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The True WMSCOG | February 20, 2018

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Michele Colon Ruined Our Marriage

Michele Colon Ruined Our Marriage. The untold story of Michele's ex-husband and the truth about their membership in the World Mission Society Church of God.

Who is Michele Colon?

Michele Colon, a former member of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG), has been a very vocal critic of the Church since she stopped attending the Church in 2011. Since ending her membership, Michele Colon has blamed the Church for “destroying her marriage.” She wants to warn the public so that other relationships are not “destroyed” by the Church. Recently, Michele Colon has been featured in stories about the Church, where she has told her story and made other scandalous accusations about the Church.

In an effort to support these groundless allegations, a civil suit, which Michele Colon filed against the Church, is brought up. However, they fail to point out that the court dismissed the suit with prejudice at the onset of the case. They also fail to mention that Michele Colon’s defamatory allegations have led to violent threats against the Church and its members. This led the court to grant a protective order to the Church in Ridgewood, NJ.

Michele Colon’s Ex-husband

The articles also fail to provide the audience with the personal testimony of Michele Colon’s ex-husband, which he gave under oath via certification to the court. Michele’s ex-husband reached out to me and said that no one from the media outlets reached out to him to ask him his take on all of this, and that his wish was for people to somehow know his side of the story.

Michele’s ex-husband asked that I put his story out for everyone to read it. The following were his exact words to me:

Unlike Michele, I am not doing this to become famous. I would prefer to have my private life remain private. But I am tired of Michele Colon making herself out to be a victim, when the truth is something else. No one from the media reached out to me and I want people to understand that there is no Michele Colon story without me.

Let me explain. What people are missing in this whole story is that at the time of Michele’s entire membership in the Church, we were together, and so I was with her always when she attended the Church, besides her first week prior to my membership. So other than that, we both attended at the same time to study, worship, etc.  Whenever Michele attended the church, I was present. You have no idea the damage she has caused me and my faith and it is not fair for her to continue going out there telling her story without my side of the story.

Though she left the Church of God and made every effort to remove me from it, I remained a member, for a good reason—it’s because all of the allegations made by Michele are absolutely false. She was never told the world would end in 2012. She was never sleep deprived. She did not attend countless hours of worship. She was never expected to spend all her free time in the church. She was never in church until 1 or 2 in the morning. The church never forbade her from using the internet. I was there with her during her membership. I know that all the things she is saying are not true. 

The only reason she began her campaign against the Church was because when she decided to leave the Church, I decided to stay. From that time on, Michele made it her mission to get me out of the Church by any means necessary. Michele blames the Church for our failed marriage. The truth is that our divorce was the result of her religious intolerance and abuse towards me because I wanted to remain a member of the Church. It seems that for her, it was more a loss against the Church rather than the loss of her husband, which is why she maliciously campaigns against the Church, bringing up false claims to stir up negative propaganda.

Although Michele’s ex-husband granted me permission to use his story in this series of articles, I chose to leave his name out of it in order to respect his privacy.

This is not a “Smear Campaign”

Critics would like to believe, this series of articles is a “smear campaign” on Michele Colon, coming from the WMSCOG. But it is not.

Contrary to what some people would like to believe, this series of articles are not a “smear campaign” on Michele Colon. What I am doing through these articles is providing a vehicle for Michele’s ex-husband to tell his side of the story. Since none of the media outlets that reported on Colon reached out to him, we cannot say that they were fair in their reporting.

If Michele Colon had a perfect relationship with her ex-husband, and then suddenly everything went downhill since the membership in the Church, then we can say the Church is to blame. But from what we see in the other side of the story, the relationship was already rocky without the Church’s involvement. And the only reason it became stable was when they joined the Church.

Keeping the following verse in mind:

Proverbs 18:17 The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him.

With this in mind, please read all 5 parts of the series “Michele Colon Ruined Our Marriage.” The untold story of Michele Colon’s ex-husband and the truth behind their membership in the World Mission Society Church of God.


Michele Colon, Myself and the WMSCOG.

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  1. Oscar G

    I’m so glad that he Ex husband was able to share his side of the story. I hope now that both sides are out there people will see her for who she really is. I also hope peopke will see her remarks and derragory stamens against the church for what they are, lies!

    If anyone took the time to read her story, now you read the full story with both sides explained and see the truth about who she really is.

    Thankful to those who took the time to help me see the truth in this situation and help me continue to go forward as a member of the Church.

  2. Quinn

    “the court dismissed the suit with prejudice at the onset of the case”
    “Michele Colon’s defamatory allegations have led to violent threats against the Church and its members. This led the court to grant a protective order to the Church in Ridgewood, NJ.”
    I find it funny how these important facts were never mentioned in the news articles. The victim is not Michele but rather her husband and evidently even the Church of God as the court deemed protective orders necessary. Through reading all these truthful articles containing the other side of the story, we can see that everything Michele has propagated is an utter lie.

  3. B.J. Hu

    This is an interesting series. It sheds much light on Colon’s unexplained vehemence when she was given the rein to her imaginations, and galloped gaily on the tabloid at walmart.

  4. Yema

    It’s crazy how in this world the media only looks for negativity and gossip because that’s what sells. If they were interested in getting the story straight they would have interviewed both parties involved, but that rarely happens. That’s why such gossip columns exist.

    Anyway, I’m glad the truth has been exposed and the reality of the situation has been shown. Now I just hope people can see this website and all the articles explaining the truth. It’s not as easily
    circulated as negative propaganda.

  5. Lawrence

    I’m really happy to hear this side of the story, unfortunately a lot of media likes to sensationalize stories while sacrificing journalistic integrity and truth. It’s apparent that Ms. Colon’s allegations against the church stem from issues beyond her marriage or anything she encountered at the church. It’s sad that so much energy and time is spent on her part to negatively affect the faith of the wonderful people I have met at the World Mission Society Church of God. However, I’m not sure which is worse, her efforts to falsely accuse this church or the media outlets which lack the integrity to report the story truthfully. Thanks again for sharing both sides of the story!

  6. Yessenia B

    Wow through all 5 of the series i was truly able to see how firm our brother has been when it comes to his faith towards. From the very beginning we can see michele’s intentions and actions. For some one who has the nerve to speak bad about the Church of God she surely has made it clear that she is not a victim. Instead she is speaking against the one and only church that even helped her with so many things which she doesnt deny. Everything she says is false and isnt an excuse for her to say and do everything that she is doing . now everyone can clearly see both sides of the story and the lies she is telling so please decide for yourself and come to the Church Of God yourself so you can have your own experience verses someones opinion

  7. Davina

    This all makes total sense! Michelle has been making up lies about her ex husband and the church. She is clearly just trying to get her way ….why would the pastor of the church marry them just to let them get divorced? That makes no sense….this whole series shows that the pastor was trying to help them keep their marraige together …but Michele blew it! It’s too bad …she could have kept her marraige and been so happy if she just tolerated her husband having the right to choose what he believes in !

  8. Ruth DM

    Michel Colon has created such a negative reputation for the Church of God on the Internet and it was about time both sides of the stories were revealed. Specially since the side that hadn’t been heard yet had been suffering the most (her ex-husband). How distressing to have to deal with someone who went out and made their personal life public, followed by yellow journalism that has made matters even more serious than what it should have been.

    Just a little note. Yellow journalism is based on sensationalism and exaggeration. Most of the negative articles written about the Church of God are 100% yellow journalism. Not only that, but thanks to Michel Colon the things being said about the church on local newspapers and online are subjective and lack professional investigative work (which is essential for any journalism work to be considered legitimate and trustworthy).

    I feel so relieved as a member of the Church of God that her ex-husband has come out and revealed all this to everyone. It’s about time that all these slanderous gossip is stopped. The Church of God is such an amazing organization! Everything about the Church of God comes from God’s teaching. As members and Christians living in a millennial society, we try to do our best to resemble and follow Christ, but it seems like thanks to people like Michel Colon and her lies it becomes a battle. It’s so hard to understand how people spend so much time making the Church of God and its members look bad when all we want is to bring the love of God to the world.

    I hope everyone who has believed her lies up to know can see the true side of the story.

    Great article series!

  9. DJ

    Lets be honest and stop making up new phrases like “smear campaign” the one that’s been smearing anything has been Michele Colon. But now that the truth has come to light she is exposed as what she really is, a liar! Thank God the husband spoke up and told us the truth. He actually deserves respect. He held in so much for so long so as not to defame her or ruin her life as she did to him and the Church. If the court dismissed her its obvious she has no real bases for her accusations.
    Who is Michele Colon? A Liar! Who’s lies have affected way more than just her ex husband. I hope people stop listening to her and do some research beforeaking any rash decisions about the WMSCOG.

  10. Angel

    Michele Colon’s motives were clearly exposed through out these articles!
    Thankfully, we go to see the ex husbands side.

  11. Serene

    I can only imagine how annoying and hurtful it is that his ex-wife keeps attacking his faith even after years of their divorce, to the point she made it on the news and online. How is it right that the media didn’t reach out to him before publishing the story? I am so glad he has an outlet to speak of his side of the story,. After reading all 5 parts of his testimony, I really hope Michele Colon will be able to seek some professional help.

  12. Natasha

    I am flabbergasted at how one sided colon’s allegations are. Professional journalism should always convey both sides of the story, but her ex-husband was completely disregarded when this false and distorted article was published in the paper. It is evident that colon is a very troubled individual who is seeking attention by making up lies. She may think that she is getting somewhere with these fallacious accusations, but the truth will always come to light. I truly sympathize for her ex-husband and I am glad that he is setting the record straight.

  13. Nicole W

    You know after reading all of this it seems there are two Michelle Colon’s the one that so desparately wanted to come to Zion that she invited herself and the one who made it her life goal to take my brother out of Zion. The one who wanted nothing but to keep her marriage and the other one who violently threatened my brother. Steve Hassan’s “cult image” truly applies to Michelle. It doesn’t seem she knew what she wanted and possibly still doesn’t know even now. Seems my brother Mark always wanted the same thing and that was to know the truth of the Bible.

  14. Questina Johnson

    I’m so glad someone has access to the husband’s story. There is a ‘why’ behind all breakups, and it cam NEVER be fully explained through one point of view.

    • Shakiah

      I agree completely @Questina it is actually alarming to me that anyone would have entertained this one-sided story for long. It is clear that people have become desperate in their attempts to defame the church of God that they have succumbed to listening to relationship drama. Either way I am so glad that the other side of the story is finally presented.

  15. Chanel

    I agree with Questina!!

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