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The True WMSCOG | January 22, 2018

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Michele Colon Ruined Our Marriage Pt.1

Michele Colon Ruined Our Marriage Pt.1

Michele Colon, Myself and the WMSCOG.

Michele Colon has been very vocal about her membership in the World Mission Society Church of God. She created a website and also appeared in several articles telling a one-sided story: “The World Mission Society Church of God ‘brainwashed’ me and destroyed my marriage.”

Unbeknownst to readers, this is part of Michele Colón’s larger effort to incite the public against the Church of God by any means possible and blame the Church for her failed marriage.

I would like to present the side of the story that has not been covered yet: the story of Michele Colón’s ex-husband. Through his story, readers will be able to understand the series of events leading up to the present, the truth about their relationship and the role the World Mission Society Church of God played. After I read a certification that was submitted to the court, I reached out to Colon’s ex-husband, and this is what he told me:

Michele Colón and I met at a salsa dance studio. We had been taking the same class together and became dance partners. Michele was engaged to be married, however she ended up breaking up with her fiancé. Not too long after that, Michele and I began dating.

Our relationship was good in the beginning, but became rocky after approximately one year. Around that time, Michele invited me to the World Mission Society Church of God. I was a little bit hesitant at first, but I decided to try it out. Michele had already been attending the Church for almost two weeks before she invited me and had gotten baptized in the Church.

I was shocked by Michele’s invitation because she never mentioned that she had any interest in going to church before. Later, I found out Michele invited herself to the Church after overhearing her co-workers talk about attending, and was very enthusiastic about going to study.

When I went to the Church of God for the first time, I attended a worship service and did one Bible study about the Sabbath day after service. I was so impressed with what I had been shown in the Bible that I decided to become a member of the Church. I received baptism that night.

Michele and I continued attending the Church, kept a service on the Sabbath day and went to the Church at least once during the week to continue in our Bible studies. After being members of the Church for a couple of months, we came to realize that many of the members would stay at church for the whole Sabbath, joining in the services and then fellowship, study the Bible, or just enjoy each other’s company. It was more than a church, it was like a community center. At first it was all new to me—coming from a different kind of church, the type where you only keep service for an hour and then you leave. But after spending time with the members of the Church of God and studying the Bible, I started to realize that they really love God and understood God’s love for them. I found it inspirational and comforting, in the way religion can often comfort and inspire people.

During this time, Michele felt the same way I did and she had great things to say about the Church. Although she was the one who invited me, we both made the mutual decision to go to church more in order to understand more about God. As we attended church together, we were both loving it.

However, as with most relationships, differences arose. Michele and I had some serious relationship issues but, thanks to the guidance from the Pastor of the World Mission Society Church of God, we were able to stay together.

Michele Colón blames the Church for “brainwashing” her and former husband, and for “destroying” her marriage. But from the former husband’s story, we can see that he joined the Church at Michele’s invitation and enthusiasm. They also jointly made the decision to attend the Church together and more frequently.

In Part 2 of Michele’s ex-husbands story, we will find out how the Church helped him and Michele Colon stay together during their relationship problems.


  1. Cory

    Wow this article is great and I can’t wait to see part 2! The truth is being exposed to show the lies that are being made about the Church of God! Thanks to Father and Mother for such a great site! It’s so unfortunate that people listen to her. Even by just reading part one, we can see the twisting she has done. Everyone needs to read this to know the truth and not forget that this is just a repeat of things that happened even to the early church 2000 years ago.

    • Americo

      I am happy to see the other side of the story, and in this way be able to have a fair understanding about this matter. It’s a shame that this young woman is spending precious time of her life attacking an organization that is making such beautiful contributions to society. The world officials testify that the World Mission Society Church of God upgrades our society with positive deeds, yet a young woman who received free bible education, and a joyful welcome, claims that the church aimed at destroying her marriage; something just doesn’t add up there. I can’t wait for part 2 so that we can all fully understand what were the true reasons why her marriage failed. We can already see from her husbands testimony, that they already had serious issue in their relationship. Blaming the church seems to be very irrational to me.

      • Serene

        Me too! When there’s a conflict between 2 parties, it’s not fair to only listen to one and take it as fact. Especially in a relationship, there’s NEVER 100% one’s fault, and it’s absurd to even blame a church organization of breaking her marriage! I am so glad to see the other side of testimony, when she only blames someone else for her marriage failure, it already showed me she is irrational, did she act as a PERFECT wife while she was married?

        One of the teachings from the Church of God always emphasize is “consider other better than yourself”, I heard it in service, in general pastor’s video and directly from Heavenly Mother many times. If we put it into practice, our relationship with people should get better, that applies on marriage too. Now, I want to ask Michele, did she put this teaching into practice? If not, it’s not the church’s fault, it’s her own action.

    • UntouchableJ

      Truth? Just curious….but does an alternate opinion mean its the truth? Sounds like 2 varying opinions. But whats scary is all the leading opinions below; “Wow, this story is amazing”, “Glad to find the truth” ….Smells fishy.

      • The True WMSCOG

        Why does it smell fishy? The only intention of the article is to let people see the side of the story that has not been told. The Church did not ruin her marriage, as you will see in the coming articles. This whole issue is her own doing. BTW an alternate opinion can mean, and in this case does mean truth. The reason is because Colon has been skewing the story of her relationship in an effort to promote a wrong image of the Church. Thanks for visiting the site and leaving a comment.

  2. Lily Restrepo

    God bless you. My name is Lily and I have been attending the World Mission Socitery church of God since 2013 with my husband. We were both invited by my dad to to the church for a bible study in the Sabbath day and we loved it. Even though in the past we attended many other churches, we found the truth in the church of God. What we liked the most was that everything we learned came straight from the bible and no by anyone’s opinion. Since that time my marriage has actually improved and been better since both my husband and I are guided my try God almighty Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. Not only that but my whole family attends to the church of God and we have never been more united. It’s so sad how false rumors have been spread about the church, and even though that’s happening the church of God only continues to grow and even more people are joining our church since they find true love of God.

  3. Oscar Guzma

    As a member of the World Mission Society Church of God I’m thankful that the other side of the story is coming out. I do not know Ms. Colon, but I know that her accusations are unfounded and without merit. I hope that the lies and rumors that have been spread will be brought to the light as the entire story is now being told.

    One thing we have to keep in mind, she is an ex-member, we should never expect an “ex” to say anything nice about their previous relationship.

  4. Kat

    Wow! Wow! I would have never thought this side of the story! Michelle has been making it seem like the church “recruited her,” but she invited herself… And she herself was the one who invited her ex-husband to the church. I wish she would stop blaming the church for her failures and people would realize what a huge liar she is…

  5. Michael

    She has been telling her side of the story for much too long now, putting all the blame on the WMSCOG. It’s good to see the true and real side of the story! I can’t wait to read part two!

  6. Mariana

    Wow !! I can never thank enough our Heavenly Father and Mother for calling me to the true church – church of God! By reading this article I truly realized that no matter what the truth will always win ! Being a church of God Member , my life has never been as happy as it is now and my family being united in love ! I thank Our Father and Mother forever and ever for leading me to the right path !

  7. James Bolland

    It is a little weird that in the past Michele claims that the church has strong recruiting tactics to lead people into the church, but the one who claims that the most wasnt even invited. According to her ex-husband she invited herself.

    • liyali

      I totally agree! Michele Colón’s accusations completely contradict her actions… I can’t wait to see what more comes to light. In my opinion, she’s trying to act like a victim when she’s just creating a situation to manipulate others to hate the Church of God for no reason.

  8. Francisco

    The truth will always expose the lies!!! This is amazing! How can someone blame The Church of God for their breakup!?!?!
    I look forward to read part 2!
    This accusation is so absurd! How can anyone aside from participating parties be at fault of a breakup!!!

  9. Lawrence

    Hearing both sides of a story has been great advice told time and time again. Unfortunately when one party makes more noise than the other party, this advice is forgotten by most people. So I appreciate very much the opportunity to hear this side of the story which is coherent and understandable. Ms. Colon’s side of the story seems unfounded and rash. I’m a member of the World Mission Society Church of God and the church has been an amazing and comforting influence on every part of my life. Thank you for this great article!

  10. Thanks to Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother New Jerusalem that we get to hear both sides of the story. In the WMS Church of God we always get to hear both side of the story and distinguish which is true and which is false. If we continue to hear one side of the story and not give a chance for the other one to tell their story. In court we have to hear both sides to determine a judgement but it seems these days people will just hear one side and create a judgement. It is true what the bible says that what happens in the past was written to teach us. the same thing is happening these days, and they are not seeing Christ’s side and making a judgement against him.

  11. Isaac

    I realize that I can’t make any decision and judgement until I fully understand about a story.
    I am happy to hear other side of the story. There is always the time to reveal the truth.
    Just as Jesus Christ is acknowledged by many people, though he was treated the false 2000 years ago.
    I hope that many people will correctly understand about Church of God through this article.
    I can’t wait to see the next. 🙂

  12. Alexandra

    I can personally declare that Michelle Colon’s claims are NOT accurate at all. When I thought of separating from my fiance at the time, before we got married, I talked to a Missionary about the problems my now husband and I were having. The Missionary I talked to said to me it is better to stay together. So I don’t believe at all Michelle Colon’s claims. It makes no sense.

  13. Jennyfer A

    I’m so thankful for this, I heard about her anger towards the church of God because of her broken marriage, I couldn’t understand her statement about this situation, because I have been a member of church of God for a couple of years now and been married for almost as long I been in the church I never have heard of such a thing, instead from my personal marriage life I can say that since my husband and joined the church and he joining couple of month after me, our marriage actually became much better then before and now we can truly say we really love one another due to the fact that we came to know the true love which is found in God. I’m so grateful for this true side of the story, thank you.

  14. angie

    It gives me great pleasure to see the other side of the story being shown. God has even showed her mercy by not directly revealing her until now. But surely, all her lies and obvious malicious tenacity to blame the COG and its members for her own doings will be completely exposed. Thanks to God that the truth always prevails!!

  15. Tiki

    Wow! I’m so happy that this article was posted, and I can’t wait to read part 2. So thankful to be apart of the WMSCOG where we are standing on the side of the truth of the Bible. Reading this article made this verse come to mind:

    “And so now I tell you: Stay away from these men, and leave them alone. If their plan comes from human authority, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop them. You might even be fighting against God himself…”
    ‭‭Acts‬ ‭5:38-39‬ ‭NCV‬‬

    I hope everyone can come to WMSCOG and see the truth and be on God’s side.

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