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The True WMSCOG | February 20, 2018

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who is Christ Ahnsahgnhong?
My Experience at a WMSCOG Bible Study Picture
How did Ahnsahnghong say He was Christ?
Christ Ahnsahnghong said: "There's no Heavenly Mother"
Michele Colon Ruined Our Marriage. The untold story of Michele's ex-husband and the truth about their membership in the World Mission Society Church of God.
Christ Ahnsahnghong and the Passover

Valentine’s Day and Its Pagan Origins

February 14, 2018 | 9

Valentine’s Day brings on a mixture of emotions for Americans. Generally speaking, it is a day focused on love and romance. But, Bible-believing Christians should be aware of this holiday and its pagan origins.Read More

God the Mother or the Royal We?

August 25, 2016 |

What is the royal we? Where did it come from? does it really explain why in Genesis 1:26 God said, “let us”? Does it deny the testimony of God the Mother? Learn the answers to these questions by reading this article. Read More

The “Us” in Genesis, Female Image of God or the Trinity?

June 19, 2016 |

Some people say that the “us” in Genesis 1:26 refers to the Trinity. However, that is not the case. It’s referring to the male and female image of God. Read this article and find the answer to this claimRead More

My Experience at a WMSCOG Bible Study

June 4, 2016 |

Alexandria Lee is a member of the World Mission Society Church (WMSCOG), and she is sharing her experience of studying the Bible in the WMSCOG. In her video Alex explains that having all her questions answered through the Bible allowed her to remain a member of the Church. Read More

False Report About the WMSCOG in Mongolia

June 2, 2016 |

On Tuesday, September 6th, 2011, the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) in Mongolia was part of a broadcast that aired throughout Mongolia. In this occasion, the contents that were reported were totally fabricated and distorted. Read the full story in this article
Read More

The Truth About Speaking in Tongues

May 14, 2016 |

People adhering to the Christian faith value the works of the Holy Spirit the most, and among these works, “the gift of speaking in tongues” is frequently mentioned. Through this article lets understand what “speaking in tongues,” means, and what is the way to communicate with God. Read More

Christ’s Sacrifice and Prayer Times

March 28, 2016 |

The Apostles and the believers in the early church set the third and the ninth hour as the times for prayer, and they prayed to God every day at these times. These hours were not randomly chosen, nor are they coincidental. Read this article and find out why. Read More

Easter Is Not Christian

March 26, 2016 |

Easter is the day people commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. But what do eggs and rabbits have to do with Christ? Learn about the origins of Easter and how it has nothing to do with Christianity.Read More

What Is the Origin of Good Friday?

March 25, 2016 |

What is the origin of Good Friday? Is this something that Bible-believing Christians should keep? Read this article and find the answer to these questions.Read More

Does the WMSCOG Practice Deceptive Recruitment?

February 7, 2016 |

Critics of the World Mission Society Church of God accuse the Church of practicing “deceptive recruitment.” What exactly does that mean, and is this accusation true? Find out the answer in this articleRead More

Love Bombing and the WMSCOG

February 5, 2016 |

Love Bombing is the reason they are nice to you at the World Mission Society Church of God. This is what critics say, but how credible is this label? Does it really apply? Find out for yourself by reading this articleRead More

Do Fear and Guilt Fuel the WMSCOG?

February 4, 2016 |

Does the World Mission Society Church of God use fear and guilt to fuel itself? No. The Church simply teaches its doctrine on the basis of the Bible. Read the truth behind this inflammatory accusation. Read More

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