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The True WMSCOG | February 20, 2018

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My Experience at a WMSCOG Bible Study

World Mission Society Church of God Answered My Questions with the Bible

Alexandria Lee is a member of the World Mission Society Church (WMSCOG), and she is sharing her experience of studying the Bible in the WMSCOG. In her video, Alex explains that having all her questions answered through the Bible allowed her to remain a member of the Church. In specific, she mentions the teaching about the Sabbath Day, and how she came to learn at a WMSCOG Bible study that the day to worship God is Saturday, not Sunday. The proper day to worship God was a topic of confusion for Alex growing up, and it was until she came to the WMSCOG that the confusion was clarified.

Here is what Alex had to say in her video:

Hi. I’m Alex and I am a member of the World Mission Society Church of God. I’m making this video to talk about my beliefs before coming to the Church, and also what the Church of God teaches. 

I’ve always been curious and inquisitive, and I love learning. I know that sounds a little bit boring but it got me through four years at the University of Pennsylvania and Wharton’s business classes, so I think it’s OK. But when it came to God, I only had a vague idea of what to do as a believer, mainly because I grew up being exposed to many forms of Christianity that their contradictions clouded my understanding what to do to believe and also to follow God. 

But it wasn’t until I came to the World Mission Society Church of God that something as basic as the day of worship was finally made clear to me. I studied about the Sabbath on my second visit to the Church of God, and I was able to see that the biblical day to worship God is Saturday — not Friday and definitely not Sunday. I also learned the Sabbaths’ connection to my salvation, how God created that for me to be blessed, for me to receive rest and also for me to be made holy. And that is all there just in the book of Genesis!

If you want to see and understand God come to the World Mission Society Church of God. When you do, you will find all the answers to your questions directly in the Bible, just like I did.

The Bible Is the Source of Influence in the WMSCOG

As we can see through Alex’s testimony, the Bible is the only reason why members join the WMSCOG. The reason they remain as members is because the Bible points to the World Mission Society Church of God as the Church that God Himself established, and all of God’s commandments are kept there.

Why don’t you attend a WMSCOG Bible study and see for yourself why Alexandria and so many others are proud to be part of this church.


  1. Giancarlo

    Even growing up roman catholic I always wondered why after every service I never felt cleansed and happy or refreshed. When I came to the Church of God the feeling after services were amazing. For your spirit to receive cleansing through the true words of God was the best feeling I had ever experienced. This can only come about with worshipping God on the correct day, the Holy Sabbath which is Saturday.

  2. I agree 100% when my sister always ask me why I’m going to church on Sunday , she will always tell me , let me show you in the bible the correct day we should worship God , if you worship Gos in a day he didn’t say you are worshiping In vain , but I didn’t want to go until one day I asked to the catholic priest to show me Sunday worship in the bible, he gave me an answer unclear and just his words, then I went to the church of God all my answers not only about the day of worship were answered , I realized my 23 years of life I being following lies , but now I’m happy that not only I know why Saturday but I understand, and still everyday Understand even more ,

  3. Jim P

    What made me become a member of the Church of God was that I could have all of my questions about God that I had for a long time, answered through the bible. Instead of hearing various opinions on topics from people, I was able to hear God’s answer through His word. I’m happy that I’m able to receive clear answers and explanations for my questions through the bible. Another awesome thing I discovered in this church is that any, and I mean any question that you have, can be answered through the bible. God already put all of the answers in there!

  4. saphe

    I also felt the truth of Church of God was so perfect and reliable in having a faith about the Bible. I have received New Covenant through the prophecy of the Bible ,like a sponge. Even now, I really think my faith in WMSCOG is the best choice in my life. No regret! I just give thanks to Elohim God and hope more many people listen to this truth.

  5. Ruth

    There really is no substitute for th confidence and happiness that comes from the true, uncorrupted words of God! Just like Alex I felt the true love of God when I learned the actual teachings in the Bible, rather than following age-old traditions like my family did for so long.

    Not only the day of worship, but I was are ally amazed to find out that in the church buildings of the church of God there are no crosses or statues, that was something I knew was a teaching and the bible but did not know why my previous church did not teach about it. Coming to Church of God I was able to learn that it is actually wrong in the eyes of
    God. I was shock to realize that I called myself a
    Christian while going against bible teachings.

    I thank Elohim God for establishing all the apostolic truth of salvation once again! And I am so thankful for this video because it really reflects how we, as members, feel about our beautiful church!

  6. Andrew L.

    I share a similar sentiment. After studying the Sabbath day I was shocked that I didn’t even know the days of the week, let alone God’s will! Studying about God through the Bible and seeing God’s word be fulfilled throughout history gave me the confidence in the truth and in the Church of God. I recommend a bible study to all who read this posting.

  7. Mrs.Lo

    Sabbath day is a very eye opening Bible study. You think everything makes sense and then BAM! you realized all your life you have been deceived by the ones you trusted the most… The Church of God is definitely the place where you learn the difference between the will of God and teachings of the world.

  8. Jose Rojas

    I agree 100% . The bible is the standard to discern the will of God.

  9. Timothy Torres

    This testimony is a testimony for all members of the church of God, the answers we recieve and come to understand more about are given to us by the church and their willingness to show us every piece of evidence provided to back up everything that is taught in the church of God. Day of worship is saturday, clearly testified in the bible and also mentioned to be the day God sanctified his promise of salvation for our needs, and the mystery of the passover new covenant which hadn’t been kept until the church of God was established after the dark ages when Christianity lost its true teachings and handed itself over to traditions instead of teachings of Christ. Studying the testimony written in the bible is the most valuable thing for our salvation if we truly are believers in the bible and in God. I recently joined this church after discovering they keep the true Sabbath day and the passover according to the regulations of the new covenant which jesus himself established. Although I’ve attended church many times before coming here, I have never felt close to God and even my own friends and family at home then I do right now.

  10. Nicole Simone W

    Amen! So true. When I first came to the World Mission Society Church of God I had the question about when Second Coming Christ would come. During the study I was able to see that Christ did mention an exact specific year which He spoke through the parable of the Fig Tree. Everything was right there with proof for me to see with my very own eyes. Wow truly we can have faith in God through the words of God. The WMSCOG keeps the words of God like the biblical Sabbath and the Passover. No other church keeps the Sabbath and Passover correctly. Please come and see for yourselves and check it out!

  11. Brandon

    Yes! I’m the same way lol. Growing up I always wanted to know the “why” for whatever I was doing. When it came to church, it was no different; in fact BECAUSE everything that was practiced in the churches that I’d gone to were just traditions practiced from generation to generation, with no real biblical backing i.e Sunday service, speaking ‘in tongues’, or “catching the ‘holy ghost'”, I found myself often more confused in church than anywhere else. Still, I thought I had a pretty good handle on what being a christian was all about. Then I spent 30 min at the Church of God in a bible study, and realized that not only was there way more to living as a child of God, but that there WERE ACTUALLY ANSWERS to all the questions that were swimming through my mind and blocking me from having 100% faith in God. Fast forward to today and I’m still just as excited about coming to the Church Of God as I was when I left after my first study. I’m so grateful to God for letting me see the truth in black and white (and red) 🙂

  12. Angela Black

    wow, many churches now a days confuse even well educated people!!

    Churches who do not teach biblical truths distort and confuse millions of people who though they have much, are seeking the grace of God and God’s mighty words. Shame on those churches.

    I’m glad Alex has acknowledged the invitation to the Church of God and has studied the many truths that are in the bible.

    There is no other church that teaches the bible just as it is expect the World Mission Society Church of God, I believe wholeheartedly that, that is why many people from all over the world with many backgrounds, cultures, and differences have come together to worship God the Father and God the Mother and continue to study the bible as a member of the church of God.

    I hope many more people continue to do bible studies at our church and build their faith in God the Father and God the Mother.

  13. Chantell

    Wow. This is amazing. It is so true, growing up we follow what our parents teach us. As I searched for God in different churches, it didn’t make sense in my heart nor in my mind. I still knew we have a creator. I’m so thankful to see from the Bible what did God say. The study on which day is the correct worship day is truly beautiful. I could never return to opinion of man adding there own days. The fact is that the truth is the truth. World Misssion Society has the true teachings of god. Opening the Bible, Gods word is the truth.

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