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The True WMSCOG | February 20, 2018

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Christ Ahnsahnghong was NOT Buddhist!

Although there are many rumors out there that claim Christ Ahnsahnghong was Buddhist, this is a false rumor that has no evidence. Click and see for yourself

Christ Ahnsahnghong was not Buddhist for 30 years!

I don’t know how many times I’ve had to explain to people that Christ Ahnsahnghong was not Buddhist.  Seriously! There are so many websites and individuals out there saying that Christ Ahnsahnghong was either Buddhist or that He was born to Buddhist parents.

Let me ask a simple question: Can you give any evidence that Christ Ahnsahnghong and/or His parents were Buddhist?

… (Cricket sound) …

I guess the answer is no. There is no evidence whatsoever. The only source they point to is Christ Ahnsahnghong’s Wikipedia entry. (By the way, Wikipedia is not the most reliable source of information, especially about Christ Ahnsahnghong. You will see why through the following example.)

Next to the words, “Ahn was born to Buddhist parents,” you see a footnote with the letter “e.” When you scroll down to the footnote, you can see the source actually being cited:

The only evidence to support the false argument that Christ Ahnsahnghong was Buddhist and/or born to Buddhist parents is that Buddhism was the predominant religion in Korea by 1918. Are you serious? Can this really be the evidence to support their claim? Not only is their history about Christ Ahnsahnghong incorrect, but also their history about Korea is incomplete.

Confucianism, Buddhism and Korea.

In fact, the Cho sun Dynasty, which ruled Korea from 1392 AD to 1910 AD, held a policy to oppress Buddhism. During this period, temples could not be built near towns; they had to be constructed in the mountains. Many temples were torn down. Monks were looked down on and, for some years, they were not permitted to enter the capital city.

This policy of suppression of Buddhism was called: “崇儒抑佛策” which translates to “Confucian policy to suppress Buddhism.” This lets us see that their depiction of Korean history is inaccurate, and it is only skewed this way to support their false claims about Christ Ahnsahnghong.

Christ Ahnsahnghong had to be Buddhist because Korea was Buddhist.

If they argue that Christ Ahnsahnghong and/or His parents were Buddhist because of the fact that Christ Ahnsahnghong was born in 1918 and by that time the whole Korean peninsula was Buddhist, then they must also say that Jesus and His parents were sun god worshipers.

In the Bible, it is written that Jesus and His parents fled to Egypt because of the persecution coming from King Herod.

Matthew 2:13-15 – When they had gone, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. “Get up,” he said, “Take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, for Herod is going to search for the child to kill him.” So he got up, took the child during the night and left for Egypt, where he stayed until the death of Herod. And so was fulfilled what the Lord had said through the prophet: “Out of Egypt I called my son.”

During the time that Jesus fled to Egypt, what was the predominant religion in Egypt? It was the worship of the sun god, Rah. Then because of this, can we say that Jesus and His parents believed and worshiped the sun god since they were living in Egypt? Of course not! Through this we can see how groundless and absurd their  argument about Christ Ahnsahnghong is.

Christ Ahnsahnghong and the prophecy about Melchizedek

It is prophesied that Second Coming Christ is to be born to parents who do not believe in God. In order fulfill the prophecy about Melchizedek, Christ Ahnsahnghong was born to a family of non-believers. Then, does the fact that Christ Ahnsahnghong was born to a family of non-believers imply that Christ Ahnsahnghong and His parents believed in Buddhism? We should not be deceived by such man-made stories.

People who speak against Christ Ahnsahnghong and the World Mission Society Church of God have no interest in the truth; they merely try to bring the way of truth into dispute. The Bible already warned us about such people:

2 Peter 2:1-3 – But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.

We should only rely on the Bible and the testimony of those who actually walked with Christ Ahnsahnghong, rather than such unidentified man-made stories. Since the Bible testifies about Christ, we ought to seek and receive the Savior through the Bible.

Christ Ahnsahnghong is the Second Coming Christ who fulfilled all the prophecies of the Bible. The World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) believes in Christ Ahnsahnghong as the Savior in this age on the basis of the testimony coming from the Bible.

Please visit your nearest World Mission Society Church of God and learn more about Christ Ahnsahnghong through the prophecies of the Bible.


  1. Chamerra

    With every fabricated story made up by people who are against Christ Ahnsahnghong, my faith in Him increases all the more. He took the time to warn us about people who would bring the truth into disrepute with made up stories. The ironic part of the matter is that there is no source, no validation, no evidence and no foundation to any of the stories made up about Christ Ahnsahnghong. These are whims of someone’s imagination; this one about His ties (or lack thereof) to Buddhism included. The worst aspect is that there are many people who will take heed to such nonsense rather than study the prophecies recorded in the Bible that prove Him to be our Savior. Not to mention the fact that lies such as this distract people’s attention off of the basic truths of the Bible such as the Sabbath Day and Passover, which points to Him as the Christ (Jn 5.39). No man-made doctrines or churches hold true to even these elemental truths of the Bible. Every teaching of God is not only taught, but also practiced in every Church of God (established by Christ Ahnsahnghong). This is enough to make anyone who seeks salvation to look into studying the Bible at their local World Mission Society Church of God.

  2. Michael

    Does anyone really take wikipedia serious anymore now a days? It’s even looked down upon at for research in universities and colleges. How can it even be thought about as a tool to find out about information? Let alone something that has to do with the Bible?

    From my own research through the Bible, ALL the prophecies that Christ Ahnsahnghong has fulfilled are incredible and his life was not mere coincidence. These are prophecies that can not be manipulated. Since its all perfect and true, it’s sad to think people can live their lives knowing they are making up false claims and lies to try and denounce the salvation that Christ Ahnsahnghong brought.

  3. Paul Francis Dass

    Thank you so much for this post. I am an elohist and an active member of the Church of God. I have seen many people in my Church, even leading members spreading this wrong idea about Christ Ahnsahnghong’s parents being Buddhist. Now the reality is known. I hope this nonsense will soon come to an end.

  4. Stephanie

    How awesome! I’m thankful to have read this article, I’ve learned a lot. Even though Christ Ahnsahnghong did what only God can do according to scriptures, by restoring the New Covenant Passover, as prophesied, He proves more and more thoroughly that He is true God who came to save us! Everyone who is curious about how to go to the Kingdom of Heaven should only use the bible as their only source to answer their question. I mean… can you really google or wiki God??

  5. Nitza

    Christ Ahnsahnghong is truly god.He fulfilled all prophecies surely He is god Almighty.

  6. Jonathan

    How infantile to used such poor evident as Wikipedia to TRY to convey it as something to be ivalid?. To understand Christ you must use the #1 source, that is the Bible, not the Internet. If Christ Ahnsahnghong was Buddist for years for that matter then there must be hand written documents explaining his time as Buddhist?. From seeing that the only “source” being displayed is Wikipedia. I have yet to see any point in focusing on this. Find the truth of Christ Ahnsahnghong through a correct person that can show fact.

  7. Dario

    This is a great article to clear up any misunderstanding about Christ Ahnsahnghong. Do people really believe that Wikipedia is a valid source for information regarding anything. In most colleges, Professors wont even except Wikipedia as a valid source on an assignment. I am sure that their are countless Wikipedia pages that have incorrect information.

    As mentioned in the article, just because Christ Ahnsahnghong lived in Korea does not mean He was Buddhist, this is guilt by association again. The Israelite’s lived as slaves in Egypt for over 400 years, where they pagans? not at all. What about Daniel, he lived in Babylon for decades, yet he still believed in God. therefore we can not say someone is Buddhist/Muslim/Pagan/ just because of where they live.

    Really their arguments are absurd, however not surprising. 2,000 years ago the Pharisees and religious leaders did the same thing to Christ.

  8. Rossalvi M

    Again? I feel like the more the World Mission Society Church of God grows; (AS PROPHESIED) 🙂 the more silly questions comes out! Not for anything…. But everyone knows that Wikipedia is not a good source at all… Please, before raising questions of this manner, I believe that we should educate ourselves! FIRST… Why? Because if you don’t have a solid foundation and proof of what you are saying is basically wasting time…

    When I first came to the Church of God and study about Christ AhnSahngHong and Melchizedek (My favorite study) I realized that there is NO ROOM AT ALL for any doubts about Christ AhnSahngHong!!! It is beyond amazing!!!! I can’t even put it in words!!

    Last thing: If you are SEEKING God, please read the Bible. NOT the Internet when ANYONE CAN POST… You are more than welcome to come for a Bible study if you TRULY want to know the TRUTH about Father!

  9. Serene

    So the only reason people say Christ Ahnsahnghong was Buddhist is because Korea was Buddhist? That’s like saying all Chinese know KungFu. If Christ Ahnsahnghong was Buddhist, then how did He know about the New Covenant Passover? What about all other prophecies have been taught in the Church of God which was established by Him? If you come to the Church of God and study, you wont even need explanation for this groundless argument. No one on earth (especially not Buddhist) has revealed and taught the bible as Christ Ahnsahnghong has, and the bible said He is the Root of David, why still hear people’s non-evidentiary arguments?

  10. Kevin M

    What a great article. This definitely will clear up many minor questions some people may have about Christ Ahnsahnghong though it is irrelevant. What is important is that he did bring the New Covenant Passover back again. No one really question the life of Jesus before he started preaching at the age of 30 but even though many people have a vague understanding that he brought forgiveness of sins they still believe he is God. Nowadays the WMSCOG have the only real understanding that Jesus is God that came in the flesh 2,000 years ago. Only coming to this church can you really say you have a firm and solid faith in believing in Jesus and through that you can realize about his second coming as well. I hope many of those who have doubt can look past it and continue studying more about the prophecy that Christ Ahnsahnghong came and fulfilled.

  11. Juan M

    As a college student it is basic understanding that Wikipedia is a not a reliable source due to its openness and option for anyone to edit or post within articles. With that being said, in a society where information is construed through media, word of mouth, and now through the Internet, it is easy for someone to post information that is erroneous believing it to be true. In this case, through people’s hate they are fueled to post about Christ Ahnsahnghong even though the source of their ideas is not reliable. Although people do make mistakes, we cannot help but think of the repercussions this article has on those who may not know much about Christ Ahnsahnghong and how they would react if they read a hate inspired article like that posted on Wikipedia.

    Furthermore, the idea that just because there was a majority of Buddhist believers in Korea at the time of Christ Ahnsahnghong’s birth it makes His parents Buddhist is very dangerous. Whenever you generalize people of a society into one category you are making an incorrect statement. For example, since it is said that a majority of people in Finland are atheist, and I was born into a Finnish household does that make my parents and myself atheist as well? No, my parents and I could have very well been Christians, even though the majority was atheist. The overall theme is that once you look into the arguments of those who oppose Christ Ahnsahnghong you can start to see the holes that they just can’t cover up.

  12. MT

    If you look closely, the statement that Korea was predominantly Buddhist in 1918 is not even cited to any source at all. The only data and source cited is a survey from 2010. Furthermore claiming that Christ Ahnsahnghong and/or his parents were Buddhist on those grounds is just like saying that all Americans are Christian since Christianity is the predominant religion of America. That just goes to show how much the author of Christ Ahnsahnghong’s Wikipedia article really knows about him, when they are unabashedly basing their information on generalizations and stereotypes.

    I’m so happy to see articles like this, with solid evidence, to set the facts straight. It’s impossible to discern the truth when you have to choose one person’s word over another, but when we base our opinion on solid facts and the words of the Bible, the conclusion is absolutely trustworthy. That’s why I believe Christ Ahnsahnghong and his teachings which are proved through facts and the Bible.

  13. Oscar G

    This is the first time I’ve heard of this claim and it’s as ridiculous as any of the other ones I’ve read. Please if you want to know God come and study the Bible and make effort to know the savior who has come for our salvation. Unless we focus on the Bible we can never know the one who can guide to salvation, please if you really desire to know the truth join us for a bible study.

  14. Wes

    I agree, the only way to recognize God when he comes in flesh is through the Bible prophecies. We can not rely on any other source. Father Ahnsahnghong is true God, the whole bible testifies to this fact!

  15. Nicole Sara

    As a former college student, if we used Wikipedia we failed our classes. In high school way back when if we used Wikipedia our projects wouldn’t count and there would be a “0” for a grade. You are strictly taught NOT to use Wikipedia for anyone can post on it and we know very well there is no concrete facts there. So why use it out of everything out there to try to say something about second coming Christ? They should try using the bible to say something about God Ahnsahnghong instead of trying to twist the truth of even picking at Christ Ahnsahnghong’s physical life! But they can’t find any falsehood in him. Because he truly fulfills all prophecies and is our Heavenly Father! Thank you Christ Ahnsahnghong for coming fulfilling all prophecies.

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