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The True WMSCOG | October 21, 2016

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World Mission Society Church of God - Examining Hassan - The True WMSCOG

Who is Steven Hassan and what is his purpose in attacking the World Mission Society Church of God?

This video reveals the identity and intention of Steven Hassan in attacking the World Mission Society Church of God.

Today many people are making their decision about church based on the opinion of self-proclaimed Cult Experts. However when it comes to choosing which faith to follow in the Christian world, we have a standard: the Holy Bible. It is only because the Bible exists that we are able to know about Christ, not only in His first coming, but also in His second coming.

For this reason, if a church is to stand as legitimate, we must judge whether or not they are following the commands of God:

Isaiah 8:20 – To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, they have no light of dawn.

Apostle Paul already warned us regarding the teachings like those of Mr. Hassan:

Colossians 2:8 – See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.

These philosophies coming from men will not give us salvation, only the words of God coming from the Bible. By the standards of Hassan, many other groups can be seen as cults, that is why we can only follow and believe what God says in the Bible.

The World Mission Society Church of God is based on the teachings that come directly from the Bible. Therefore, as long as we are following God correctly, what Mr. Hassan or anyone else like him speaks about is quite irrelevant.

I will continue showing the disinformation and inconsistencies in the videos posted by Steven Hassan and his affiliates against the World Mission Society Church of God, and to exonerate the name of the church from such accusations.

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  1. Natasha

    This world can be wicked and misleading. This is proof of it.
    The actions of these people have cause a lot of problems and I’m happy that this website is fixing things and putting them in their place–teaching them to stop spreading false rumors.

    • Alicia

      It is sad and unfortunate that people rely more on men than on God…

  2. Kamil

    There are very few things that make me angry and Mr. Hassan is one of them. I’m also a member of the World Mission Society Church of God and it’s really disturbing how Mr. Hassan portrays our church. I’ve been a member for several years and can tell you FIRST HAND that Mr. Hassan is a catalyst for spreading lies and polluting people’s spiritual lives. I doubt he has ever even visited our church. How can he opine so strongly and negatively about something he’s never actually experienced himself. Mr. Hassan, unfortunately, seems to be succeeding in steering some people away from God. This is particularly strange given his OWN spiritual views are entirely abstract. To whom it may concern: please visit our church for yourself and make your OWN conclusion. I guarantee it will be NOTHING like Mr. Hassan makes it out to be. Thanks! :-)

  3. Wilmer

    Mr. Hassan has pleasured himself in slandering the church and making those who follow him his disciples. He uses lies to get the people out of the Church of God and now they have nowhere to go because no other church keeps the correct Sabbath and all the Feasts of God established by Christ. I hope many put their trust in God and only beleive in the Scriptures and that through this website everything is clarified.

  4. angellight140

    This is ridiculous. Calling himself a cult expert?! He doesn’t even know anything about the Bible nor did he even had any experience with the World Mission Society Church of God. We must not be swayed by these people who always want to slander people for their own income.

    • Davina

      What i find to be the most shocking is that people actually believe that Hassan is a cult expert. He declared himself as an expert…there is no degree for being a “cult” expert! Everything he says he made up and without ever going to the World Mission Society Church of God. True Christians should judge based on the foundation of Christianity which is the Bible! Not on a man’ s opinion…. How can anybody trust their soul to a man’ s opinion… doesn’t make any sense!

  5. Winston

    It is interesting to note that Hassan/”cult expertise” was attacked in the video, then used to prop up Dr. Mann in her review of Hassan’s book. When an issue is used to discredit itself, this is known as circular reasoning.

    Would the author of the video care to comment on the germane points of what the behavior patterns of a cult indeed are? Has the site solicited Dr. Mann for a review of WMSCOG on the relevant matters of what indoctrination is and its finer points of how it works?

    In short, how balanced is this website with dissenting opinion? Is it eliminated? How are decisions by individuals weighed? How would one know if they were being indoctrinated, and if they found that they were – hypothetically – how would one expect to be treated? ie, how are those that leave the group treated, socialized with, etc.? How willing is a member to listen to anyone that has left?

    • Admin

      First of all, thank you for your comment Winston!

      To answer your question:

      The reason why Dr. Mann is quoted in this video to show that Mr. Hassan is not an ultimate authority, as he portrays himself to be. Especially when Mr. Hassan decides to discuss Christian matters. The main point of the video is to let Bible believing Christians know that they must choose the faith they would like to follow based on the Bible, and not based on the opinion of a self-proclaimed “Cult expert”.

      I myself are in no way a cult expert, but I found that Dr. Mann is one, and the reason in quoting her is to show that Mr. Hassan’s methods and theories are by no means the “end-all, be-all” reference in determining what is a cult.

      When I look at Mr. Hassan’s definition of a cult, it fits many other groups: Is the marines a cult? Is the government at cult? Even If we were living in Jesus’ time by his standards, Jesus would be a cult leader.

      Finally, regarding your other questions, I will be answering in future posts… So if you are interested in the answers… subscribe. :)

    • You are using circular reason yourself by using Hassan’s criteria to support your points. Unfortunately, you are promoting someone who has never published his work in scholarly journals to support his theories and claims, which appear to be based only on his assertions that he is an “expert”. His unrecognized in a court of law or any other official body’s “expertise” needs to be challenged, as this is nothing more than an argument from authority on his part.

      As for dissenting opinion, it has been my experience that Hassan himself has not allowed dissenting comments posted by myself and others to appear on his Facebook and other sites. When I tried to post a comment on one of his Vimeo videos, he shut down comments. I see that your dissenting opinion has been posted here. So come again, Winston, who is displaying cult like characteristics here? Steve Hassan or the person who runs this blog who seems to be much more tolerant of dissent than Steve Hassan is.

      And yes, Hassan has attacked a number of religions by classifying them as “cults” that many other cult experts would not recognize as such. I don’t know anything about this church, but have seen him attack other churches solely on the basis of testimonials from people who left, whose word appears to be above challenge for him.

  6. Jina

    2000 years ago, in the eyes of the religious leaders of the day, Jesus and the disciples were a cult (Acts 24:5.) Even such people who, they thought, knew the Bible well, could not recognize the Messiah. How does Hassan judge other religions with his limited knowledge in the Bible? When you watch “Examining Hassan Pt. 2 ” movie, you will realize that the testimonies of the ex-members in Hassan’s videos are inconsistent and are not based on the teachings of the WMSCOG. The only criteria for determining a cult should be the Bible. God gave us the Bible for our salvation. If you try to determine other orgs using man-made methods, you will not able to reach the right answer.

  7. fall john

    Clearly Mr.Hassan is not being aware of what he is doing, by his actions he is trying to distort God’s gospel work; This is a matter that we should judge on the basis of the Bible and not someones opinion!

  8. Actually who else but God can judge who is cult or not? Under the heaven,there is no one.
    For believers who long for heavenly country, What we need is not advice from “Cult expert” but words of God. Normally, ppl who eat only meat are called “meatatarian” , who eat only vegetable are called vegetarian and “WE”who eat only words of God are called “Elohist”

  9. Speaking of Hassan’s Wikipedia page, I also wanted to bring it to your attention that legitimately cited criticism of Steve Hassan by his peers was suppressed by Wikipedia’s editors. People might want to ask them why. Here are the details on what Wikipedia did not want me to post and cite about Steve Hassan:

    The excuse they gave was basically that this was just competitors saying my therapy is better than yours when the article clearly stated that this was not what was being claimed. Why are the Wikipedia editors suppressing this? I believe that Steve Hassan, who has friends editing his Wikipedia page, were in some way behind this. Even the editor who suppressed this criticism denies he is friends with Hassan, other friends of Hassan’s could well have indirectly influecned the editor. There was no good reason for them to repeatedly delete this properly cited book chapter, which I might add that unlike Hassan’s self-published book, was published by an actual publisher.

  10. Mindy

    Clearly he wants to just promote his book. It’s just sad to see at what lengths some people will go to do it…

  11. MIchael

    I’ve been part of world mission society now for three years, I’ve never been forced to do anything I didn’t wan’t to do. In fact the church is filled with family love and from the first day I walked in I felt as if I was at home. I preach and practice with a willing heart and mind toward the true Elohim God! Since I have been baptized I’ve never had better jobs, I’ve been a more loving father towards my children, and a better husband.

    Thank you.

  12. Jessica

    I am so relieved we have a website that can clearly showcase the truth about the Bible!

  13. Anne

    Awesome. I really like this site.
    We need to be careful when criticizing others.
    It’s obvious that Steven Hassan is not in a position to determine whether an org is a cult or not.

  14. Judy

    I just doesn’t make any sense to me why their eagerness in speaking so much against the Church of God. Most people that are displeased with a church just leave and go to another one. People never go through all the trouble of taking other people out of a Church. Was there a movement to lead people out of the Catholic Church when so many cases of violation kept coming up? Or is there a movement of leading people out of Churches that have strange languages come upon them? Or when people fall to the floor and are covered by sheets? I don’t think there’s any movement against churches like that at all. Then you can clearly see they have a much stronger motive not just a physical one. The Church of God 2,000yrs ago was heavily persecuted… To me this clearly shows me even more that I’m in the right Church.

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