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The True WMSCOG | February 20, 2018

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False Report About the WMSCOG in Mongolia

False Report About the WMSCOG in Mongolia Cover

Contents of the False Report About the WMSCOG in Mongolia

On Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 at 8:00 pm, the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) in Mongolia was part of a broadcast that aired throughout Mongolia. The report was aired through the broadcasting company TV-8.

In this occasion, the contents that were reported were totally fabricated and distorted. Below you can see for yourself the contents of the report.

“This Church, which is a strange religion, came to Mongolia and has expanded its congregation by preaching that the world is coming to an end. The Church urges its members to sell their properties like houses, and exploits them for their money. This Church threatens people by preaching about disasters all the time. The members can only communicate with other church members, not with other people, and they are kept in the Church until late hours, in this way they are not able to go home early.”

This broadcast was orchestrated by J. Minjin, a reporter with TV-8 Mongolia. Reporter Minjin showed up at the Ulaanbaatar WMSCOG in Mongolia together with her cameraman without prior notice. Upon her arrival, she said she wanted to report on how “this church is an incorrect denomination, which has come to Mongolia and its expanding by preaching.” She forced her way in an effort to get an interview that she could use for her already biased report.

The members of the WMSCOG in Mongolia asked for a meeting with the general manager of the broadcasting company. After the meeting, the general manager promised that they would not broadcast the report.

TV-8 in Mongolia Breaks Its Promise

TV-8 broke its promise to the WMSCOG in Mongolia and aired the report when the members of the church were keeping service. The behavior of the TV-8 broadcasting company and reporter J. Minjin is questionable. There are basic laws of ethics for journalism, one of them is that reporters should not overlook evidence, but always verify whether the source is credible and if the information being provided is true or false. News should be objective and truthful, and of course, the media has every right to observe and report when corruption and illegal acts are being practiced. However, such criticism should be based on facts, and not just on rumors. When the media outlets do their job correctly it benefits all the members of society, and they gain credibility in the public’s view. However, when they stray from the truth and only care about ratings, they create an atmosphere of anxiety on the viewers and unwholesome public opinion which deserves to be criticized by society.

The False TV-8 Report Causes Damage to the Members of the WMSCOG in Mongolia

The members of the WMSCOG in Mongolia suffered greatly due to the false report that was broadcasted by TV-8. The false report created religious discrimination on the church members; this discrimination came from relatives, friends, co-workers, and classmates. This discrimination was the result of the negative perception brought on the WMSCOG in Mongolia by the fabricated news report. This also infringed on the members’ freedom of religion and in some cases, due to the severe stress this situation brought, some members health deteriorated.

Members of the WMSCOG in Mongolia Bring Legal Action Against TV-8

The WMSCOG in Mongolia tried to communicate with TV-8 broadcasting and express the damaged caused by their fabricated report. The church tried to find a way to support the members who were affected the most by seeking a way of friendly communication in order to correct the false report; however, the news company refused to communicate. Ultimately, In October of 2011, 10 members of the WMSCOG in Mongolia, the ones who suffered the most took legal action against TV-8 broadcasting and the reporter J. Minjin. Although the members tried to remedy the situation through other methods the broadcasting company was not responsive. There was no other alternative, except seeking justice through the legal system.

The members of the WMSCOG in Mongolia gave a statement as follows:

“We have attended this Church [WMSCOG in Mongolia] for at least three to seven years, but we have never seen any of the problems that were aired on the news. The Church has never taught about disasters all of the time just to intimidate people into staying, nor has it forced anyone into selling their properties like houses and building because the end of the world is near, nor has it prevented us from speaking to non-members, nor has it forced us into staying in the Church until late hours of the night, nor has it caused pain to our family members, and finally it has not forced us to offer money to the Church.”

The report from TV-8 broadcasting ignored the basic ethics of journalism and produced a distorted report about the WMSCOG in Mongolia. This false report has caused inexpressible hardships on the members of the WMSCOG in Mongolia. The Church’s reputation was damaged due to the fabricated report and this has caused a negative influence on the members faith, their lives and created a negative impression of the Church on their families.

Reporter J. Minjin Fabricates More Reports to Suit Her Case

During the case which lasted from January to March of 2012, 30 different internet media companies in Mongolia, Canada, and the USA reported on the legal case. These reports created more rumors and even worse allegations spread out. The source of these fabricated rumors was the reporter J. Minjin, who was the defendant in the case. She gave false information to different news outlets in order to justify her behavior, and also in an effort to help her defense by manipulating the public opinion through the media.

The thirty reports that were put out contained the following fabricated allegations in their headlines:

“The Church of God threatened to kill reporter J. Minjin.”

“The Church of God insists the world will end in 2012.”

“Church members enter Premises of TV-8 Station Issuing Death Threats Against The Stations Staff.”

People who read the headlines and the contents of these articles left violent and discriminatory comments, not caring whether the contents of the articles were true or not. Some of the comments on these articles read as follows:

“Stupid Koreans, go away.”

“Koreans are bad. They are arrogant. Leave Mongolia.”

“You Koreans have become like ticks, making money using the name of the Holy Spirit.”

“This is an evil church, they should be shut down, thrown in jail, and get crucified.”

Through the comments of these individuals, we can see the type of hatred and discrimination that these fabricated reports bring on the Church and its members.

TV-8 Broadcasting Apologizes to the World Mission Society Church of God

On June 13, 2012, the CEO of TV-8 Broadcasting sent an official written apology to the World Mission Society Church of God in Mongolia. The letter read as follows:

There was an error which took place as we did not have a detailed review of the news report about your organization that was broadcasted on the 8:00 pm news program aired on September 6, 2011. Thus, the employees, who reported our news in an irresponsible way, will be held responsible for their actions.”

TV-8 Broadcasting apologized and also agreed to air a report correcting their false news about the WMSCOG in Mongolia. They decided to do this due to the damage this fabricated report caused on the members of the Church. The members of the WMSCOG in Mongolia who filed a lawsuit against TV-8 and the reporter agreed to settle and drop the charges against TV-8. The Mongolian court dismissed the case on the 27th of June, 2012, on the basis of the settlement between the WMSCOG in Mongolia and TV-8 Broadcasting. It was also demanded by the court that all the legal fees associated with this case would be paid by TV-8 broadcasting station. In this instance, we can say that the World Mission Society Church of God in Mongolia won the case.

The Correction Report

On January 15th, 2013, TV-8 broadcasting aired a report correcting all the false accusations made against the WMSCOG in Mongolia. They apologized during the broadcast by saying the following:

“We, [TV-8] recently broadcasted an unconfirmed media report about the activities of the World Mission Society Church of God. We officially apologize to all the members and their families for defaming the Church because of a report based on one citizen’s tip alone.”

Watch The Full Correction Report

False Reports Come from Religious Discrimination

The false reports against the WMSCOG come from a handful of individuals who have a religious bias against the WMSCOG. To prove this point, take a look at what reporter J. Minjin said about the court’s decision:

“I do not agree with the plaintiffs [TV-8], nor am I willing to admit to their request. My broadcasting company manager required me to agree on the settlement, but I do not agree with it. According to the freedom of speech, a reporter does not take responsibility for any wrong contents which are broadcasted on the news or on a program; because every program is reported after being reviewed by a manager or person related to it. In this case, the defendant must solely be TV-8 broadcasting company. I understand and assent that TV-8 broadcasting company has agreed to this settlement. But, form my position, I do not concur with this settlement.”

Real facts are the basis of a news report and an article without truth creates negativity and intolerance. Like the reporter in the case above, other reporters have failed to follow basic ethics of journalism and they have written sensationalist articles based on the unverified testimony of a few individuals. These reporters promote religious discrimination and they fail to investigate as to whether the allegations made by others about the WMSCOG are true. This brings severe damage on the members of the WMSCOG and their families and incites religious persecution on the members of the Church.

Just like in Mongolia, in the United States, similar types of articles were written by two sources. and the Bergen Record. It is believed that the reporter who created and co-authored these articles had an ulterior motive. As you can see in the articles below, a simple search would have shown how the allegations brought against the WMSCOG are false. However, this side was not presented in their articles.

The WMSCOG and The Bergen Record Cover - Truth of God The Mother

The WMSCOG Will Continue Its mission of Spreading Gods Love Through Actions

The World Mission Society Church of God will overcome and continue the mission of sharing God’s love with mankind. The WMSCOG and its members will help their neighbors in need through good deeds, make every effort to protect the environment, participate in blood drives that save lives, and assist those who have suffered from a disaster. Preaching the gospel of the new covenant and sharing love with mankind, this is the mission of the World Mission Society Church of God.


  1. Jenny B

    I worked as a journalist for about 6 years. This is such a shame and a prime example of horrible news reporting. Everything that was published regarding the WMSCOG was completely fabricated and bias. Reports like this can lead to not only hardship and depression to those who fall victim of fabricated media reports, but even in some cases precious lives are lost. This type of reporting has to stop, not just in Magnolia but all over the world. Also, it is reader’s responsibility to fact check what they are choosing to read and believe. I pray for the members in Magnolia and all members of the WMSCOG to be strong in their faith and not be shaken by these situations.

  2. Cory

    I really appreciate this article. I’ve heard about this incident before in the Mongolia church but didn’t know about it in detail. Im glad they received justice! It’s frustrating that these false reports come out but not really shocking. Satan seems to try the same tactics to persecute Gods church since the beginning! Always lying and making up the same story! Even bring up false witnesses and information like what happened to Christ 2000 years ago.

    It really spread so much hatred. Reading the comments of what the said is outrageous. Just disagree if you want to disagree! But there is no need to say things like that or even saying we should be imprisoned or crucified! In the end… It’s a repeat of history but justice will also continue to be served also. God cannot fail! Animo Mongolia COG!

  3. Sundy

    This is amazing to see how truth always prevails over falsehood. People who love falsehood go to great length in order to slander those who love the truth. I’m not surprised at all! I’m just overjoyed to see bible prophecies being accomplished. I think that those who slander the “Church of God” should read Acts 5: 38-39; then if they still don’t understand this verse is about them, they should read Matthew 13: 14-15. “Let the one who does wrong continue to do wrong; let the vile person continue to be vile; let the one who does right continue to do right; and let the holy person continue to be holy.””
    ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭22:11‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  4. Wilmer

    I am so grateful about this article. It goes to show how one person’s bias point of view can damage the integrity of an organization as a whole and its members. The rest of my family and friends actually praise my family for attending the Church of God and they have also come and understand why it is such a wonderful organization.

    The Church of God helped my family when my mother’s house got flooded due to Huricane Irene (2011) and has also helped the local community endless times receiving awards and recognition from local government officials. Their love for mankind has also inspired me to share love with others and also participate in community services that benefit society and those who will come after us.

    Although lies come and go the truth always destroys all the lies in the same way that light will always destroy darkness, no matter how thick the darkness is.

  5. Amanda

    Journalism can be a very noble profession if the journalist actually puts in the work to report the truth. It takes dignity, courage and most importantly a deep sense of sincerity to be a good journalist. How can someone call themselves a journalist when they know that they’ve written a story that has been exaggerated, fabricated, twisted and distorted? How do you live with yourself knowing you literally lied and tarnished someone elses’s reputation to boost your own? The reporter in this story is just one example of people who are only diguising themselves as journalists. I’d rather not find out what they really are. I’m just happy that the Church of God has the true God who brings everything and everyone to justice in its time.

  6. Jordan H

    Wow, you can clearly see how badly people just want to speak badly and go against the Church of God. People even break ethics and the laws of their country, so much effort!! Why go through so much effort to speak negatively about something you don’t agree with or believe. If you don’t believe, then continue not believing. No one has been able to provide sufficient proof or evidence that the WMSCOG is a bad organization, but there’s so much evidence that the church is quite the opposite! An amazing organization that shares the love of God with the people in society and follows the teachings of Christ. Although there’s proof of that, people choose to ignore it and make up lies. However, no matter what, they end up fighting against God. But God’s Church will never fail!!

  7. Dan

    It’s really sad that in our age religious intolerance is still prevalent in society. As we can see that every accusation of illicit activities against the WMSCOG is proven false. and that those who accuse the church end up having to apologize for their actions. For the past 50 years The Church of God has never shrunk back in the face of harsh criticism and will continue shine as a beacon of hope and love in this world.

  8. Dj

    Its really sad that we cannot even trust what we see on the news anymore. When journalists refuse to follow legal and ethical journalism and blame others instead of taking responsibility as adults it can really cause chaos in a society. I can only imagine how much pain and suffering the church members in Mongolia had to go through after this report. This kind of thing is really causing a new kind of religious racism these days and can be very dangerous. I really hope more people see for themselves what this church is about instead of going off of unverifiable reports.

  9. Ruby

    Hello! Always Church of God members move my heart, because of their willingness to help others and the comunity they live in, that is what the church teaches, they stay late is because they are always trying to share Father and Mothers love despite their busy schedules,
    People who talk like that, is because they never have in mind to help others, and to share something, thats why when something good is happening the try to defame it.

  10. Serene

    I have never seen one organization contribute to the society as much as the Church of God, yet falsely accused as much as the Church of God. I personally have not contribute to any society, done any volunteer services before going to the Church, and being a member of the Church has changed me in a more selfless way.

    Just think of it in a logical sense, if the Church is telling the members to sell their houses and give money to the church because the end is coming, why would they clean the streets or donate blood or visit elderly and orphans? Everything is going to be destroyed and everyone is going to die anyway! The Church’s action is the evidence that the people’s accusations are false!

  11. Ed Morrow

    This article was really an eye opener to see that not only in America but all over the world people are trying to give a negative impression on the WMSCOG. My heart goes out to our heavenly family in Mongolia. While reading this article a verse came to mind which was Acts 5:38-39. Even though many people slander the WMSCOG, we must realize that we are on God’s side and our work for the Gospel will never be in vain. And even though the members in Mongolia were being persecuted they continue their efforts in the Gospel. It’s sad to see so much hatred in the world today especially when it’s done through false media reports. So I’m thankful that the truth really came out and I hope many realize that the WMSCOG is the only place where you can truly receive the love of God

  12. Jamie

    Honestly, you can see that the WMSCOG is a good church just by the services its members display in the public. The false accusations reported by many of these broadcasting companies is just another form of propaganda. There is a great deal of deception that exists in this world, so it is crucial that a person distinguishes lies from the Truth. When it comes to the Bible, if a church does not keep the Sabbath (which is on Saturday), the Passover (not communion), or any of the other Feasts described in the Bible, that church is masquerading as a beneficial organization, and is therefore deceiving its people and others. The WMSCOG follows all the commandments in the Bible, and should be reckoned by the public as a True and Good church.

  13. Melissa

    I am glad this situation was resolved in the end. However, the false report should not have been aired. It is the responsibility of a journalist to accurately report because his/her words can affect many people either positively or negatively. The World Mission Society Church of God has a positive influence where ever it is located around the world. I hope many people will seek the truth about the church by visiting, instead of listening the bias opinions of a few.

  14. Curtis T

    It continues to blow my mind how so many people can be influenced by the words of a few people. Instead of verifying the facts, they accept what they hear as pure truth. Ive been a member of the World Mission Society Church of God for several years now and none of the accusations that are brought against the church are ever close to being true. Its always quite the opposite. It makes me think about how early christians were called cannibals because they ate “flesh and blood”. However, nowadays every Chirstian will boast about “communion” which isnt even in the bible saying that they have received the flesh and blood of Christ. I really hope this website helps shed light on those who really want to know what is correct.

  15. Francisco

    Nothing will ever stop the love of Heavenly Mother!

    It is so sad this reporter moved forward with the false accusations, but in the end the truth prevailed. Even 2,000 years ago father was persecuted although he had done nothing wrong. I’m super grateful that my family and I are able to be part of the World Mission Society Church of God!!!

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