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The True WMSCOG | January 22, 2018

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The WMSCOG gave me purpose in life

The WMSCOG gave me purpose in life

The WMSCOG allowed me to have some purpose in my life.

Mary is one of the many members of the WMSCOG who has felt a positive change in her life after attending the Church. Watch her explain her story in this video. Although she grew up in a very Christian family, something was always missing. However, everything started to make sense once she became a member of the WMSCOG. To put it in her own words:

Born in Iowa, I was raised in a strict Christian background, believing in the Bible and God. When I was 5, our family moved to Zimbabwe and I attended a private Christian school.
My father was a very devout in a Christian organization, and my mother worked for the church even before I was born. During our vacation, I used to travel to Guatemala, Africa, and many places that my father used to go and helped him.
But, the church never followed the Bible and rather followed something that was off from the Bible. And later on, I gradually I didn’t really go to church.
My friend in college introduced me to the Church of God. After studying the teachings there, I found the reason for my life.
I can prove that the claims made by the ones speaking against the WMSCOG are wrong. Biblically, the WMSCOG is a perfect church. The only church that follows the Bible is the World Mission Society Church of God. So I wish everyone can see the evidence from the Bible and not just the rumors and lies others create. Please come to the WMSCOG and see for yourself.

Just like Mary, many other members of the WMSCOG have found meaning to life and have come to understand the Bible once becoming members of the WMSCOG. You can read more testimonies from WMSCOG members and share yours as well. The teachings of the WMSCOG are changing the world one person at a time.





  1. Davina

    It is so true that our purpose in life is finally brought to our attention once coming to the World Mission Society Church of God! If we don’t know why we are here on earth and what we are doing here, then how can we live a fulfilling life? I am so thankful and grateful to see that Mary found true happiness in understanding the Bible completely now. Beautiful!

  2. Sounds like you’ve experienced a few different religions from traveling. I can relate! I tried to understand various religions – party because, in all honestly, I didn’t have a firm understanding of the Bible. I had never seen proof that the Bible was directly given by God and was not affected by mankind throughout history. But now that I’ve studied various prophecies in the Bible I am continually stunned by the perfection of God’s word. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Kim

    My life also changed once I started attending the Church of God. Now I am more involved in community service and joyfully participate in many of the volunteer activities carried out by the church.

    I can completely relate to you Mary!:)

  4. Quinn

    One of the things I also noticed when initially coming to the Church of God were the genuine smiles and true joy among the members. I could tell that they had living hope for heaven, not just blind faith seen in other churches.
    Col 1:25-26 “I have become its servant by the commission God gave me to present to you the word of God in its fullness — the mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, but is now disclosed to the Lord’s people”
    I am so thankful to Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for bringing me to the WMSCOG based on the words of God in the Bible rather than tradition and morality.

  5. Laura B

    The WMSCOG has also had a great positive influence on my life. Growing up in the UK I had little to none religious background and found it very hard to believe that people based their life on a book, that at that time I thought had no factual evidence of support. However, once studying prophecy and its fulfillment at the WMSCOG I opened my heart to a whole new possibility that there is truly a God AND hope for life after this physical world. Walking into the WMSCOG I did not even know about the bible having an old and a new testament but now, thanks to the grace of God the Father and God the Mother I can testify to them with confidence. Just like Mary said, life has more purpose now and in turn has all had a positive and happy influence on my life.

  6. Marquis

    Wow such amazing testimonies, truly you can see through many people that the Church of God is an amazing place for your children, family and yourself! so glad I came to be apart of such an awesome church and great group of people her at the Church of God.

  7. Daniel

    Its amazing how we can see this effect take place on a global scale with anyone who comes and studys at the church of God in comparison to other places thay claim to teach from the bible right away you can see a clear diffrence. Only at the WMSCOG have i bin able to recive the true teachings and understandings from the bible

  8. Krissy

    The biggest change I’ve received since attending the Church of God is peace and understanding in my own life. I never knew what that felt like before even though I sought it desperately from other religions and even other Christian churches.

    My faith, as well as the fellowships, activities, and community service etc has given me a huge purpose in my life with a lot of meaning. Although my career is very demanding and I don’t get to spend as much time at church as I wish, when I can be there I cherish it. It’s the best feeling!!!

    Another thing is that the other churches I’ve visited focus so much on how to live your life happily here, which is important, but what is more important to me is what I can look forward to in receiving salvation. That is the basis for most people’s faith. That has given me far more purpose and understanding than anything else. I am so thankful our church focuses primarily on our spiritual lives and salvation rather than just our physical lives.

    I love seeing other peoples’ stories and testimony and hear how this church has been a great influence all around the world.

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