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The True WMSCOG | January 22, 2018

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My life did a 180 after joining WMSCOG

Philip is one of the many members of the WMSCOG who has felt a positive change in his life after attending the Church

Since Joining the WMSCOG my life has flipped 180 degrees.

Philip is one of the many members of the WMSCOG who has felt a positive change in his life after attending the Church. Watch him explain his story in this video. Philip attended many different Churches growing up, however he never felt at home as he did when he first attended the WMSCOG.  To put it in his own words:

Hi. I’m Philip from the World Mission Society Church of God. I attend the Church in Maryland. I’ve been a member for 2 years and honestly, since joining Church of God, my life has flipped 180 degrees. After coming to the Church of God and learning about Heavenly Mother, I mean, everything just made sense and it was so simple. Actually through the Bible we can see what is the right way in which we can receive salvation. That’s really what I’ve wanted to gain all along. And that’s actually what I have found in the WMSCOG. I’m just so happy.

Just like Philip, many other members of the WMSCOG have found the way to salvation and have come to understand the Bible once becoming members of the WMSCOG. You can read more testimonies from WMSCOG members and share yours as well. The teachings of the WMSCOG are changing the world one person at a time.




  1. Davina

    It is so wonderful to see how a young person’s life can change so drastically from something negative to something so positive! It seems to me that having a 180 change in your life that is in a positive direction that makes you happy is great!! I am so happy to hear this kind of change takes place in this Church!!

  2. Redeemer Eyiti

    I also joined the World Mission Society Church of God some years past, and I thank my Elohim God for making me part of this gracious family. I give unlimited thanks and honour to my heavenly Mother for all the good and great things She has done in my life and still doing since I joined Church of God. My understanding of the heavenly Kingdom, why I’m on earth here and where my faith in Elohim God should lead me to, thus Heaven my eternal home has been clearly understood base on correct teachings of the bible. I give thanks to my heavenly Father Christ Ahnsahnghong for making me have access to the Passover which was abolished soo many years ago, I really give him ever lasting praise and honour. I’m very happy to be part of the children of the Free Woman, thus my Heavenly Mother.

  3. Very cool story. It’s been neat hearing the testimonies from various members. Keep it up!

  4. Kim

    I am so happy to hear your story and that you have finally found rest and peace for your soul. It is so true–if people just come to check it out for themselves, they will see what our church is really about. We earnestly want to believe and follow in God with sincerity and truth.

  5. Quinn

    I have heard numerous testimonies from members about how coming to the Church of God changed their lives and enabled them to do what they never could before. This is the only Church where I have been able to realize the mystery and love of God. True miracles are worked in this church!

  6. Azzy

    Awesome! Love the positive effect WMSCOG has had in so many people’s lives. Keep up the good work!

  7. Mrs. Lo

    What an amazing and touching story! The church of God is doing great thing by revealing that God has a plan for all of us and a mission that we must fulfill. Truly enlightened by this. Let’s all change so we can enter heaven together.

  8. Kimberly

    The truth you find about God and yourself at the Church of God is so fulfilling! Before coming I always felt like I was missing something. Searching and wondering and looking everywhere trying to figure out what it was? But ever since I came to the Church of God my life has become so bright and happy and complete! I have not only seen this in myself but my husband too!

  9. Daniel

    Amen!! Its amazing although we all grow up in diffrent situation and go through diffrent things in life one thing we can all agree on is the positive effect the WMSCOG has had on all of us this truth is uncomparable i hope everyone can feel the same once hearing about it

  10. Meesh

    The Church of God is an amazing place of truth, love, unity, fellowship, and many other things. Its wonderful to hear this story and know we are all being united through the love of our Mother.

  11. Nikki

    I’m so thankful that you also were able to find peace for your soul!! I too experienced the powerful love of Heavenly Mother and was able to find peace and joy. I’m so thankful for each of my Heavenly family members.

    I love to hear other members stories because you can truly feel the great love of Elohim!

  12. Danny

    actually my life was almost smiliar to his. I got more tolerable and understanding than before.

  13. Sarah-Kim

    Since we meet Heavenly Mother in WMSCOG, we cannot help changing our life cause we receive immeasurable love from Her.

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