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The True WMSCOG | January 22, 2018

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WMSCOG and Abortions!

WMSCOG and Abortions!

The World Mission Society Church of God never encourages abortions!

John and Stephanie are members of the WMSCOG who were blessed to start a family while being members of the Church. Watch them explain their story in this video. In this video John and Stephanie want to clarify the disinformation about the WMSCOG encouraging abortion for its members and the lies about how members who have children in the Church are looked down upon. To put it in their own words:

Hi. This is Stephanie (been a member since 2006) and John (been a member since 2010), we are active members of the World Mission Society Church of God. We had children while we were attending the Church of God, and one of the happiest people for us having children was Pastor Daniel Lee. The Church was very supportive for me and for my two children who were born in 2013, and our second one we had 3 weeks ago. The Church of God is centered on the love of a family. Don’t focus on the lies and rumors that the Church of God encourages abortions. If you have any concerns ask a member of the church and if you are already a member of the church, ask your overseer. We are very happy to be part of the Church of God.

Just like John and Stephanie, many other members of the WMSCOG can easily disprove the false accusations being made against the Church. You can read more testimonies from WMSCOG members and share yours as well. The teachings of the WMSCOG are creating beautiful families full of love for one another.


  1. Davina

    It is so beautiful to see a lovely family that is held together because of the love of God! God created the family system for life to be given, then it makes total sense that the World Mission Society Church of God embraces families and is joyful for the members to have the blessing of a family through God. It’s a very silly thing to think that a church would encourage abortions. Please check with the members in the Church of God to see the truth before just listening to the false rumors of people outside of the Church. This was a great video of living evidence of their false statements.

  2. Maya

    Seeing a family as happy as them actually makes me want to be a part of the church. They teach good morals according to God’s teachings and it only makes sense to have a family since God made it that way. I am happy for them, and I think we need to not pay attention so much to those silly rumors, which are based on opinions of man, but rather focus more Bible scriptures which is has God’s teachings and morals in it that leads us to heaven. I wish nothing but the best for John & Stephanie and I know God will surely bless their family!

  3. Kim

    This page and these videos are just predictable. It’s so sad how wmscg continues to brainwash there members with their mental techniques. When they see that they are being attacked with something, right away they have to come up with a defense using the poor members. They do this to convince the members and everyone who reads it. What a shame. When will you ever stop.

    • The True WMSCOG

      Hi Kim,

      thank you for visiting my site, I think whats more sad is that you cannot believe someone can have an honest opinion in the Church of God, suddenly if someone comes out and makes a statement in support of the Church, people like yourself accuse them of being “brainwashed” (whatever that means). If something is being said about our Church, and if its not true, doesn’t it make sense to clarify it so that others do not misunderstand our faith? Church members are individuals who have made the choice to believe in the truth Christ Ahnsahnghong taught us, and we want to live a Christian life in accordance to the teachings of the Bible. I hope you can understand and respect that.

  4. falljohn

    Thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother to be loved by U!
    Attending the World Mission Society Church of God, I came to feel heavenly love.
    The more I learn, the more I give all thanks to Elohim God.
    And, I hope to be faithful to deliver the good news of Elohim God’s coming in the flesh!

  5. Matthew

    I have seen many husbands and wives have children in the Church of God. John and Stephanie are living examples. I recently met John at a church event and he is a very active member, and he is a wonderful person. People who have never met him nor his wife and family shouldn’t speak ill of him or anyone in the church of God. Look at the evidence (John and Stephanie) and the claims made against the church. The false claims against the church do not hold up when examined under the light of truth.

  6. Serene

    When I first became the member of the Church of God, I remember watching videos about Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother of how they take cares of the children and teens, it was clear to me that the Church of God, following the teachings of Heavenly Mother, does not reject children and never teach people to have abortion. In fact, since 1964, the Church of God has been established (that’s 50 years), how many children have been born in the Church of God? Church of God’s teaching does not base on any (ex)member’s claim, but is based on the Word of Heavenly Mother.

  7. When I first started attending the World Mission Society Church of God, I heard that they asked their members to have abortions so that they could “focus more on the gospel work.” But it wasn’t really a reliable source so I went to actually check it out myself. A lot of the things I heard were fabricated, including this one. It’s pretty sad that people who don’t agree with the teachings of the Church of God have to resort to such personal attacks. I guess all I can do is give you my own testimony – it’s been over five years and I’ve never once seen a shred of evidence to this.

  8. Carebear

    I would also like to say that our church just doesnt see an accusation and try to cover it up, but we are speaking the truth.We will not stand for people speaking lies and defaming the church of God. So to let people judge for their self we will give the correct information. I am in a church that is not even closley located to these two members with children, and in my church families who are in the church are having children, I know of 6 as we speak, because I have been to all of their baby showers! Not only do we agree with it but we even celebrate it as a family and support each other. I myself have even visit the hospital of my brothers and sisters when they have given birth. Church of God is about family and understanding the love of a Mother. It would make no sense that we proclaim God the Mother but do not agree with people having children in the church. The reason why is makes no sense is because it is a lie, since no one can argue the truth they try to find fault with our church. However because it is false, those who want to speak lies will never win….

  9. Quinn

    Just like John said in the video, come see for yourself. You will find that the teachings of the Bible are followed, which do not include encouraging abortion.

  10. Michael H

    You have a beautiful family! The WMSCOG definitely does NOT teach to have abortions!

  11. Nikkie

    The Church of God is one big family and we are so excited to see it grow!!! I’ve witnessed myself, many women who have had children within our church.

    Abortions are not a teaching of our Church. If you joined us for a Bible study, you would find that we have many young children who are members. Many who are infants, and many who are currently pregnant.

    I’m so sorry to hear that this incorrect message was spread because it has no truth in it. God created families! He blessed Adam and his wife Eve and said be fruitful.

  12. Roxana S.

    One of the things that captivated me the most was how many families are in the Church of God! It is so beautiful to be able to raise a family under the grace and protection of God.
    What more can a husband and wife ask for?

    Your family is very beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing your testimony for the many other families that will be coming into the arms of God.
    It is very encouraging and I hope it motivates new mommies and daddies and family groups to come to True God Almighty in these last days.

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