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The True WMSCOG | February 20, 2018

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Christ Ahnsahnghong had Children

Christ Ahnsahnghong's Family - children

I can’t believe Christ Ahnsahnghong and Mother are God because They had Their own children.

As I was surfing the web, I came across an article that said people left the World Mission Society Church of God because of the fact that Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother had Their separate families including children. It also went on to say that members are not told about this at all.

In my opinion: Why does that matter?

Now regarding this topic I can only give my personal opinion and experience. I found out about Christ Ahnsahnghong and Mother having a family with children within my first year in Church, and to be honest with you, it didn’t bother me at all.

I mean, why should it? Can you show me one verse in the Bible that says that having a family with children is a sin? Wasn’t it God who created the family system and said it was good?

Genesis 1:27-31 – So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number…God saw all that he had made, and it was very good

Do not mix physical with spiritual

Some skeptics might say: “Aren’t we all children of God? So how can God have children with one of His daughters?”

If you are the person who thinks this way, let me ask you a question:

If we are all children of God, how can YOU have children with your brother/sister?

We have to learn how to distinguish the spiritual from the physical. If we cannot do this, then we must accuse the Apostles of the Early Church of committing incest, for they had their wives who were also their sisters.

1 Corinthians 9:5Don’t we have the right to take a believing wife along with us, as do other apostles and the Lord’s brothers and Cephas?

Christ has to be made in every way like us.

One of the verses of the Bible, which is very meaningful to me, about this topic is in the book of Hebrews:

Hebrews 2:14-18Since the children have flesh and blood, he too shared in their humanity so that by his death he might destroy him who holds the power of death – that is, the devil – and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death… For this reason he had to be made like his brothers in every way, in order that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in service to God… Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.

As we can read in the passage above, when Christ comes to this world, He has to be in EVERY WAY like us. By understanding what we go through, He can help us in our times of need.

Now does the fact that Christ Ahnsahnghong and Mother had families with children deny everything else They taught according the Bible? Does that make Passover not true? Or does it make Sabbath Day not true? Not at all!

So please stop judging by mere appearances, and make the right judgment.


  1. Rashaad

    It’s crazy the way the people can feel that they are above God. God who said having a family was good, has every right to have children. If we who are far less than God in power and righteousness have children, why wouldn’t God have that right?

    It’s like a crafted bust statue telling the statue maker that he cannot have arms because the bust doesn’t have arms.

    • Iliana O

      Children or not! At the end of the day guess what? He’s God! Our God understands us and knows us beyond words and on top of that, shared in our humanity to allow us to understand His eternal words of Life that guarantee us Life FOREVER!

      Really, To whom shall we go!?!!!!

      The one who brought us the Passover Bread and Wine is our Loving Father Christ Ahnsahnghong.

  2. Yessenia

    This is true, how else can our father and mother console us without sharing in our humanity. This is even more confirmation that father Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly mother New Jerusalem are God almighty!

  3. LoveZion

    I just want to say that I am very touched by this article as whoever who takes the time write this article and people who commented on it. Thank you very much for making this clear for all our new brothers and sisters out there. U have no idea how much suffering I went thru trying to explain to our new members who are being attacked with arguments regarding the physical life of Father and Mother. Those who have a dirty view about having children cannot accept God having a family because they themselves are dirty minded thinking if God have children means its a dirty thing therefore its a sin?? Gosh I cant believe some people can be so deluded and polluted….Hello in the 1st place God created everything good to be received with thanksgiving. Its the humans who made what God created to be dirty so please don’t blame God for your polluted mind!!!

  4. Claudia

    Whether we know of Christ Ahnsahnghong and Mother having a family with children or not is not relevant, because that doesn’t fulfill any prophecy and is not part of the gospel! So, lets stop focusing on the physical matters and start focusing in the spiritual, All the prophecies in the bible testify that Christ Ahnsahnghong and Mother are God almighty that is what should be important to us.

  5. Oscar

    The fact they have a family shows they follow the bible from the beginning to the end. God told Adam and Eve to increase in number, in other words start a family and it was good. If our Father and Mother did not have a family they would say they are not God for this reason. Those who do not follow God always seek a way to hinder the gospel to no avail, they will only find themselves fighting against God.

  6. Judy

    What a great article thanks! Actually I found out within the first couple of months in the church and at first I did get an impression but quickly after common sense kicked in for me. Everyone has a family, this is normal and also nothing changes the teachings of the bible that all prophesy was fulfilled by Christ Ahnsahnghong. Even to Jesus the unbelievers complained cause he had a family! So I thank God my faith didn’t stumble because of a physical mind. Besides, the gospel of salvation began when Jesus was baptized. The bible teaches that it’s after Christ’s baptism that he showed us what to do to be saved. Pretty much none of Jesus’ life before baptism is recorded cause its not necessary for our salvation.

  7. truthisinzion

    This article surely helps us to understand that we must not judge God with His physical surroundings. If we do, we will be commiting the same mistake that the Pharises and the Teachers of the Law commited 2000 years ago. They did not accept Him as Christ and persecuted Him seeing His physical surroundings. We should not judge God. We are mere sinners. We have no right to do that.

  8. Josh

    My problem is not that Ahn or Chang had children, but the problem is that I asked my Pastor many times and he told me that he never had children, then one day he has a meeting when he says “of course they had children”, my problem is the lie. Why “Mother” didn’t call our pastor and told him not to lie to us?

    • Admin

      Josh! I cannot speak for you or your Pastor, because i was not there and I dont even know if what you are saying is true. But to give you the benefit of the doubt I will take your word for it. However the way you are making it sound is that Mother is not God because of one mans mistake. If thats your basis, then you must also say Jesus is not God, because when Apostle Peter was asked if he knew Jesus, Peter denied it three times (John 18:15-27). Now because Peter denied Christ, does that make Jesus not God? Does it make the Sabbath not true? Does it make the Passover not true? I think not.

      As far as my experience concerns, I found out about Christ Ahnsahnghongs and Mothers children when I asked about it, so thats what I am basing my testimony on.

      Thank you for your comment, and I hope that you can come back to the water of life which is only given by the Spirit and the Bride. God bless you Joshua.

      also, if it is not too much to ask, can you please refer to Christ Ahnsahnghong by His full name? and also Heavenly Mothers name is Zahng Gil Jah, not “Chang”. Thank you. :o)

  9. Josh

    Hi. I don’t know what happen with my last message. I said that even if you dont believe me, many people have same experience. So maybe believe them. I dont think is fair to compare peter and pastor. peter was trying to save his life, a mistake, but saving his life. What was pastor protecting from? Also we believe in Yahshua because of the gospel. If lets say 3 gospel writer lied and paul lied, then it would be difficult to believe in Yahshua. I already got many lies from pastors.

    I don’t know about your experience, cant talk about you or ur pastor, maybe is not true.

    Is it ok if I call Ahnsahnghong Ahn? Is his last name and is shorter. And her name is not Zahng Gil Jah but Chang Gil Jah. We dont have Zahng in korean name but chinese and she is not chinese. Zahng is used just cause it sounds nicer. But real name is Chang. Ask your korean friend.

    • Admin

      Hi Josh,
      well believing “them” is not different then believing you, for I don’t know who “them” are. In the other hand I personally know several people who share my views on this matter.
      Now the reason I used the example of Apostle Peter was to prove the point that a mans mistake does not prove or disprove Christ being Christ. (again I do not have evidence that your testimony is true about the lie, but again Im giving you the benefit of the doubt.)
      I really do not know what “lies” you got from how many “Pastors”, but at least from my experience I have not been lied to.
      Now even if what you said is true, again do we go to Church for men or for God? Didn’t Apostle Peter — whom Jesus gave the keys of the kingdom of heaven — made a mistake in Galatia, to the point that Apostle Paul had to correct Him? It doesn’t matter how many years one is in Church, men are sinners and therefore make mistakes.
      So instead of denying Christ Ahnsahnghong and Mother for one mans mistake, why don’t you forgive as God forgave us, and receive the Water of Life which is given by the Spirit and the Bride.

      (About the names is ok, is up to you, I just had to ask — However the spelling of a persons name depends on the person whose name you are using, as far as I know Mothers name is officially spelled as Zahng Gil Jah, but again not a big deal)

  10. Josh

    Hi. Well, the problem with paul and peter is not that peter lied but peter had a misunderstanding about doctrine or got impressed by other jews. imagine, if peter say “Yahshua doesnt have children” and then we find out that Yahshua has children, then peter wouldnt have book in the bible because he lied. I don’t believe in Ahn nor in Chang because of one man mistake, but too many mistake, including Ahn and Chang mistake. Yes, including 2012 end of the world (another lie).

    (About the names, Chang is her real name, ask your pastor, but not big deal)

    • Admin

      Again even if that happened with Peter, it didn’t make Jesus not the Christ. In the same way, whatever happened between your Pastor and you, doesn’t make Christ Ahnsahnghong and Mother false.

      As far as I know, I never heard an official announcement from the Church that 2012 was the end of the world. World Mission Society Church of God never said that. Think of it seriously… We believe Sabbath Day is the day to worship God, and we proclaim it boldly, We also believe Passover is the way to receive eternal life, and we proclaim it boldly… So if the Church of God believed the end of the world was 2012, why wasn’t it proclaimed boldly like all the other teachings? Why weren’t we shouting out in the streets, and distributing flyers, why cant you find an official announcement from the Church anywhere to prove this claim? Well because we did not believe it to be the end of the world.

      look at what you said, 2000 years ago with the incident in Galatia, Peter had a misunderstanding about doctrine… I think is the same way with all the people who thought the end of the world was going to be in 2012, it was a misunderstanding of doctrine.

  11. Josh

    What is an official announcement? Pastor saying it? cause he say it. or bible study? because we had a bible study about 2012. COG preach sabbath and passover boldly because its not controversial. They dont preach Chang arrange marriage when you go to korea boldly, dont preach that you will be screamed if make a mistake, dont preach about 1988 boldly, those things you learn after you have strong faith, same with 2012. If you didnt hear maybe you dont have strong faith.

    If it was a misunderstanding, how come in the whole world everybody had same misunderstanding? Maybe should change general pastor, not doing good job

    • Admin


      Official announcement is obvious, it means officially announced by the Head Office, Im sure you studied about 2012, but not as the end of the world, but as the completion of the spiritual temple.
      The other matters you are discussing as controversial are matters not related to salvation, so there is no need to preach about them.

      and in reality is not the “whole world” that has the misunderstanding, just the ones who speak against the WMSCOG that have the misunderstanding. Just like when the Pharisees thought that Jesus was blaspheming when HE said: “destroy that temple and I will raise it up in three days”(Jn 2:19-21) and He was talking about His body, the Pharisees thought He was talking about the actual building, and later on they tried to get Jesus crucified based on that.(Mt 26:61)

      Again, all the things you are talking about, do not make the truth about the Sabbath and the Passover not true (BTW, Sabbath and Passover are controversial topics among Christians).

  12. Josh

    My Pastor did say 2012 was the end of the world. What did your pastor say? The other matter are related to salvation because you have to obey Chang, if Chang say you have to marry and you dont, then it affect salvation.

    Funny that “just the ones who speak against the WMSCOG” from the “whole world” had same misuderstanding and heard same thing.

    If Sabbath and Passover is true, doesnt mean church of god is true.

    • Admin

      Again, I was not there when your Pastor spoke, so I will apply the rule of law, innocent until proven guilty. But again, even if He did, if its not an official teaching from Christ Ahnsahnghong, or an official announcement from the Head Office is not a teaching from the World Mission Society Church of God, making what he said incorrect. That is why I emphasize to the fact that men are not immune to making mistakes, and mans mistake does not disprove God. King David made a mistake, Moses made a mistake, Peter made a mistake, but yet God was still God, and Christ was still Christ.
      Again Heavenly Mother never taught that if you get marry or don’t will determine whether you go to heaven or not, so it is not a matter related to salvation.
      The ones who speak against the Church of God are only a few who have been misinformed from the misunderstanding of others, that is why they have not been able to produce any official evidence to prove their allegation.

      Your are right, Sabbath and Passover are just the core of the truth of all the other teachings and prophecies the WMSCOG fulfills, making it the true Church established by God… :0)… However by only mentioning Sabbath and Passover as the will of God in the Bible it puts the Church of God closer to doing the will of God, than many other Churches out there.

  13. Hannah Jo

    Josh, Pastor is not God. Pastor is a sinner, and capable of doing something wrong. We are not perfect and can make mistakes. You should believe in God, and come back to Father and Mother.

  14. Mindy

    This is not just a message to Josh, but to everyone reading this post, as long as I have been a Christian, in all of the 27 different churches I attended, with over thousands of members of different congregations that I have met with, no one has ever asked about Jesus Christ personal life as a means to determine if that made him the Christ. We have always based Christ on fulfillment of prophesy, and establishment of the way to receive eternal life. It is the same for second Coming Christ. There is not a scripture in the bible that mentions anything about second coming Christ, Christ Ahnsahnghong’s, personal life in order to recognize him as the Christ. Heb. 9:28 mentions Christ will come again a second time not to bear sin but to bring salvation to those how are waiting for him. It doesn’t say “but make sure he doesn’t have any kids, or He’s not the Christ”
    Please people let’s wake up.

    • WMS brother


      There are some people that bring up controversial arguments because they want to prove themselves to the world, instead of to God.

      There exists some people who insist that Jesus had multiple wives, and that he was a sinner. Some people say because men are maggots, Jesus is automatically a sinner, and cannot be God because he is a mere man.

      Such thinking is extremely short-sighted of God’s ultimate and omnipotent power.

      It also neglects that God sets all kinds of examples, which may seem strange to ignorant and unstable people.

      If God comes to fulfill prophecy according to his sincere promise, who can then say it is a Sin?

      Who are you to judge God?

      And if prophecy is fulfilled, how can you then deny such a person is God?

      Let us focus on Eternal Life in Christ, as Father and Mother have come to us as God Elohim to teach us.

      Let us not be distracted by an “unhealthy interest in controversies and quarrels”.

    • Cory

      Hi- I know this thread is from 2013 but I came across it and while reading, a thought came to my mind. What Mindy brought up is a good point!

      “no one has ever asked about Jesus Christ personal life as a means to determine if that made him the Christ”

      In fact, there are no records in the Bible of Jesus’ life before he was baptized – other than His birth and one scene we see taking place in a synagogue when He was young. My point is- if Christ’s personal life really mattered to our salvation, why didn’t the disciples write about it? Why isn’t there an entire biography about Him? People write about many influential people like this. We see many books written about presidents and kings etc. so don’t you think the disciples thought of Christ as the most influential person? When we think like this- logically it makes sense for us to maybe find them discussing similar things as what I find here on this article and in this comment section however, we don’t because they knew it was only through prophecy that the Christ could be found.

      So in my opinion, arguing about whether or not they had children, or if we knew about it our not or EVEN if a Pastor said so or not, it’s absolutely 100% irrelevant.

      To anyone who is reading through this – please read the articles on this site with clarity and visit a Church of God near you with your questions! Don’t miss out on salvation over a something so silly as this! Imagine God asking you- “why did You reject Me?” and your answer was “I couldn’t believe You because You had kids.” How silly! Please study so that you may never have to answer God in such a way. I mean this not to come out harshly – just trying to express.

  15. Laoure

    V. helpful article. A few thoughts–
    -God personally showed us the example of living a gospel life. God came to Earth and did everything to show us that we can do it, too. Otherwise, God could stay in Heaven and command us from there ! Having children is not easy. Even God went through the trouble of having children so we would not say, “I cannot keep the Gospel because I have children!” God did it so those of us who have children can be reassured, “God sympathizes with/understands what I am going through.”
    -God did not come to Earth for sightseeing, but to share in ALL our humanity and to comfort us. Is any of us forbidden from having children? So how can we forbid God, who came to dwell with us, from doing the same? Instead, all the more thanks to God (Ahnsahnghong and Mother) for making even one more sacrifice because of us.

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