. He turned to her and told her that if I was out getting drunk or breaking the law than he would be concerned but to leave me alone because I found something that I loved and it was church. Later I spoke to my sister one on one and explained to her the reason why I was spending more and more time in the Church of God was because finally my questions were answered from the bible and I loved to study the bible who knew! After talking to her she understood and we agreed to always take some time to talk to each other no matter how busy we become. If I ever hurt her feelings in any way in the process of doing something that I love I apologize to her from the bottom of my heart. I truly want to share Mother’s love not only to the members but also to my family and the entire world while working diligently to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I thank God for leaving the bible so that we could discern truth from falsehood. And I can assure you that my life has changed for the better though once I only thought about myself and my own feelings I’ve learned to consider others and thanks to God my family now too has seen this change in me and hopefully one day they too will praise our Father and Mother who have helped me and guided me along the way.

  75. Keith

    Wow! People really like to speak against others in a negative way. The reality is all of the teachings in the Church of God come directly from the Bible. This means if anyone accuses the Church of God they are accusing God Almighty directly. The teachings regarding Tithes and Offerings are a Holy regulation taught directly by Christ Himself. All of the teachings of the early apostles and disciples were teachings that came from Christ. Today too, we follow only the teachings taught by Christ. Tithes and Offerings is a teaching we practice according to the New Covenant taught by Christ.

  76. Carolyn

    The WMSCOG is the first church i have ever attended that follows all of God’s regulations perfectly. The reason we do tithes and offerings is because we don’t want be the ones tagged as thieves in the last days (Malachi 3:8). If stealing from men is regarded as sin in the bible (Exodus 20:15) imagine how much more severe it would be to steal from God. That being stated the people who mislabel the Church of God as a money hungry cult need to sit down with bible and get their facts straight before placing such an accusation. Even Jesus himself thought about the law of tithe saying “give to Caesar, what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s (Matthew 22:21).” Hence if you are going to accuse the church of only wanting money you also need to accuse Christ and his disciples (2 Corinthians 12:14). There are many verses that backup the teachings of The Church of God. Furthermore their bias allegations only expose their true intentions of harming the reputation of the church. Why aren’t they accusing other churches? There are many churches out there whose Pastors and missionaries have no job yet their houses are glittering in gold, their children attend private schools and their wives ride the latest car models. Ever wonder how they do it?

  77. Jane

    So I am more or less at a loss of words after reading this one. The thought of the World Mission Society Church of God to be a “Money Hungry Cult” is absolutely absurd. I have been a member of the church for a few years now and I never once felt as if I were being taken advantage of in a financial way.

    However, I have a friend who is affiliated with a church due to her upbringing and heritage and she doesn’t even like to consider herself a part of that church because all they do is call her once a month, every month, asking for financial contributions. She doesn’t attend church regularly either. She mentioned to me that it is partly to do with the fact that her church has become a business rather than a source to seek and find God. She mentioned how she detests that the church is being plated with pure gold interior at the expense of the people to give donations. She mentioned how every event she has had there: her wedding, her children’s baptisms and even classes, she has had to pay enormous amounts of money. As she was describing this to me I felt so sorry for her and she expressed yet again that she doesn’t want to attend there or be affiliated with it because it feels hypocritical.

    I must say, I was abhorred and a little in shock how this church was treating my friend. Naturally I shared with her that The World Mission Society Church of God (my church) never charged for baptism (after all, it is the free gift of the water of life!), never charged for Bible studies or weddings.

    I felt so proud to brag about WMS COG because it’s true purpose to exist is to serve as the avenue in which the children of God can seek true God and salvation. The whole purpose of faith in God (attending church) is salvation of our souls (I Peter 1:9) then the true church in which the Bible testifies about should be keeping all of God’s laws, including that of Tithe… thanks to Elohim God, WMSCOG exists and is the true church keeping all the commands of God, and thus those who attend can be blessed to receive salvation.

    Everything is according to one’s faith. If someone has faith to keep the command of the Sabbath Day, attending all services, then they should do that. If someone’s faith allows them to keep 1 service a Sabbath day, then they should do that. If someone has faith to tithe and offer, they should tithe and offer. And if someone has faith to test God in this (Malachi 3:10 command of tithe and offering), then they should test God in tithe and offering.

  78. Lui Figs

    Hello everyone, I am back.

    I felt compelled to comment again on this posting. The more time that I spend as a member of the Church of God, the more I realize that this is really my family. Recently this topic came up in a conversation that I had and this posting came to mind because it really shows how history repeats itself. We live in a world where, unfortunately, nothing can be bought without money which means we need to expand and buy more Churches because the impeccable truth that is preached at the Church of God is being revealed to more and more people… In this way, when we practice the law of God and partake in Tithes and Offerings, we can receive God’s blessing and help in the smallest way to expand and let more and more people receive salvation. Please do not be deceived. Do not pre judge or be influenced by the corrupt minded people who focus only on money. Come and study. It’s Free!

  79. Bristol

    This accusation seems kind of low. You can call literally anything a money hungry organization. Collecting money is not something that can discredit the teachings of the Bible found in the WMSCOG. No one forces the members to tithe and offer. I found out about it because I asked my church leader what the envelopes were for and then he directed me to a Bible study with one of the other members. The churches I went to in the past also participated in offerings and you had to open your wallet in the pew and put cash in a dish. At the WMSCOG we use unmarked envelopes for an anonymous offering. The World Mission Society Church of God follows everything in the New Covenant without omission which means you should find the Passover, Sabbath, and tithes and offerings in our Church.

  80. Izzy 8)

    Its crazy how people can say bad things about the WMSCOG without any evidence, from reading this everyone can see that everything the WMSCOG does is from the bible !

  81. Jillian

    No one in the world mission society church of God is forced to give any money. The law of tithes is a command of God. Those who want to obey, receive blessings, and go to the kingdom of heaven WILLINGLY partake. God Almighty says, “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this, “ says the LORD Almighty,” and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it” (Malachi 3:10). Its up to us whether we want to obey or not. The World Mission Society Church of God teaches according to the scriptures. However, if you don’t obey God’s law of tithes and offerings, what are you going to say to God on the last day?… thats why we keep it, not because man says so, but because God says so and its to ultimately bless us in the end.

  82. Duane

    The entire time I have been a member of the Church of God, I have been given so much and have never been asked for anything. I have been taken care of so much by the brothers and sisters in accordance with the love of God. Whether a small house church or a big temple it is the same everywhere I have gone, but if you believe the WMSCOG is a bad church then it will not matter how much love you are shown, you will only speak ill of us. I have been to “Money hungry churches” where the Pastors simply ask for money not even looking at the Bible. But the Church of God teaches the Law that God established for our salvation and nothing more. I give thanks to God that I have come to the true teachings of God from the Bible.

  83. Andre

    The people who label the WMSCOG as a “money hungry cult” show that they have no understanding of the teachings of the Bible. The WMSCOG follows all the teachings of Christ. Jesus Christ 2000 years ago gave a teaching about tithes and offerings, Matthew 22:15-22, 23:23-24. Then if we truly want to follow Christ then giving the tithe and offering should be done as well. The WMSCOG delivers the truth of the New Covenant and memebers follow according to their faith. Members are not forced but they follow as they have understanding. If anyone has a question about any of the teachings of the WMSCOG then they should visit our church and they can have an opportunity to be shown the teachings of Christ through Bible study.

  84. Maximiano Williams

    To say World Mission Society Church of God is a money hungry cult is to say the early church that Jesus Christ established 2,000 was a cult. The reason why is because the World Mission Society church of God follows the same teachings and practices of the early church. And if the early church is a cult because of how someone feels about money, than ALL Christian denominations and even other religions such as muslims who have adopted several practices from the early church are money hungry cults.

    Through 1st Corinthians 16:1-2 and 2nd Corinthians 9:6-9 we can see every week apostle Paul told the church in Corinthia to do the same thing he told the church in Galatia to do which was set aside a sum of money every Sunday, so when he comes by he can just pick it up without having to ask anyone for it. And he knew it was a touchy subject which is why he said that people should give what they decided in their heart to give and not under compulsion. The reason why he collected money was to advance the gospel, just like any church building can’t stay over anyone’s head nowadays without someone offering money. If you accuse this church for collecting money for the gospel, you accuse the early church and all the churches, mosques and synagogues that exist today.

    The World Mission Society Church of God practices the teachings of the bible. One of which is the law of tithes and offerings mentioned in Malachi 3:8. However, the teaching is not about money itself but the reason why they offer tithes and offerings as mentioned in Matthew 23:23 – “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices – mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law – justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former.

    Even 2,000 ago the disciples faced persecutions and the same accusations as today about money. They taught in 1 Timothy 6:4-5 that the one who pursues financial gain in the gospel is evil and in 1 Thessalonians 2:5 they testified God as their witness to being honest men even the chapter explains how they were honest men even when they came to Thessalonica the brothers and sisters witnessed to them being honest. But just like 2,000 years ago the church was persecuted time repeats itself and that’s why the World Mission Society Church of God is being persecuted.

    Lastly, if the World Mission Society Church of God were wrong legally then the authorities would have stopped the church a long time ago. If someone accuses the church then bring the evidence. We can see there is no evidence of the church doing any wrong because they can’t be stopped and no one has evidence of them doing wrong because there is none.

  85. Willmary

    Identifying the World Mission Society Church of God as a “money hungry cult” sounds very ludicrous to me mainly because giving tithes and offerings is a teaching of the Bible. All churches collect money from their members, however, because the WMSCOG is already being accused of many things, this practice sounds skeptical to those who do not understand it. The law of tithes can be found all throughout the Bible, beginning in Genesis 14:18 with the story of Melchizedek when Abram gave him a tenth of everything. Tithing is holy to God (Leviticus 27:30) which is why it is important to us. The teachers of the law and Pharisees were called hypocrites because they tithed without understanding the blessings behind it. At the WMSCOG, we can visibly see that the offerings we are giving up to God are used to glorify Him in many ways. Because we understand the law and the blessings promised by God, we give cheerfully. However, when looking at other churches, you may ask yourself, what are the offerings being used for? Are they being used to glorify God? It is equally important for everyone to use reliable sources when wanting to find out if an accusation is true or not. Accusations like this one should not determine whether the WMSCOG implements this law to benefit themselves because there is no evidence to prove it. The only thing we can do is show people through the scriptures how important following the commands of God are.

  86. Joanne

    I find it a bit strange that some claim that the WMSCOG is a money hungry cult just because we practice the law of Tithe according to the bible. For decades the Catholic church has always collected money from their members and no one has ever claimed they are money hungry. Even to charge for baptism sounds strange to me since baptism is to lead to salvation, how should anyone be charged for that? Yet still, no one questions it. Its only because in the last days, God’s true church will be persecuted just like the early church did 2000 years ago. This is just more evidence that the WMSCOG and its teachings of the New Covenant Passover are 100% truth and should not be over looked and i implore anyone who has been invited for bible studies to come and see the light of life that is FREELY given to all who desire to know.

  87. Chamerra Johnson

    First, I would like to correct the use of the word ‘cult’ in this false accusation. By definition the word means ‘a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object’. Given this definition, every belief system under the sun is a cult, including but not limited to all of the hundreds of denominations within Christianity and all other religions such as Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and so on. Although this definition seems neutral enough, we all understand the implication of heresy and unorthodox when people use the term cult to describe a religious group. In America, people automatically associate danger to the term cult because of scenarios such as Jonestown. Naturally, being a member of the World Mission Society Church of God, I am perturbed when we are labeled such an ugly term. Not just for the fact that there is nothing heretic, unorthodox or dangerous about our church or teachings; but for the fact that a cult is religious – indicating man made – while we are not ones following man made doctrine but solely word of God.

    It is human instinct not to trust and hesitate around something that is new and different. We see this all the time in society. Unfortunately the truth is new and different to all people of the world since the whole world has been led astray by the evil one (Rev 12.9) and all have come to worship the beast (Rev 13.8). Just as our eyes and bodies automatically react when adjusting from complete darkness to even the faintest of lights, we too must adjust our spiritual eyes to the light of Christ. As we were all once overcome in darkness, God came as the light with illuminating splendor in these last days(Rev 18.1).

    As for this ‘money hungry’ absurdity, there is not much to say other than it is flat out false. Over the years I have participated in the worship services of the World Mission Society Church of God, I have not once felt compelled or pressured to give money. If anything, my experiences around finances at the Church of God allowed me to realize the true meaning and God’s will in the Law of Tithe, which was NEVER afforded to me at any false church. Prior to attending WMSCOG, I had no idea why ‘collection plates’ were passed around the congregation of churches nor was I taught the command through the Bible; although I had inquired about this many times, no leader of a church was able to show me fully through the Bible. In fact, the WMSCOG allowed me to build a firm faith in all the commands and prophecies in the Bible one by one. One of the LAST laws I learned about was Tithes and Offerings and even then I was encouraged to only begin participating in the law if I felt comfortable and understood why God told me to give a tenth.

    I must also say that I have never even considered misuse of the materials given as tithes and offerings in WMSCOG because I see the transparency of which it is used. Every day I walk into Zion the building we rent has heating and cooling, bright lighting, delicious food and refreshments. The walls and furniture are always well maintained by the construction teams with perfect paints and fixtures. The bathrooms are always spotless and supplied with necessities. Each study room is beautifully prepared and decorated. The kitchen is state of the art for the continuous preparation of meals for members and guests. There are weekly seminars and exhibits that use much effort and funds to provide a nice event for members and guests. We are constantly giving in humanitarian efforts and volunteering for various causes. We donate and host fundraisers for various non-profits and charities. We extend a helping hand in desperate times. All of these benevolent acts are not without cost. Simply put, WMSCOG is the opposite of money hungry, but indeed is one of the most altruistic philanthropic organizations in the world, if not the most!

    I thank Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for Their perfect will and all the laws that lead to life.

  88. Shermekea Mcneal

    People today make up the most silliest things. We truly must take pity on them. Father said in the bible that He didn’t want our possessions, He wanted us. Seeing that we are His children we have the same heart and mind. Please don’t believe everything you hear. Please come and see for yourself what we are all about, you will be amazed.

  89. Ayanna S

    Calling the church of God a money hunger cult is just another distraction from God’s enemy. The fact is giving money to the church of God is always a honor. Any person, place, or thing that you love, you naturally want to help. The reason we give tithes and offerings is because we love God and we admire what they stand for. And it’s also a command of God to give a tithe. Then when we tithe are we cursed? not at all we are blessed, that’s mercy from God. There is nothing new under the sun and the same way they persecuted Father’s church the first time is the same way they persecute us now. I’m thankful for giving what I can to help my brothers and sisters around the world. Anyone who has a problem with that does not know Christ.

  90. Anthony

    Tithes is something most churches do. It’s a teaching of the Bible. There’s nothing out of line or greedy about it. When I see the rapid growth of the church, I know that the money is being used for God’s work, opening up new locations and beautifying the current ones.

    I, as a member, am a little tired of people going out of their way to bash my faith. It’s sheer bigotry, and such hate speech cannot be tolerated, especially in the United States where all people have the inalienable right to follow whichever faith they choose.

    I don’t understand how people can be so angry about other people following the Bible. If you don’t understand why we do what we do, we can explain it clearly. If you still don’t get it, fine! Just don’t victimize those that do.

    The author makes a great point, what was will be again, there’s nothing new under the sun. If they mistreated the Apostles 2,000 years ago, they will do the same today. The fact that the same accusations are used just validates the authenticity of the WMSCOG following true Christ.

  91. Tyesha

    How can people label The WMSCOG as a money hungry cult when the BIBLE teaches about tithes and offerings as well as free will offerings. The WMSCOG follows the teaches of the Bible 100%. How can one point a finger at this church and not say anything about the churches that take advantage of this teaching? It doesn’t make sense. Truly some people only want to point fingers and cause trouble for people who are only looking for truth. Please focus on the true teachings only from the WMSCOG and not on the lies and empty accusations of those whose job is to speak against the Church!

  92. Judy

    God really let everything be written in the bible. These verses and article correctly explain how the Church of God is not a money hungry cult. If anyone refuses to believe it, even after reading these verses, it just goes to show they don’t believe God’s word. Actually the Church of God is the only church that uses the tithes and offerings correctly, that’s why we are able to expand and grow as much as we do. While other churches around the world are basically feeding and maintaining their church leaders. Actually there is nothing wrong with the way the Church of God operates, but those who oppose are always going to have something negative to say. But since there really is nothing to pick at, they make up stories, especially when it comes to the topic of money. Sine this is one of the most controversial subjects they use it to try to give us a bad image, but it is not possible because there is nothing wrong with the way the Church of God operates. Even if they come at us with accusations, we will always reply with scriptures, which is the only true source. That is the only way to see who in fact is telling the truth and who is not. I hope through this many people are able to see that the Church of God simply obeys the laws of God and are not affected by false accusations.

  93. Ashley

    It amazes me to see how inaccurate slanderers that try to speak against the Church of God and God’s perfect truth are. The World Mission Society Church of God is not a money hungry Cult. The World Mission Society Church of God is the only church that has the perfect truth which includes God’s law of Tithing. In every false church I’ve been in they practice Tithing and Offering without even knowing the reason behind it. However, the true church, The Church of God shows everyone who is eager to learn that Tithing and Offering is a regulation that comes from God. The Bible clearly shows in Malachi 3:8-10 that to not Tithe and Offer is to rob God. If The Church of God did not offer Tithes and Offerings at the appointed times that would be a problem. But because we do practice the law of Tithe it shows that we are following every command of God. If we were really concerned about people’s money we would tell members to offer on Tuesday services or for Bible studies. We are not concerned about others money, we are concerned with following God’s words absolutely.

  94. Carlo

    People who make such accusations clearly have nothing better to do than to nitpick and make up faults that aren’t even there. When you clearly look inside the bible everything is all there! Speaking from my own experience in the Church of God, Tithes and Offerings were never ever forced upon. It was always freewill coming from the heart and that’s what moved me so much from this church. It was only once I studied through the bible about offerings that it was mentioned. From then on one realizes it himself and begins to give Offerings. People who say that the Church of God is money hungry clearly don’t know themselves, if anybody should be called money hungry here it should be the other churches that don’t even teach about offerings properly according to the bible!

  95. Tsolmon

    I can never understand why would people say such a thing.
    Since, i started attending to WMSCOG, i never was asked to give any kind of money from the church.
    All they did was thought me bible teachings correctly and way to follow Christ.
    Of course, I gladly do my Tithe and Offering according to the commandment of God.
    It was mentioned in the article above, how other church’s pastors and leaders live a luxurious lives, but WMSCOG leaders live a most humble life on this earth looking forward to the better spiritual blessings.
    WMSCOG work very hard to lead souls to rightiousness and believing that God takes care of us, no matter what situation we are in while we follow God.

  96. Leanne

    Such accusations against the World Mission Society Church of God does not only show lack of understand and imaturity but it flat out shows the characteristics of the liars and the Father of lies.

    If the World Mission Society Church of God was a money hungry cult where then are the fancy cars and big houses? Why is it that ALL members work for a living? Why isn’t there a collections box as soon as you walk into the door? Why hasn’t it been shut down by the irs? And why does it continue to grow in number? Hmmm…because the accusations are completely absurd.

    Just as proven above, the same thing continues to happen over and over again(Eccl 3:15). This is how we can recognize even more that it’s the truth and decide who’s side we want to stand on.

    Prov 11:4,28 (NIV) Wealth is worthless in the day of wrath, but righteousness delivers from death… Whoever trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous will thrive like a green leaf.

    The things of this world are worthless. Thanks to Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother who have come and have given us much more to look forward to. If you really want to know about the WMSCOG come study for yourself.

  97. Eduard

    As a previous member of the Catholic Church I too agree that they are mainly chasing after money. People should point their fingers away from WMSCOG when they say the word “CULT”! I think that if someone judges the World Mission Society Church of God as a money hungry cult they are using this as an excuse not follow the church that has the true teachings of God!

  98. Melissa D

    I’ve been a member of the WMSCOG for a few years now and I have to say that it’s very sad for people who have never attended the Church, or never even asked questions while there, to make assumptions and criticize based on a complete lack of understanding or knowledge of the Bible or the WMSCOG (Please ask! Hosea4:6) Actually, it shows that their intentions are not to seek the truth, or knowledge of God but simply to stir up controversy with no facts. These claims are really just HEARSAY that completely lack evidence. Why not focus on the more important matters? Like the FACT that we should Tithe and Offer (Lev27:30) and why…according to God, and the FACT that Sabbath Day (Exo20:8) and Passover are TRUE (John5:39,Matt26:17-28). Really, please, really re-analyze your motives for speaking so negatively and make educated decisions. (Isaiah 59:4)

  99. Benjamin

    “Therefore, in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.” Act 5:38

    If your heart is true and pure, you will want to seek the truth, be humble and accept it. However if your heart is full of fixed concepts and accusations without real facts (lies) you will not be able to stop the World Mission Society Church of God.

    Like the video mentioned, “if we are doing something wrong please report it.” Otherwise, please stop fighting against God and accept the truth.

  100. Curtis

    I grew up baptist and also attended catholic church but I was so young and had so little interest that I never really knew what was going on. The Church of God is the first church that actually showed me truth through the Bible so I feel like this is my First and only Church. One thing that struck me as odd when I first attended was that I learned all about the special offerings and fees that other churches make their members pay. How can anyone say the Church of God is a Money Hungry Cult. I have friends who were so surprised that my wife and I didn’t have to pay for a wedding when we got married here. I was even shocked to hear that other churches charge for bible studies. How can you charge a person to look at the Word of God as if it’s your own. It almost seems like if you are not in the Church of God, choosing a church has to be done based on the size of your bank account.

  101. Seon

    The World Mission Society Church Of God is NOT money hungry, neither is it a cult!! People need to leave the church alone and go do more productive things with their time. This Church is the ONLY Church that follows the Truth of the Bible, not deviating from it’s teachings whatsoever. I’ve never been anywhere else where I’ve felt more at peace and at home except for the Church of God and to see the things people say to slander the Church is just disturbing.
    If people don’t agree with the Church then just leave it alone, and go pursue those who are really doing evil if your hobby includes busting churches.

  102. This is one of the most hurtful claims made against the World Mission Society Church of God. Over the years I have come to know the leaders in various places and seen the kind of life style they live. There are no yachts, mansions, showy vehicles, etc.

    In fact, the church teaches, as the Bible teaches, that the things of this world are temporary. So it would be silly for the leaders to live lavish lives with the understanding that their enjoyment is pretty much futile. Actually, the church leaders exemplify selflessness and live in modesty.

    Speaking for myself, I came from a background where Christian leaders frequently used church money for their own extravagant lifestyles. It was quite upsetting and I became very skeptical of church leadership in general. But when I began to study at the World Mission Society Church of God, the leaders’ humility and love was shown through their day to day lives. I am really thankful I have the chance to learn the way of Christ from these leaders, and also very sorry that many of my own personal friends and family members have been affected by reading unfounded claims from people who are, in all honesty, unfamiliar with the church.

  103. Jane H

    I’ve read few articles and comments, COG follows what the Bible says and I can see VERY CLEARLY what is correct or incorrect in God’s eyes through the Bible. Even the rumor that WMSCOG is a money hungry cult ? why do some people come up with that idea and spread all lies? So…. Do they keep Tithes and offerings correctly? Do they keep God’s commandments correctly? It’s very sad to see people misunderstand about WMSCOG and bother other people who are willing to follow God….

  104. Davina

    These people that continue to ask irrelevant questions……never say anything about the World Mission Society keeping the commandments of God! The ones who slander us don’t keep the Sabbath or anything else from the Bible….but the Bible says that those who do NOT KEEP THE SABBATH can NOT KNOW GOD! So where is their argument? If it’s based on philosophy and men’s opinions….good luck…but we rely on God and the Bible and Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother are God Almighty who have shown the best example that this world has ever known!
    Exodus 31:13
    “……be careful to keep my sabbath day, for the Sabbath is a sign of the covenant between me and you from generation to generation. It is given so you may know that I am the Lord, who makes you holy.”

  105. Davina

    If anyone has anything to say about the World Mission Society Church of God….why not mention the fact that the call to service award was given by the President! Why not mention all the community service we have done to help others during disasters as well…why not talk about the fact that we keep the 4 th commandment in the 10 commandments which is to remember the sabbath day by keeping it holy which is Saturday according to the Bible? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…..Satan was always called the accuser….because the ones who see corruption are they themselves corrupt! If you yourself have a beautiful heart then you see the beauty in everything….why not mention about the teachings of the Bible…instead of focusing on opinions of men!

  106. Crystalina

    When I first started studying with the members of the WMSCOG I was a little surprised that they didn’t make me pay for anything, including baptism or food and coffee there. Also I wasn’t immediately informed about the law of tithe and offering either. When I would sit in service in the beginning the basket would be passed in front of me when I had nothing to offer and the sisters would just smile without hesitation and continue to pass it along. There are of many bible verses to teach and confirm about this law of God but unless you are there to experience the Church you would never be able to understand or accept the teachings of Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother. Never once have I ever felt like I need to give money for this or that or what I’m giving is not enough. Nothing we can do would ever be enough to repay God for coming into this world with the sole purpose to bring savaltion to their children. There is no argument, if people do not believe the Bible they won’t believe what a Church member says. I am so thankful to Father and Mother for giving me every opportunity to change and repent especially through tithes and offerings.

    • Rossalvi Marte

      I totally agree with you Crystalina! When I came as well, I remember asking the members if I had to pay for the Bible Studies or anything else. But as they showed me in the Bible Father and Mother gives us the water of life freely (Revelation 22:17). I remember asking about the Offerings and one of the members said to me is better if you study so you can understand why and the purpose. That was so touching for me because IF IT WAS A HUNGRY MONEY CULT she would’ve said something different. But since the WMSCOG is different they showed me how the Bible tells us that we must give to God what Belongs to God.(Mark 12:17). It is so amazing even the Fact that God Almighty accepts offerings from sinners but because of his love and mercy, trough tithes and offerings our hearts come closer to God.

  107. Giselle D.

    This article is amazing because it clears up misunderstandings. I just want to say that I practice tithes and offerings because this is what God said in the bible not because anyone demanded or pressured me to do it and I WANT to follow God. Never was I forced to practice tithes and offerings or had been told to force anyone else to do it either. I remember before attending the WMSCOG in my old church they would not let me do one single bible study unless I paid. If anyone wants to accuse the WMSCOG of being money hungry or a business you’re obviously in the wrong place. I’m finally seeing and understanding God’s will and I’m so happy about that! :)

  108. michael matthews

    Michael M.

    Here in The Church of God, we make every effort to receive salvation including practicing the LAW of tithes and offerings. Our church doesn’t ask for anything else. Whatever else we give is out of love for our God in wanting to see the gospel of Father and Mother reach everyone because it is the one and only truth. All the negative comments and the babbling back and forth is pointless. If what we’re doing isn’t appoved by God, it will fell. But if it is then it’s not us you are commenting toward, but the one who wakes you up with the breathe of life every morning.( Acts 5:38-39)
    Our church is different from all the rest. It doesn’t follow the ways of the world like all the other churches. And living in a world were the majority rules I see why people try to go against us. People are naturally afraid of what they don’t know or have never been taught. It’s alright. Please instead of being contentious with comments on our website, pray to God to lead you to the path of salvation and maybe we’ll see you in person. But if not, just understand we are into saving souls not confusing them with our opinions. God bless you all so much.

  109. Carolina

    I loved this post. I don’t think it matters who are or aren’t the trustees of the church. The claim made by some individuals is that the church’s offerings are being used for the leader’s personal use. For that only statement we can clearly see that the leaders of the church’s are the ones living in more humble conditions than the members who are supposedly being “abused” by them. Who can point any way of luxury? Look at other churches and religions, priests and pastors drive a very luxurious car and own tremendous properties. Heavenly Mother herself lives a humble life and never takes vacations taking care of all the brothers and sisters even during the holidays visiting the sick and children in need. Many Churches of God are being opened year by year, if the church’s money was used for the leaders own expense, then how was the Church of God able to expand so quickly? It’s common sense…

  110. Brittny

    Before becoming a member of the Church of God I used to listen to the “prosperity preachers” on TV who spoke highly of having a successful life and prospering financially. The funny thing is, as this type of message is preached to motivate the listeners, it is not realistic for the entire congregation to become rich, but only the Leaders in the church are guaranteed to prosper through the offering of their members! When I came to the church of God one of the first things I noticed was how hard many leading members worked to support themselves while taking care of the church. In addition, this is the only church that actually taught me all the laws of God from the bible. Among those biblical teaching is the law of Tithe. Then how can claims be made against the Church of God on the sole basis that the members practice this teaching, with NO other evidence to support the claim. It just does not add up.

  111. Based on my own experience I can definitely say that this claim about church of God being money hungry cult is absolutely false. I mean , doesn’t the bible say to practice tithe and offerings? It’s actually a command and because we love and fear God , we put it into practice. In actuality this is the First church That has explained and taught me correctly why we should offer tithe , that’s why my wife and I are so happy to follow God’s regulation. The church of God is perfectly bible sound. I really agree also to the fact that if it was about the money , why is it that nobody is charged for the studies taught in the church of God, or baptisms , or wedding ? Just like the disciples who walked with Jesus can tell you the truth about Him, in the same way only those who follow God’s command in the Church of God can tell you the truth about the law of tithe and the reason why we practice it. I hope That people don’t misunderstand what the WMSCOG is really about, but come and see for their own how perfect and awesome is the truth we follow thanks to our Heavenly Father and Mother.

  112. Merealess

    This acussation against WMSCOG has no evidence or logic. It’s extremely inappropriate and insulting. Without facts, evidence or logic this false statement against the church is simply irrational.

  113. Ngoc P.

    The Church of God is not a money hungry cult!! If so than why do we give back so much to the communities. Without tithes and offering how then are they able to provide for so many people in times of disasters. Like Hurricane Sandy in New York or world wide clean ups, all done with the funding from the church. It shows that the money isn’t going into anyone pockets but out to the communities where its needed.

  114. Erika

    I give thanks to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother for opening my eyes and see the truth. I attend the WMSCOG because they have shown me the truths of the Bible which I can not say about other churches I visited in the past. I refuse to pay attention to false accusations made by individuals that in some cases have NEVER attended the church and talk about God`s laws not based on Biblical teachings but on their own opinions. Regardless of what others say this is just prophecy fulfillment, what happened in the past will happened again. In the same way the true believers of Jesus were persecuted so we will be also but at the end those who stand against God will fail!

  115. Dallas

    The fact it that I am a member and I love giving my tithes and offerings to the Church of God because I have faith in Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother. I was taught Gods teaching through the Bible at the Church of God and the truths that are taught in the Church are so amazing. It seems to me that people that have something to say against the Church are non-members anyway so its strange to me that they accuse the church for something that shouldnt matter to them anyway. If anyone has a problem with giving their money to the church then simly dont give. I have been a member of the Church of God since June 2012 and no one has ever forced me to give an offering but it has only been on my own decision becuase its my money. So those that accuse or bring random arguments and discussions up on this site (like Romeo) are really inaccurate and based off of people opinions and seem to only have intent towards creating a negative connotation towards the church. Truly through the Bible it is a clear teaching of Christ to give Tithes and Offerings to the church. Also I watched the video that you posted on youtube regarding this same article. It was done very well and shows that other churches such as the Catholic Church should be the first ones to answer all these accusations rather than the Church of God. I am very happy that I am a member and attend the Church of God. All thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for their salvation and path towards the Kingdom of Heaven.

  116. Anisha

    I have been in the WMSCOG for a very long time, and I have never seen the pastor or any leaders with super epensive cloths, cars or luxurious houses. So when people say that the church just wants money that is obviously words without knowledge.
    Anyways if you think about it. Other churches take the money and divide it between the leaders and buy many houses and fancy cars, yet no one cares or says anything to them.
    But then again in the bible it does say that the true church will be persecuted. And since we are always being persecuted for things that don’t make sense, it just proves that the WMSCOG is the true church.

  117. Fantasia

    Generally speaking, defamation is an act of going against the law. Making a statement that the “WMCOG is a Money Hungry Cult” is absolutely incorrect.(The most important defense to an action for defamation is “truth”, which is an absolute defense to an action for defamation.) Only at the WMCOG is where you can find all the truths and teachings of God Almighty, including the teaching of Tithes & Offerings. Truly due to lack of understanding and a negative mind people might fall into account of believing this is true; we need to educate ourselves with the teachings in the bible and understand that every teaching that the WMCOG teach comes from the bible.

    As a member of the Church of God I can for myself say that in no regards have I ever been asked any questions regarding, “money”. The people who make these statements are either money hungry themselves or clearly have nothing better to do but make false statements. There are numerous churches that should be called regarded as money hungry because they don’t teach about tithes and offerings properly which is a Law that Jesus Christ taught and this teaching can be found in the bible.

    Truly I give all thanks to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother for teaching me all the truths that are in the bible. Including the truth about “Tithes and Offering”.

  118. JESSICA

    Malachi 3:8-10 – “Will a man rob God? Yet you rob me. “But you ask, ‘How do we rob you?’ “In tithes and offerings…Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this, “ says the LORD Almighty,” and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.


  119. Michael

    If I had a dollar for every time someone has spoken something against the Church of God, that is not true, but all too true in so many of the most densely populated churches…. well, I guess I still wouldnt have as much as many of the church leaders mentioned in the video, but I think my point was made.

    I’m thankful that the Church of God takes time to address these empty accusations, because at least I learn all the more how truth looks inside of the church that follows God’s commands. In fact, it wasn’t till I came to the Church of God that I realized the reason why God asks us to return a tithe and offering to Him. Just like Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for tithing without understanding the blessing behind it, we too should know the reason God asks us to Tithe. If you don’t know, please come study! It’s a very special commandment of love between God and us!

  120. paisley

    Wow this article was truly amazing. WMSCOG is the true church.

  121. Stephanie

    I am truly sorry because I use up resources such as light, food, space, and materials. I never am judged or told to pay for anything. In all actuality I get to take a break of whatever finical matters I have. I get an opportunity to ask questions and clarify any misunderstanding threw the word of God. I do not get charged for bible studies. Threw God’s mercy I get rest and blessed to take in the blessings of tithes.

  122. Robert

    Ever since I’ve been in the WMSCOG, I used to wonder why we don’t give tithes and offerings on tuesday worship. But the reason why is because we’re following the teachings of the bible. Through this I understood that we’re truly following God’s commands. I thank Father Ahnsahnghong and heavenly Mother for letting us receive salvation and for letting people come to receive it too. Let’s continue finding our lost brothers and sisters! God bless you!

  123. BRIANNA

    It is very hard to hear that such things are being said about the very church that God built. concerning tithes and offerings THIS IS A REGULATION OF GOD. It’s about how WE SINNERS are to return to God. The very things we have in Zion is because of sisters and brothers sacrifices. Surely we all come together and help one another. Church of God is not and has never been about money. There are brothers and sisters who out of there own blessing support Zion. Nothing is accounting for because these things are given by a honest heart. Suppose the one who said this is correct. Then I would ask why doesn’t the Deacon and Deaconess have out lavished cars and houses? The newest of clothes and other materialistic things that will not save them? It is been it is not about the money everything done in Zion is to support the very blessing God gives us. Money will save no one on that last day. Please I urge you who reading to truly understand about God’s will in the last days. When we keep Passover which cost our Heavenly Father to suffer so much then why not give God everything? We can never repay Father for this. Please let’s not focus on materialistic things that runs out at any moment but the spiritual things that last forever.

  124. Elliot

    Wow. It is blatantly obvious that false teachers/prophets exist and the Bible clearly testifies to how we can recognize them. One characteristic is their desire for money more so than salvation. Their end will be justified because God knows all and is fair. One of the pastors in the video clearly said, “I am not going to Heaven…” and that is one example of many where someone keeps their hope in earthly wealth versus spiritual wealth. I even know some churches that are currently struggling to remain in operation due to the leaders stealing the money. It is sad!

    God spoke the words of eternal life, the repentance of sins, the love of family and more. God has taught everything needed for salvation as prophesied. God has established the World Mission Society Church of God from extremely humble beginnings to make sure every child could grow in their life of faith. People that make such false allegations must not know nor care about the life of Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother.

    In following Their example, many members sacrifice greatly to help advance the Gospel work like Apostle Paul doing everything to help another member understand the love of God. I recently learned of some examples of such sacrifice and it has inspired me to see beyond what is physically prepared for us to be able to study, keep service, share a meal, etc. Wow! I believe it helps me to understand more about the love and sacrifice of God to teach us the way of salvation through humility and sacrifice.

  125. Roy S

    One thing that is so beautiful about the TRUTH is that it exposes all the LIES! I too find it actually offensive for people to slander the WMSCOG just because we follow the Bible teachings correctly. The Church of God is truly amazing and through practicing the Law of Tithes and Offerings I’ve realized that it’s actually a great privilege to give back to God Elohim! I really hope for those who want to know more about the teachings about Tithe and Offerings through the bible gets a chance to study at a nearest COG. We have to be careful not to make the same mistakes the Pharasies made in the days of Jesus and also not to make the mistakes like those who slander the WMSCOG with false accusations. Again, I just want to thank Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for giving us this precious truth.

  126. Sally Som

    Amen! I entirely agree on the WMSCOG not being a hungry money cult! We are the true church that follows teachings of the Bible, and put the laws of God to practice wholeheartedly. Truly, I want to give thanks to God Elohim for letting us practice the laws of Tithes and Offerings so that we may give our whole heart to God, and be blessed abundantly by God.

  127. Isidore Germain

    The WMSCOG is not a money hungry cult, first of all how is the Church suppose to take care of itself. I guess people think LIPA just gives the WMSCOG a pass when it come to billing the bills. We practice the law of tithes and offering as it written in the bible. In Rev 22:17 it said come get the free gift of water of life. There no price on salvation. Other churches collect offering every service they have, charge for studies or have stadium size churches and show they pastor driving fancy cars (Joel Olsen). Creflo Dollar even ask his member to contribute for a $65 million plane, now how is that going to advance the gospel? People can not find fault with the Law of God which we keep. That is why they make up things such as the WMSCOG is money hungry. No one in our church is force to give money.

  128. Kailin

    Wow amazing!! History repeats itself!! God the Father always taught throughout the Bible to keep the Law of Tithes and Offerings. How can the creation go against the Creator? God opened the way to put our hearts in the Kingdom of Heaven, we ought to give a million times a million thanks for this opportunity.. God deserves much more than paper used by humans to purchase perishable items. It is our hearts that God desires. I’m so thankful that God allows us to keep a perfect law and give our hearts to God!!

  129. Julianna

    The WMSCOG showed me God’s way and blessing through the Tithes & Offerings because it is a teaching of the bible. Never in my previous church did I understand why they asked for money or let alone know what tithes & offerings was, they weren’t keeping it in the order of God. It’s quite sad to hear those that make such claims against WMSCOG without any proof or evidence to back this up. As a member of the church I never felt such a way.

  130. Darius Fields

    Now seeing this, I’ve come to realize that Churches I attended before going to the World Mission Society Church of God are currupt and the leaders there are wealthy. Its a shame to know that the money is not being used for the Gospel work as the apaustels use the tithe and offering, but rather its being used for the own pleasure. Thankfully, I know every member at the WMSCOG does not inherit money from the members, rather they all practice Tithes and Offering from working hard at the jobs. In this way, I can say say that we, as members of the WMSCOG are doing the will of God, by practicing the law of Tithes and Offering for the Gospel work, and recieving abundant spiritual blessings in the kingdom of heaven.

  131. Doris

    The teaching of the WMSCOG are truly amazing and all come directly from the Bible. All churches conveniently teach their members about tithes and offerings, however their leaders use their members money to live a comfortable and luxurious life without shame. According to the Bible tithes and offerings are Holy Material that should be use to Honor God (proverbs 3:9). And to advance the Gospel. In the WMSCOG we come to know the true God. We learn about our souls and how to be forgiven of our sins and enter the kingdom of heaven. God give us the water of life without cost. Elohim God Created the Heavens and the earth with their word. Surely God needs nothing from us. The only reason God gives us this law is to bless us and keep our minds and hearts in Heaven(Matthew 6:19). I Thank Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for opening my eyes to the truth and blessing me to partake in the law that gives life.

  132. Kim

    What a shame it is to have nothing better to do than attack the Church of God! Do they also attack people who proclaim to worship Satan?!

  133. Samuel

    Never once I was told to pay for anything that wasn’t God’s command written in the bible in the WMSCOG. Every church collects tithes and offerings, so how is this even an issue? While in a Babylon church before I was told to pay for the planting of the first fruit. They never showed this teaching from the bible but just said do it. While passing the offering basket also, they had another basket for the pastor’s offering (Babylon Church). The World Mission Society Church of God is truly the true church and follows every teaching from the bible without deviating from it. .

  134. Kerlyne

    Thsi article makes a strong case against the claim that the World Mission Society Church of God is a money-hungry cult. In actuality, the Church is simply following a command of God that can be found throughout the bible. The note in the beginning brings up an interesting point: other churches charge for things that the Church of God does not (such as baptism, marriages, and studies), but non one accuses them of being money-hungry. It really does seem that the Church of God wants to follow the words of God in the bible and they are able to explain and prove thr practices it follows.

  135. Ashley C

    I am a PROUD Member of the World Mission Society Church Of God, I am thankful to God, because they have given me their laws, which make me their child (Jer 31:33). God’s commands and laws are precious and I am so glad,The most high God has moved my heart to keep his commands and decrees by coming as the spiritual K. David (Eze 37:24). Clearly the people who slander, are non-believers with BIG imaginations. The path that heavenly Mother walks, is not glamorous, I saw it with my own eyes. The heavens or the earth can not contain our God’s Glory. There is nothing we can “give” God ( 2 Ki 8:27) Really! This is why I’m thankful for the law of tithe and offering, I mean the Law of Love! :)

  136. Job

    Wow everything is so clear wmscog is not a money cult and everything done in the wmscog is only according to the bible. Truly thank God for allowing me to read this article

  137. Julie L.

    This was truly an eye opening read. I agree that if you accuse wmscog of being money hungry then there must be sufficient evidence. All the members of the church including deacons, pastors, deaconesses , even brothers and sisters work very hard to make a living. We all have jobs where taxes get taken out, and we have to file at the end of the year. We all lead normal lives and for anyone to say such a deceitful thing truly must have some type of hatred in their heart. Every church in the world asks for offerings, so why pin point one church? I truly thank father and mother for giving us the bible to encourage us to be able to see that this problem occurred even when Jesus walked this earth. This is just another prophecy being fulfilled in our time. Let us not be deceived by false accusations and continue to give from the heart.

  138. john

    In my experience in coming to Zion no one has ever asked me to give money or forced me to give a tithe or offering. Tithes is a blessing God allows us to practice and the offering is something that we get to give from our heart. If someone has a misconception about the WMSCOG being hungry for money I hope they are able to read this article or come by for a visit for a better understanding.

  139. Elizabeth-Mae

    This article was truly amazing I’m so glad to be part of the true church of God was persecuted then & its being perpersecuted now. The church of God is fulfilling prophecy. So many church leaders of false churches are standing at the altar and lying to people and leading people to spiritual death yet they are using their members money to pay for their expensive houses & cars yet no one ever points that out. The Church of God is not a Money hungry Church. Its a church that keeps Gods commands and will be saved anyone who contests this and says otherwise is in error & will be reresponsible for leading so many people away from what is good & true

  140. Nkiru

    This is a great article. It’s a pity that such a thing is necessary to post. When I attended any church in the past, I never hesitated to give offerings because it is common sense that churches needed to maintain themselves and expand. The Church of God is no exception and is in fact opening on average 4 new churches monthly world wide. It is silly and wasted time to criticize this church on this matter. The deeper issue is that people are uncomfortable with the effect that God’s teachings has on their lives or that of family members or friends. This is the deeper issue. When I was in med school I was surrounded by people who devoted almost everything to it- a LOT of money, time, effort- often times at the expense of their health and relationships. This is because they were passionate about it. Naturally you adjust your life and even your views for your passion and something that’s very important to you. When one finds God, of course his/her life should change.

  141. Just the fact that this accusation has been done by those that do not understand the administration of God, proves that WMSCOG is the TRUE Church established by God. To receive the same accusations as those of the early church is a true blessing by God. God said in Ecclesiastes 3:15, Whatever is has already been and what will be has been before; and God will call the past to account. The saints early church gave us examples on how to handle these types of accusations. For those that are accusing, where is your proof and defense???

  142. R.Mathieu

    The WMSCOG has never asked me to pay for bible studies,baptisms, etc then how can they be a money hungry cult??? They even serve dinner every night for free for crying out loud!! They are not money hungry at all! Those all are lies!!!

  143. Garfield

    Truly all thanks to F&M for giving us the understanding in the bible in order to know who is true God almighty. Through this article i can get a better understanding of the love F&M provide to us on a daily basis. because in Babylon churches they operate for physical wealth and prosperity on this earth. I found it very crazy and disturbing to see how people can make up so many false accusation on the WMSCOG and don’t have any prove to back up their remarks. But again I’m so glad to be a part of the WMSCOG because I’m part of the movement on following Gods will by obeying tithes and offerings. Through Tithes and offerings its a blessing to provide with a happy mind and heart to God that the gospel mission can grow and move forward. And also following the will of God it truly a blessing.

  144. Miguel L.

    It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that other churches in the world are pretty corrupt and are obviously using the money they gain for their own financial needs! At the WMSCOG the law of tithes and offerings is kept according to the Bible! And we know for a FACT that the tithes and offering truly is offered up to true God Almighty according to Prophecy in the Bible, This article is truly worthy for nullifying all rumors and lies that confuse people who want to know true God of the Bible in this age. I hope people can open their eyes and realize Gods truth and Grace while it is given so freely for all who want to enter eternal life!

  145. Halimah

    The examples used in this article were absolutely amazing. If someone always wears glasses with a red or blue tint, they will ALWAYS see EVERYTHING as either red or blue. In the same way, those that God has not given ears to hear or eyes to see will always have a “tinted” view of God’s will. All the truths taught in the World Mission Society Church of God, including the law of tithe, are 100% in accordance with the words of God. The fact they are against the Church of God simply proves they are against God’s teachings. If the WMSCOG is a money hungry cult, then the church Christ established at His first coming must be as well. How can we as Christians call Christ and his disciples/apostles “money hungry”?

  146. Eileen

    This Article is so helpful and clear to understand to those who have trouble with this matter.
    Before coming to the Church of God I attended the protestant Church. And they don’t only have tithes and offerings, they have many different kinds of offerings.
    And they call out the name and amount during service time. But not only this, they also post about it in thier own weekly magazine.
    So members can do more by showing their offerings, Which is not from the Bible.
    Why not accuse them first, who use all the saints money? I remember how the Pastor and his family had many houses and nice cars!
    I really feel upset that they look at our church with a bad mind. I hope they search more about our Church and see that what we are doing is not wrong, but what they are doing is completely against the bible.

  147. Jessenia Rivera

    As someone who has visited many Christian churches in my life, I have witnessed their teaches on offerings. They’ve actually taught that the the way you can keep the 5th commandment “Honor your father and mother” is with money. If you give people money, you’re honoring them. This teaching is absolutely false and is not in the bible. God is not pleased with the love of money and said it is the root of all evil. (1 Timothy 6:10) but at the WMSCOG the teaching of Tithes and offering is shown directly through the bible. Just like the every other teaching the WMSCOG teaches. It’s now a matter of whether you BELIEVE and FOLLOW the bible or not. To claim to believe in the bible, yet fight against the truth of tithes and offering, according to the bible, is hypocritical.

  148. José Manuel

    When I attended other churches I was never taught about the Law of tithes, but it is a command from God. (Malachi 3:7-9) No wonder why I came to worship on Sunday!!! Which is also not in the bible. But if you’re a true Christian you must keep ALL the commands of God from The Sabbath day to Tithes and offering. So, instead of focusing on WMSCOG Being a hungry cult, look at the great deeds of the WMSCOG and understand how they were accomplished. The WMSCOG has helped the lives of MANY all around the world. Such as, The UN Haiti Earthquake Relief, a large donation on behalf of the members, made by faith. Or even installing water pumps in places such as Africa where clean water is not obtainable. And these are just 2 examples of many good deeds The Church of God does :) Therefore come and see for yourself , don’t just listen to other people’s opinions

  149. Sammy

    I am a member of wmscog. And honestly I don’t atend there often but when im there i feel like they treate me different then the rest and when i ask a question they never answer what they always tell me is that am not ready for that answer yet .

  150. Sabrina

    As someone who grew up in a catholic family, I think it’s completely ridiculous that people even dare to call the WMSCOG a “money hungry cult”. If they were “money hungry”, why don’t they ask the members for money EVERY time they are there?

    God taught us through the bible the law of Tithe & Offering, which we must follow. And the tithes & offerings are to be given on the Sabbath day. If they were so “money hungry” then they should ask for money for baptism, for studies, for food, etc. But through the love of Heavenly Mother, we have a cheerful heart when we give our offerings to God.

    The reason why all of the churches don’t grow in the world is because their pastors, deacons and missionaries take the money the members give and use it to feed their luxurious life. The reason behind the WMSCOG being all over the world is because of 1) Prophecy that the TRUE gospel will be preached throughout the WHOLE world and 2nd) because, unfortunately, church buildings & expenses don’t fall from heaven

    With our offerings to God, the temples are built and many of our beautiful members are lead throughout the world to the truth.

    People will blindly accuse without any proof/evidence. But there is much evidence of the Pagan church leaders’ luxurious lifestyles – they take from the members and tell them to pay for bible studies, communion and even food! If anyone should be accused of being a “money hungry cult”, it should be all the pagan churches that steal from the members and teach them that if they give their money to their pastors they will live an amazing physical life.

    With that said, I thank Father and Mother who open the eyes of their true children to receive the truth.

    “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” Matthew 7:6

    In the end, those who follow the true teachings of the law, Including the Sabbath, Passover & all the feasts of God will be correct in the eyes of God.

  151. Roy S

    As Satan is the Father of lies you can see how he uses people to lie against the only Church that practices the Law of Tithe and Offering correctly. The same thing happened 2,000 years ago but it’s sad how it’s happening again. These false accusations truly comes from a mind that has no understanding of the Law given from God. That’s why it has become a problem to them. No one has ever made something a problem or come up with false claims against something they fully understand. You can see their origin to such a matter is confusion and misunderstandings. I would suggest that they study more so that they can discern truth from falsehood. Go to the nearest WMSCOG to learn more. You’ll come to understand who is the real Money hungry cult.

  152. anna

    I have been a WMSCOG member for about six years now and no body ever came to me and ask me for money or forced me to give money it’s so Sad for people to think that God who Created the Heaven and Erath want anything from them. God is the OWNER of the whole Universe.

  153. Angela Black

    Wow! This verse was really touching

    1 Thessalonians 2:5 (NLT) – Never once did we try to win you with flattery, as you well know. And God is our witness that we were not pretending to be your friends just to get your money!

    Actually, as I was reading this article I began to automatically realize that Wmscog is like a family. In a family you help support the household in all way even with $$$. You wouldn’t call your family a cult would you?

    I also started to think that people buy things all the time when they like a product or on things they are passionate about. There is a verse where God says we should store things above not on earthly things. I feel that money really has hold of one’s heart and mind and if you use money on certain objects your mind will be there, then why not use it for God and building the church. Supporting your family.

    I have never been asked to “give” money, never. When I contribute money in Church it’s usully for helping along side my true brothers and sisters buy the lunch and dinners we eat, the materials we use around our “home” and different events we want to do to “host” the guests that come into our “home”. And when I give a tithe to God in church, I firmly believe it is to God because that God has built my trust through the words in the bible. It clearly is a law of God and a way God said we can receive blessings.

    It’s true. Some folks just have a corrupt mind and see things in such a perverted and negative way because they just don’t like something or someone. It’s truly sad.

    I’ve been to churches where they hold up 2 envelopes, one gold and one blue.. if you have an offering lower than a certain amount you would use the blue envelope, if you have an outstanding amount you would use a gold one. And they would ask in front of the whole assembly who was giving what and make you raise your hand. And if you didn’t give any they would sit you on the side that was separated from the rest of the people there.

    At the WMSCOG the envelopes presented to use for offerings aren’t different according to amount, they are all the same. They are more private and non judgemental.

    I feel comfortable at the WMSCOG and I hope that people who have seen those websites take a look back and realize the false accusations.

  154. Teahna

    This has to be one of the worst accusation thus far. It’s so funny how those who are slandering in this way do not attend nor fellowship with us at the WMSCOG. You know nothing about us, yet you continue to hinder those who love God & keep His commands. I have been an active and faithful member for 10 years now, and have NEVER witnessed any criminal activity. Look at the Pastors of your church, do you not offer tithes & offerings? Of course you do… In our church we love our members with absolute love, we give in for one another how is that a crime? Your tithes & offerings are used to pay for your Pastors homes and his wife’s Chanel handbag. Look at the Catholic Church are you questioning about their money & what they do with their money? Of course not… People will find any and everything to persecute the WMSCOG. I’m so thankful that I’m in this church, I feel safe, I feel secure and will continue to fellowship and offer my tithes & offerings.

  155. Dante

    To accuse the World Mission Society Church of God for doing something illegal for collecting Tithes and Offering is to only hinder and encourage people not to participate in the will of God that will allow their souls to enter the kingdom of Heaven (Mt 7:21) We must recognize that though people who make these false claims seem to be trust worth on the outside they are simply wolves in sheep’s clothing (Mt 7:15), they are inciting for people to rebel against the Lord their God who saved them through the Passover bread and wine (Deut 13: 1-5). Since our forefather of faith Abraham showed the example to the one who blessed him with bread and wine by offering a tithe, the WMSCOG simply does the same thing by offering a tithe to the one who fulfilled the prophesy of Melchizedek, Christ Ahnsahnghong. Beyond this, unlike other Churches that use peoples money for their own financial gain in benefit, hence the luxury vehicles and homes that they have. The WMSCOG is only seen making donations to our neighbors in need as we follow the teachings of the bible love your neighbor as yourself. Please if you feel the WMSCOG is doing something illegal, file a report, it will be thrown out due to your false accusation.

  156. Jessica Ramos

    Once again, we unfortunately are stuck in an environment in which it is revolved by nothing but greed. At the WMSCOG, where we follow the teachings in the Bible, practice tithes and offerings according to the order of Melchizedek ( which by the way, I am positive no other church knows the origin, prophecy & blessing behind the order of Melchizedek) When coming to the WMSCOG, I wasn’t just told to offer and tithe because everyone else was doing it. The teaching is made 100% clear as to why we tithe & offer. Because we follow the teachings according to God, automatically we are questioned and accusations rise up. But where are the questionings when other churches offering basket is passed around, in plain eye sight, for the next person to see what the previous person put it? Or when the priest suddenly shows up to Sunday service in a brand new luxurious car, hm? Again, there are proper authorities who handle illegal financing, so rather than wasting time & breath, please seek the IRS with your testimonies. If we truly fear & love God & want to receive His abundant blessings, shouldn’t we follow the teachings, which include tithe & offering? YES. Again, Father & Mother NEVER fail to prove all these ridiculous and ludicrous lies wrong. All things are proven through the word of God, the 66 books of the Bible!

  157. B.J. Hu

    Titus 1:15 — To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted.

    To fulfill this prophecy, the corrupted and the unbelieving indefatigably twist every teaching of the WMSCOG so as to taint its perfect image. However, all these efforts are in vain. The WMSCOG is known as a Church that put God’s teachings into strict practice, be it the Sabbath, or the Passover; and the Law of Tithes being a law of God, is no exception. Both in the Old and the New Testaments, God made it very clear that Tithes and Offerings is a law that God gave His people to keep so that they can receive blessings. As a believer in the God of the Bible, I myself do it at the Church of God.

    Gladly and gratefully so.

  158. Sandra A

    Truly only God opens our eyes and allows us to understand all the truth! This article was amazing! It is a huge blessing that our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother allow us to tithe. People say that the WMSCOG is money hungry church and they say they have so much evidence yet they do know go to the authorities with the so call edevidence. It is because they have nothing but lies and rumors. In the WMSCOG it is not about the amount of money you give but your heart and mind towards the amazing blessing. In other churches, many boast about how much they give. I thank Father and Mother for allowing me to know the truth and be able to participate in this amazing blessing.

  159. The True WMSCOG

    The people commenting are not from the head office, they are church members who are tired of being treated as if they had no will of their own. They are all honest testimonials, and i personally know some of the ones commenting on this website.

    All the articles are my own, and it is obvious that I am going to base myself on the teachings coming from the Church. To me it seems like this comment is a little paranoid and it lacks understanding of the Church and the church members.

  160. Carly

    Really? Hmmm..every person that visits and becomes a member of my local WMSCOG is given this website the day of their visit to the church and invited to visit it, as well as the main church website. Your information about the churches apparent internet surfing rules does not seem to be matching up…

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